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-..I EFT/./, 


o* H i'n 


1— '- 




IT"' ^S 














. ■ • ■ ■ ■ •■ 











AUG - 2008 





,. *.'i;. ?-'•''.• 


Volume 5 1 



King Philip Regional High School 

201 Franklin Street 
Wrentham, MA 




P.O. BOX 340 


M ■ 

High school has always been depicted as a magical time in one's life. Each 

moment spent in high school is a memory waiting to be captured. The theme 

"Caught in the Moment" is used to express how high school is an unforgettable 

time in one's life and how each day you never know what to expect. Each 

moment spent in high school needs to be cherished because it can never be 

relived. Every step you take walking down the hall and each decision you make 

can never be taken back or changed. You cannot relive your past nor can you 

jump into your future. Right here and right now is where you are, and like high 

school, this moment can only be captured in our memories. 

Kaila Smith, Brittany Dorer 
The 2008 Chieftain Yearbook Editors 




F D 


iv mg 

fute to its Fullest 

"High school is the best time of your lives." Throughout 
the years, we've heard many people repeat this to us, 
emphasizing the fact that during these four, exciting, 
fast years, we must enjoy it to the best of our ability. Of 
course, there are going to be obstacles along the way. 
The truth of the matter is, life is what we make it. 
Essentially, stick by your true friends. Only associate 
with people that are going to lift you higher and make 
you happier. Never forget to take chances; certain rules 
are meant to be broken. You know yourself better than 
anyone else so do what you feel is right. There are 
always going to be people striving to be better but it's 
important to stay confident and true to yourself. 
Everyone makes mistakes; just remember to never 
make the same mistake twice. With every situation 
you're put in, try to be positive and keep a smile on 
your face. Love each other, but most importantly, love 
yourself. "The most important thing in life is to learn 
how to give love and to let it come in." (Morrie 

Kathryn Lehman 
Class of 2008 President 

Jen Sanita, Brynn Seely & 
Katrina Smith 

Chelsea Lynes, Erin Cote, Kelly 
Carr & Amanda Anderson 




Elizabeth Kent and Cary Long 

Robin Sherwin, Caroline 

O'Malley, Ali VanBaars, Erin 

Lawler, Lauren Berry 

Jackie Lomp & Sarah Kilborne 

Throughout my life I have been involved with many people and situations that have 
taught me the lesson of "nothing worth having comes easy and/or without hard work." 

Whether it was my parents at home, teachers at school, or coaches in sports, I was 

constantly taught that if something was "worth having" then I needed to be patient and 

must work for it. This is a lesson I have learned and continue to learn in my life and one 

that remains a big part of the way I approach my life today. 

Mr. Massotti 
Student Success Leader 




I '.V I 

The opportunity to be involved in 
athletics in high school is significant. 
Most people that never play on an 
athletic team do not get to experience 
the feeling of being part of a team. In 
sports you get people working together 
with others who share a common bond 
that enables one to push themselves to 
their physical and emotional limits. 
Participation in athletics can foster unity 
and it can create animosity. As a 
member of a team you are forced to 
work together and put aside your own 
personal desires to do what is best for 
the team. Since athletics is a microcosm 
of society, athletes learn hard work, 
integrity, sportsmanship and how to 
overcome adversity. The lessons 
learned playing on an athletic team 
absolutely can and should be utilized in 
later life. The athlete that uses the 
opportunity given to him or her for 
positive life-long learning will be more 
likely to know how to GO FOR THE 
GOLD as they become an adult! 

Mr. Schairer 
Athletic Director 


Alex Ceven, Lindsey Messier, Caitlin Brugess 
Rylee Daszkiewicz, Danielle Lavangie 


I believe that getting involved and helping in your community should be a top priority in 
everyone's life. By helping out those who are less fortunate or anyone in need for that 
matter, you can make a big difference in the world. For those who are given much, much is 
expected. It is important to share your gifts with the world. Volunteer, get involved and help 
others. You do not want to waste the opportunities that four years of high school provides. 
Make a difference, whether it is in the classroom, the school or in your town; it's important 
to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Getting involved in organizations and clubs 
is not the only way you can make a difference. It does not take much time or effort to make 
someone's day a little brighter; a simple smile or kind word goes a long way. Sometimes 
teenagers are too quick to judge others, and to make a difference we must accept 
everyone. Don't judge. Interact with others and be open to new ideas and different people. 
No matter what a person wears, looks or acts like, no one should be judged by their 
appearance alone. The phrase "never judge a book by its cover" is one of the very first 
lessons we learn and it is true. Acceptance and kindness should rule your day. Start today. 
Make an enemy a friend. Smile at a stranger. Join a club and get involved in life. 

Ali Fair 
President of LEO club 


Hall of Fame Inductees 


Melissa Smith and Kasi 





O <S 

£ 1 


£ CD 

o $* 



z 2 

o ~ 

o 5 


Senior Class Officers 

Vice President: Stephanie Fontana 

President: Kathryn Lehman 

Treasurer: Abigail Lambert 

Secretary: Zachary Cox 




' '4 




i .♦ i 

Rachel Abbate 

LIKES: performing, singing, dancing, pennies, chocolate, light 
blue, Degrassi, music, summer. Red Sox, Patriots DISLIKES: 

bouncing chickens, spiders, mean and stupid people, fake 
people MEMORY: Disney 04, 05, 06, Joseph 00 ACTIVITES: 

Leo Club, Symphony Band, SADD, NHS, FNHS, French 
Club, Performing, dance FOUND: at FSPA, Steps, at home 
.AMBITION: To be on Broadway, win a Tony and Grammy 
JNG: The future belongs to those who believe in the 
sir dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt 

Rachel Addison 


LIKES: sleeping in, Quiznos, people watching, crew, Big 

Sues cooking, snow, traveling, beach days, CFP, football 

season, DISLIKES: the dark, bees, ignorance, slow driving, 

being pulled over, black ice MEMORY: Cape 05-07, cruise 

05, tiddly wink, tweeter, country fest 05-07, campout, LT, 

provi, BC, ARs, ms & mr guitar sesh, old apartment, DStoks 

bday 06, one eye FOUND: with crew, ARs, cheerfactor 

AMBITION: to keep my friends close and always be happy 

SAYING: oh waddup 

Allison Agnew 


LIKES: Europe, gypsies, Africa, Joe's Rock, music, summer, 
rodeo burgers DISLIKES: curfews, no gas MEMORY: day 
trips, Croatia 07, England week ACTIVITIES: tennis, DECA, 
cruising around FOUND: in my car, Maine AMBITION: go to 
college, get a degree, backpack Europe SAYING: Do what 
you love and forget the rest. 







Megan Anderson 


LIKES: shopping, traveling, Chinese food, kite flying, and 

badminton DISLIKES: exams, when people park in my 

parking spot MEMORY: too many! ACTIVITIES: swimming, 

bike riding, and skiing FOUND: my way home! AMBITION: to 

become Dr. Meg and specialize in pediatric medicine 

SAYING: are you serious? 

Danielle Atkinson 


LIKES: fall, late nights, red camping, sunsets, lilys, Family, 

Red Sox, Rainy Days, Sleeping, Colie olie, Panera, Green 

DISLIKES: early mornings, blue lights, dark, liars, Fakes, 

drama, hotness, fake nails, driving in rain MEMORY: Summer 

04, The rock, cruisin, Ashes FOUND: with Casey or at work 










Michael Albert 


Mark Alexander 

LIKES: music, movies, stand-up comedy, Martial arts, 

drawing, tech, friends, early morning hang-outs DISLIKES: 

altel cell phone commercials, when I forget what I'm talking 

about MEMORY: Jr. prom was pretty cool and art/tech class 

with Carrie ACTIVITIES: Improv, Martial arts, GAPS FOUND: 

friends, fun, LOTS of memories Lost? My dignity AMBITION: 

To own a Martial arts dojo SAYING: Crowded elevator smell 

different to midget. -Confucius 



Jonathan Anderson 






&H H 

■ ■ 

Andrew Barker 

Kaitlin Beach 

Patrick Bergerson 

LIKES: WWE; NASCAR, The Chair, Hostess Dog, Roseanne, 
Kay Bess Bassen, Agrro Crag, Eric Bischoff, Paperview, AZ 

Cardinals, Shaky Basket, Spaghettios, 90s sitcoms 

DISLIKES: The Bench, The Ugly House, DF Air Force Shirts, 

Math, Altoids, Missing Actuators MEMORY: 8th Grade Bus, 

Linda Ellerbee, Comics, Knives and Apples, The Dowchas, 

Youth Group, Car-pooling, Spongebob Uno, Malarkey 

FOUND: Never AMBITION: Become Tag Team Champions 

with James SAYING Chew, you dont know when to stop. 

LIKES:Music, guys, ok, Softball, rock candy, vans, beach, 
shoes, fire & ice, vacation, trampolines, H & M, handbags, 

delias, movies, paul walker, peppermintstick ice cream, blue 
bomber DISLIKES: School, snakes, birds, my hair, people 
who think they're better than others MEMORY: Meat 16th, 

Celtics game 06, camping out 07, danglefest 07, 16th bday, 

sleepover 04, florida 07, camping w/ag 06, nc04, ak 06, 6 

flags 07, alltimes with Ag and Jl AMBITION: To be rich 

LIKES: Friends, music, soccer, weekends, girls, food, finding 
amusing ways to tip the pizza man DISLIKES: hippies, non- 
conformists, skaters who act tough and then get picked up in 
a mini van by their mom MEMORY: country fest ACTIVITIES: 
soccer, music FOUND: taco bell, my house (PBergs) 
AMBITION: to retire 

Lauren Berry 


Amanda Bickum 


Shayla Billian 


LIKES: com. AB, EL, AVB, Chris, snow, dogs, thunderstorms, 
beach, clarinet, pink, bows, driving, shopping, Grey's Anatomy. 
The Hills MEMORY: Lo/Line Nights, BOA, USSBA, Symphony 
Hall ACTIVITIES: MB 06-07, Concert, Symphony Hall FOUND: 
in the band room AMBITION: To become an elementary school 
Jeacher and become highly involved in charity SAYING: I do my 
I and you do yours. You are you & I am I, and if by chance 
ifind each other it's beautiful. 

LIKES: MM, JK, SF, MA, Friends and Family, Dance, 
Summer, Boston, Vacations, Ice coffee, Smiles, Weekends, 
NYC, Pictures, Concerts DISLIKES: mornings, Traffic, Math, 
Tests, Growing up. Stress, Homewk MEMORIES: OC, ME, 
NY and Cape w/Cae, NYC, VR, SC, HI w/Dance, Summer 
ACTIVITIES: Dance Company, F.H., Peer Leadership, NAHS 
FOUND: KRDS, Muller house, Maine AMBITION: To be 
happy and healthy and to be surrounded by friends & fam 
SAYING: No rain, no rainbows 

LIKES: Carter, the boys, Cape, Red Sox, Pats, Tantrum, pull- 
throughs, DaxFlame, MG's graffitti, cerulean, bdays, polka 

dots, flipflops, night games, KP spirit, Dwight Schrute 
DISLIKES: cheese, milk, 3cup nightmare, losing, red lights, 

89.4s, doubles, reading, Gatorade, stress MEMORY: 

Capefest 07, 10/22/05, Bikefest 07, CFest 07, Auschwitz 06, 

Disney DECA, soccer 04-06, Felicity, 07 Class Comp 

Champs, anytime w/Carter and the girls 
FOUND: Pberg's, w/ Carter, eating SAYING: "Suuure" 

Matthew Bravo 


Ashley Brown 


Connor Brown 


LIKES: Europe, snow boarding, road trips, traveling, organic food, 

summer, sushi, VW buses, meeting people, KC DISLIKES: 

Conservatives, Hummers, fake people, homework, math, the fact 

Harry Potter is over, shady motels, a broken heart, people who don't 

help others when they need it MEMORY: Summer 2006, Europe 

and El Salvador, 2/13/06 ACTIVITIES: DYC, YLA, BCH, summer, 

Meta Comet, improv, yearbook, YEC FOUND: beach, snow boarding 

AMBITION: to move to Europe, have a family SAYING: Freedom is 

the ability to say two plus two makes four. 


> «• 




LIKES: family, friends, boyfriend, music, reading, drawing 

DISLIKES: dishonesty, fake people, onions MEMORY: junior prom, 

summer 06/07, junior/senior year ACTIVITES: LEO club, NAHS 

FOUND: friends that will last forever and not to judge people by 

what they look like AMBITION: to become successful, and have a 

nice happy family SAYING: Live life today as if it will end tomorrow 

LIKES: friends, music, hanging at Lukes house, playing Fat 

Lip on Guitar Hero w/ NL, homeroom with MB/AL/AY/CB, 

math w/PG. my family DISLIKES: blowing my knee out all the 

time, being everyone's personal bank, showoffs, immaturity 

MEMORY: Alex Gilmore and the Scalding Hot Fork, 

seenyuhz, Sue's various accidents, 4 eyes ACTIVITIES: 

baseball, football picks with VDN, wiffelball, pool volleyball, 

Nick Lapointes Life Decision Making Committee, driving my 

wonderful grandparents places FOUND: Lukes house 

AMBITION: to start a Socom website that everyone visits 

SAYING: Life is pain ... get used to it 

Lorraine Boulter 

Jacy Bourque 


Nicole Bourque 

LIKES: Summer, Beach, Concerts, Vacation, Redsox, Big 

Sues Cooking, the crew, shopping DISLIKES: goodbyes. 

growing up, one eye, math, bad moods MEMORY: summer 

07, C-fest 05-07, CCtrips, Boston, Providence, LT, old 
apartment, Ms, + Mr. guitar sessions, tiddly wink oh waddup 

FOUND: pheasant hill area, ARs pools, with the crew 

AMBITION: to be happy with whatever I do SAYING: be who 

you are, say how you feel, because those who mind don't 

matter and those who matter don't mind 

LIKES: Hanging out w/ friends, LB, RA, ED, CN, AR, Red Sox, 
Patriots, batting cages, snowboarding, dancing, coffee, family, 

Big Sues cooking DISLIKES: Yankees, tomatoes, ketchup, 
reading, fake girls MEMORY: being w/ my best friends, Boston, 

summer 07, being w/ my boys ACTIVITIES: Softball, 

snowboarding, dance FOUND: w/ friends, Friendlys, Subway 

SAYING: Live your life 

LIKES: Dancing, ice skating, reading, writing, music, beach. 

swimming, driving, hanging out w/ friends, thunder storms, 

working out MEMORY: BcB nights, hanging with friends, having 

fun, parties, inside jokes ACTIVITIES: Newspaper, dance, ice 

skating, working at YMCA SAYING: God made spaces between 

your fingers, just so someone else can fill them up. 

Megan Brown 


LIKES: JMR&friends, the crew, AG being emo, poochie, 

butterflies, Juicy, daisies, Valentine's Day, tennis, Janice, 

mariah carey, goofy movie, flava flav, Red Sox DISLIKES: 

sharks, doctors, thunderstorms, sue's green fleece, jazzy, 

scary movies, the woodlands, TCBY MEMORY: povers with 

KL&JK, NYC, deal or no deal with JR, ay CBI, seenyuhz, 
snugglebug, OMG! TJI, Oreo, YEEAH T!, 4 eyes, Soph Semi 
ACTIVITIES: chillen with sue and jazzy, gaming, making fun 
of AG, sleeping, eating, playing uno, GUTS with MK FOUND: 

taco bell, JR's house AMBITION: get married and make 
billions SAYING: "See ya brought your girlfriend lieutenant" 
"There was an aardvark in my soup, what was I to do?"-SO 

Daniel Bukoff 


Timothy Bullock 

LIKES: Friday night football games, chillin with the boys, 

White Hen breakfasts, beatin on Franklin DISLIKES: periods 

1-7, people who talk too much smack, Franklin, Birkenstocks 

MEMORY: any time that didn't end up in punishment 

ACTIVITIES: chillin to Sublime, ridin with the boys, YMCA 

with Frankie, Harrisons basement FOUND: Point Sebago, 

The Burn, In the VW AMBITION: to become the greatest 

blockbuster movie producer SAYING: It's all good there kid. 


Tyler Burks 


Kathleen Burns 


Cameron Bush 


LIKES: Friday nights, sleeping, Sponge-Bob, summer, the tab 

four, laughing, movies, track, snow days, coffee, hugs, the 

office DISLIKES: People who walk slow in the halls, busy 

work, taking notes on movies, country music, George Bush, 

waking up early, goodbyes MEMORY: AP Junior English, 

every moment with my friends ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey, 

Winter Track, Spring Track FOUND: in K+As basement 

AMBITION: to be successful SAYING: Maybe Someday 

Emily Cannon 


Kelly Carr 


Gary Carter 


LIKES: family, friends, CR, car, beach, dance parties, 
laughing, singing in the car, sleepovers, bonfires, Red Sox, 
sunsets, Maine, skiing, football/ hockey games, girls nights, 
#7, flowers MEMORY: Sunday dinners w/ grandma/papa, 
Millis wiffle ball games, Big Cape house, Lisa Dr./Myrtle St. 
crew, Nantucket, MASC 05, Girls' State, Prom, Semi, Father 

Daughter Dances, Country Fest 07, Rascals, DARE, spag 
dinners, fam trips, 3.16.04, everything w/friends ACTIVITIES: 

Soccer, Bball, LAX, STUCO, SADD, peer 
leadership/mediation, NHS, NAHS, SYG. FOUND: w/ my fam 
& friends AMBITION: To be happy and successful SAYING: 
.Give the world your best and the best will come back to you 

LIKES: cheerleading, wknds, fall, laughing, snuggling, bdays, 
Charles, snowdays, skiing, music, cheersleepovers, shopping, 
redsox, pats, summer, the sky, surprises, family, true friends, 

the trio, BLD DISLIKES: Mondays, fake ppl, drama, liars, 

rules, sketchiness, awkward moments, curfews, fighting, bad 

drivers, early mornings MEMORY: ME&NH trips, 91705, 

Hawaii, w/ RJ, SP, SH, all semis/proms, craziness w/ 

BF&MW, cheerleading slumbers, car rides w/ RJ, & EC, 

Bryant trips, CLs07, girlsnights FOUND: cheerleading, 

driving, w/ BF, MW, LP, BD, EC, w/ cheergirls AMBITION: To 

live a happy life pursuing something I love. SAYING: Don't 

settle for less than you deserve. 

LIKES: Lacrosse, Poker DISLIKES: work, school 
MEMORY: hanging with Eddy, Jackie, and Danie 
ACTIVITIES: Lacrosse, football FOUND: YMCA 


Michelle Catalano 


LIKES: Softball, Football, Movies, #5, Friends, Boys, Friday 

nights, Fires, Girls night, Hockey, Class of 08 DISLIKES: 

Liars, Fake people. School, Awkward silences, Franklin, 

Mondays. Change MEMORY: Shamrocks 06, Fires, Hockey 

games, Niagara Falls & Maine with SJ, South Carolina 08, 

Kenny Chesney 06,07,08, Goo Goo Dolls, OAR 07, 08 
FOUND: At Panera, Hockey games, SJs house, With AT & 

MB, Stalking with SJ, LB, JJ AMBITION: To be happy 
SAYING: Don't worry about it, are you serious, okay okay 

Rawley Chaves 


LIKES: laughter, love, equality, dancing, Will and Grace, 

books, music, art, numerology, astrology, theatre, 
photography, writing, green eyes, Megan Mullally, my best 

friends, Christine and Katrina, tv production 

DISLIKES: discrimination, animal cruelty, violence against, 

women, war, sexism, fast food, emptiness, ungrateful people, 

make up, smoking, drinking, ignorance, body dysmorphic 

disorder MEMORY: Ms. Folliard's English class, Borders with 

Christine and Derrick, staying up late talking with my sister 

ACTIVITIES: KP Drama and GAPS, stop genocide in Darfur, 

NAHS AMBITION: to live a happy and healthy life SAYING: It 

doesn't matter who you love, it's that you love. 

Andrew Chipman 


LIKES: playing football w/ my fellow lumberjacks, rides to 
killington, NY&The Argus, Ween concert, gusha mambda, 

snuggle it in, jammin out, acoustic&keys, Jazz band, 

infamous wagon, friday nights under the lights, playin w/ Sol 

Tangent DISLIKES: gettin out of the shower in the morning, 

anything awkward, gut camp, bad veggies, no gas MEMORY: 

playin w/ Sol Tangent, crazy trips w/ eddie lew. mr. kphs, 

football, club deuce ACTIVITIES: jammin', football, Jazz band 

FOUND: the shack, baby blue wagon AMBITION: find a path 

that balances both music and business SAYING: "Someone's 

sitting under the shade of a tree today because someone 

planted the seed a long time ago." - Warren Buffet 


y- : *^"^J : : 

Jessiqua Claffey 

Sara Clarke 


Melissa Colcord 


LIKES: friends, music, laughing, airplanes, snow days, 

loyalty, caramel iced lattes, Christmas shopping DISLIKES: 

spiders, homework, liars, slowdrivers MEMORY: Jr prom 07 

last summer, Marshfield, BCB, Kims cottage, Hyannis 

ACTIVITIES: DECA, peer leadership, prom committee, 

^photography club, leo club FOUND: at work or with friends 

AMBITION : stay true to myself SAYING: You can be 

i when your life begins 

LIKES: The Brat Pack, playgrounds, coffee, Elises hot chocolate, 
Cumbys slushies, Justin Timberlake, fireworks, Creek, beach, 
Forrest, making movies/ rap videos, mountain, singing, 11:11, 
padiddle, KIPSTER <!3 DISLIKES: liars, cheaters, tests, show- 
offs, spiders, alarms, bad movie endings, being sick, getting lost 
MEMORY: summer 06/07, meeting Andrew McMahon, skiing, 

12/13, FREAKS & GEEKS, the 1,2,3 game, KP fires, being 

jumped by Bo, KiPSTER Goes Disney, The Cave ACTIVITIES: 

drama. KPTV, yearbook, photography FOUND: w/ Jack 

Fitzpatrick and Elise Luskin AMBITION: To lead a movie-script life 

SAYING: Here's to all my fellahs with ladies to impress 

LIKES: LP, SD, AT, HO, KL, KP Lax, weekends, laughing, 
hiking, adventures w/AT, cruising, music, dancing, vacations, 
being w/family + friends, tweeter, summer, flowers, surprises, 

DISLIKES: bad weather, accidents, fake people, exit 11, exit 
20, Westwood Lax, being sick, Diamond Hill hobo MEMORY: 

New Years 05, DMB, 31 1 06 + 07, OAR 05 + 06, Jr.prom 07 

+ 06, 18th bday, CLs 07, SDs 17th, cape trips, they be like, 
giggles in P-ville, C.web, MW household, graveyard chase 06 

+ 07 FOUND: poolside, loveseat, the loop, Nickys, L+S, 

Paliocas, family parties SAYING: Why would you say that, I'm 

super hearing right now 

Russell Cook 


Gregory Cordo 


Thomas Corsini 


LIKES: Batman, The Simpsons, Kittens, Kanye, Strait edge, 

The zisson society DISLIKES: Juggalos, nu-country, 

MEMORIES: The temple, The stoop ACTIVITIES: getting 

D.W.,, crankin dat soulja boy, vice 

president of the wicked awesome club FOUND: Jockin on 

them haters man AMBITION: The first man to mosh in space 

SAYING: There is a light that never goes out- Morrissey 

LIKES: NIN, friends, music, track, wrestling, concerts, all the 

inside jokes, Sams clown car, the D, Anchorman, Family 

Guy, Green DISLIKES: homework, waking up, wrestling 

practice, work MEMORY: the D Concert, Scott Brown, Ap 

Tet., society, Gaynors squeak, KP fires, Wally Chair throw 

ACTIVITIES: wrestling 1-3, track 3-4, football improve 3-4 

FOUND: Toneys Basement AMBITION: to live a happy, 

successful life 

SAYING: one's all you need 

LIKES: Alex Lannigan, drums, music, cars, guitars, sound 

systems, jammin, the basement DISLIKES: feeling obligated 

to do things I have no interest in doing, tests, reading, people 

who think they're better than others MEMORY: cruising in 

Carver with the gang in Bessy, Junior Prom, 8/4/07, Tylers, 

jamming ACTIVITIES: cruising in Bessy, Ruzys parties, 

jamming in the basement FOUND: you don't always get out 

what you put into it AMBITION: have a good paying job that I 

enjoy and to have a good wife and family SAYING: Even a 

broken clock is right twice a day. 









Thomas Connell 

James Connelly 


LIKES: WWE, Kenny T, Females, Underclassmen Females, 

Leo Fantini, Plastic surgery, Emma Roberts, John Stamos, 

Maine, The Great Body Shop, 50 DISLIKES: Indie bands, 

The Bench, Intrepids, Jabronies, child predators, Liars ,The 

Union MEMORY: Green Team, 8/10-8/12, KP Football, DC, 


Pound, Smackfests, Walking the line FOUND: in Scranton, 

PA working at Dunder Mifflin AMBITION: Live the Hollywood 

Lifestyle FAVORITE SAYING: "insert Jim Halpert face here* 

Melanie Connor 


LIKES: Friends, shopping, music, dance, sleeping, family, 

roller coasters, vacations, guys, summer, Christmas, 
Halloween, my b-day, movies, planes DISLIKES: history, 
spiders, homework, rain, alarm clocks, reading, my car 
MEMORY: Marshfield. junior prom 07, x-mas party 
ACTIVITES: National Art Honor Society, Leo Club, DECA 
FOUND: At the mall, at home, watching TV, hangin 
friends AMBITION: to go to college and becor 
and have a family SAYING Everythin^^B 



• V 

* .1 






Zachary Cox 


Katrina Crocker 


Garrick Cronin 


LIKES: Football, Pats, Sox, Wiffleball, good music, girls, 

OCB, Wendys, Building 19, March Madness, weekends, 

hanging out with friends, life in general DISLIKES: Happy 

circles, losing. Gill, Franklin, politics, Peyton Manning, red 

lights, rain delays MEMORY: Football games, Scott Brown, 

OCB w/ the team, Ferreiras class ACTIVITIES: Football, 

winter track, spring track SAYING: If you can't do it right, do it 


LIKES: XC, Pirates of the Carribean, sailing, friends, 

laughing, skiing, snow, socks, Thai food, reading, music, 

flute, high jump mats, English & Physics, summer, cape cod 

DISLIKES: falling on my face, too much homework, stress, 

negativity, insincerity MEMORY: hanging with friends, being a 

vampire and sailing ACTIVITIES: Cross country, spring and 

indoor track, high jump, symphony band, sailing, Leo NHS, 

SNHS AMBITION: happiness 

LIKES: landscaping new places, trying to understand life, 

being part of the zooloo, hanging with Gina and the crew, 

also being captain of the hockey team DISLIKES: fake 

people, people that don't know how to chill MEMORY: chillen 

in Gina's room, DMB concerts ACTIVITIES: playing hockey 

(Hock Champ '06), playing friz, baseball FOUND: life's not 

always what it seems AMBITION: to own and operate my 

own landscaping business 

f ,- 

John Cuozzo 


LIKES: Hockey season, Pats games, Sect 202, fishing, being 
around good people, traveling, RedSox, Bruins, lacrosse, late 

nights, bagged lunch, milky tosses, frisbee, DH, talks with 

Foot, good music DISLIKES: Franklin, Yankees, punishment, 

sketchy people, losing MEMORY: 02/18/06 HOCK CHAMPS, 

hockey trips to Canada, Europe trip 06, growin up on the 

I summer classic, game 4 ALCS 04 w/ CH 

y, lacrosse, golf, livin it up FOUND: 55 
sin the tri town, L&S2 AMBITION: 

i i : ii "-'il'l .■:■.... v people, live life to the fullest. Mom, 

dad, allie, katle thanks for always bein there 

Luke Darling 


LIKES: baseball, basketball, football, RCF Ping Pong, 

hanging out with friends, freshmen football, snow days, pets, 

wiffleball, Sox, Pats, golf, gym, Austin Powers, King of 

Queens. DISLIKES: English class, homework, reading, 

headaches, North Attleboro, Seinfeld, losing. MEMORY: 

Junior Prom, pasta night, Scott Brown, Aerosmith, Pats and 

Sox champs. ACTIVITIES: sports, wiffleball, fishing, working. 

FOUND: At my house with people, Omega AMBITION: 

Graduate from college and get a good high paying job. 

SAYING: Unbelievable. 

Dylan Daszkiewicz 


LIKES: Football, Holidays, Friends, Family, Hokey games, 

DHC, Land S Duece, OAR, 31 1 , T.I, 50 Cent, Coach Lee 

DISLIKES: Football practice, Happy circles, PHD, Drama 

MEMORY: Land S Duece, Summer 07, Junior Prom, Last 

day of school JR.Year ACTIVITIES: Football, Baseball, 

Crazy Land S nights FOUND: L and S Duece, M'Stews, 

Lukes, Tweeter AMBITION: To live a happy, wealthy life and 

have a job in law enforcement 

Erick Deschamps 


LIKES: DHC, wing night, cruises, late nights 

DISLIKES: 09, liars, wizards, sleeves, English class, 

creepers, ex-girlfriends MEMORY: DHC, L&S2, 311, OAR, 

early morning talks, Matisyahu, Cape 07, superbowl 04, MCs 

18th, SDs 17th ACTIVITIES: wiffle ball and hippie disk 

FOUND: my house, Club L&S2, bobs SAYING: Name 5 .. 

Your dime must be fine 

Brianna Diamond 


LIKES: friends, food, concerts, family, MCAS week, Vz days, 
shopping, Subway, HSM, sleeping in, weekends, going out, 

HUGS DISLIKES: girls who waste their time with stupid 

drama, slow drivers MEMORY: Colorado with LW, concerts 

at Tweeter, Aug 07, junior yr, country concerts w/ RA, LB, 

CN, BH SAYING: live, laugh, love, learn 

Vanessa DiDomenico 


LIKES: summer, weezy, jamn 94.5, KW, SF, crusin, lookouts, 

MGM DISLIKES: waking up early, traffic, Eddy St., Krusty 

(MG) MEMORY: T.I. 07, Monster Jam, Summer Jam, Celtics 

games, Kev-Kev, frosh bball, JJ, meeting Fabolous w/LJ 

ACTIVITIES: soccer, basketball, beach, DECA FOUND: 

FALMOUTH, Disney, Chawdreys, Rt. 28, the Flying Bridge, 

DQ, Old Silver SAYING: That's what's up. 



Harrison David 


LIKES: Sports, sometimes school, my guitar, music in 

general, and just having a good time DISLIKES: guys 

wearing girls pants, studying, and losing at pretty much 

anything MEMORY: Micaela and Jon, I saw the center of the 

Universe, And a lot more ACTIVITIES: XC, indoor track, 

tennis, NHS. SNHS, chillin hard with friends, the usual 

FOUND: The shanty. PBergs, the Fontana plantation (on the 

lake), Muller Family Vacations, random basements 
AMBITION: to discover EVERY dimension SAYING: Life is a 
succession of moments, to truly live each one is to succeed 

Michael Davies 

Sara DeCarvalho 


LIKES: DODGE INTREPID, Patriots, Red Sox, Doin Work, 

Aggro Crag, Nascar 2004, Taco Day, Pairs check, 

Roundabouts, Turkeys, The Dowchas, THE OFFICE, Guitar 

Hero. DISLIKES: The Ugly House, Ice Breakerz, School for 

Scoundrels, Foam Swords MEMORIES: 8/10 JT Outbound, 

8th grade bus, parties. Circling the Roundabouts 06, Panera 

ACTIVITIES: KPTV, Dawg Pound, Peer Leadership, Roche 

Bros, Peer Mentoring, Yearbook, Malarkey FOUND: $5 in 

the hallway freshman year, TV Production until 9pm on 

Thursdays, ON THE BENCH AMBITION: To Catch a 

Predator SAYING: The game is over, yeesh I YUH, Hanh! 


LIKES: MJB, my boys, cruising, the standard, panera, tostitos & 

salsa, hiking, sammy, 08, skens, redsox, pats, greys, DLO, my 

bed DISLIKES: 107, 09, summerjam 06, exit 20, old silver, early 

mornings, exit 11 MEMORY: junior prom 07, 3/21, 17th, MC18th, 

CLs 07, DMB 07, 31 1 , OAR, long days w/ mjb, KL cape trips, 

graveyard chase06+07, ice capades, forest drives, the door, 

bridge songs, they be like FOUND: the loveseat, high St., Club 

L+S, poolside, TH, tweeter, BL SAYING: To be yoursejf 

that is constantly trying to make you sometrw 

greatest accomplishmen 



■ I 

fr I I 


\ \> 




Amanda Dion 


Arielle DiPlacido 

Joseph DiRienzo III 



LIKES: Cape Cod, Ice cream, being outside, lacrosse, skiing, 

caramel ice lattes, music, laughing, friends, traveling, Olive 

Garden, Dogs and surprises DISLIKES: Any type of testing, 

pizza bagels, oranges, math, waking up, being bored, the 

color purple, awkward moments, small talk MEMORY: KP 

Lax 06-07, lockdowns, fires, OAR, summer nights, road trips, 

prom, six flags, Phil Lesh ACTIVITIES: NAHS, polo, lacrosse, 

basketball, skiing, SADD, peer leadership, NHS, relaxing 
going to the beach, shopping FOUND: At polo, Mrs. Canerio's 

room AMBITION: travel around the world and become 

successful SAYING: Those who don't mind matter and those 

who matter don't mind. 

LIKES: my girls, DMB, Grey's Anatomy, rain, October, 

McDonalds, 2:15, summer, driving, Friday nights, Providence, 

laughing, 6, thunderstorms, Almost Famous DISLIKES: 4th 

lunch, Monday, 7:35, creek runs, doubles, goodbyes, losing, 

slow drivers, fake people MEMORY: summer 06-07, CFest 

07, OAR 06, FH 06 and lax 07, DMB 05-07, girls nights, Cape 

07, adventures w/ woot FOUND: texting, being lazy w/ Kara 

AMBITION: to become successful in whatever I do in life 

LIKES: Crusin in the truck, pbergs, DMB. Mcgaw, Foxy. BG, 

Sublime, baseball, golf, pond hockey, The Temple, CR, NF, 

CB, DTCB, LJ, MP, AD JF DISLIKES: wakin up, the Beaver 

SAYING: I mean sure kid 

Kara Donahue 


Michael Donohue 


Erin Donovan 


LIKES: family, friends, love, JP, summer, beach, being tan, shopping, 
dresses, black, the hills, Laguna Beach, 23, laughing, concerts, 
piercings, a club, reeses, crosses DISLIKES: liars, drama, stress, 
goodbyes MEMORY: summer 05, beach days, cape 06&07 w/AD, 
AAs house, Africa, MCAS week07, 1/2day 07 w/crew, w.festivities, 05, 
^06, 07, frosh field hockey, work cruise, Linkin Park07, OAR 06 
^^PJ<M, Incubus 07 with JP FOUND: in my bed, a club, w/friends 
Jiappily married with 2 or more kids with a 
ssful job or to be a soccer mom 

LIKES: marching band, history, reading, video games, indoor 

percussion, driving DISLIKES: math, stupidity, English class, 

tuna fish, egg salad, chicken salad, hippies MEMORY: wgi 

competition in Ohio, placing 2nd nationally ACTIVITIES: 

marching band, indoor percussion, symphony band, leaders 

club FOUND: at band practice, Papa Ginos, the gym 

AMBITION: serve in the US Army, become President 

SAYING: You don't have to like it, you just have to do it 

LIKES: Family, Beach, Pink, Weekends, Coffee, MC, boys, 

big sues cooking, vacation, football & hockey season, 08, 

pictures, friends, shopping DISLIKES: Waking up, being cold, 

tests, spiders, drama MEMORY: Cape 05-06, CFest 05-07, 

Tweeter Concerts, Dstoks Bday, Traffic w/ LB&MC, SC, road 

trip with mb, OP, tiddly wink, LT, Norwood, MR & MS guitar 

session, cookout 07, ARs CRs bed, one eye, JM2 

AMBITION: Be happy & have fun, keep friends close 

FOUND: w/ the girls, Starbucks, w/ the crew, ARS, DDS 

FAVORITE SAYING: are you serious? 

Christine Dowd 


Monica Denson 

Caitlin Droney 


LIKES: music, art, movies, Boston accents, dancing, 

traveling, hippies, plays, photography, laughing, concerts, 

intellectual convos, chocolate, friends, night time, summer, 

hugs, authenticity DISLIKES: sexism, ignorance, materialism, 

racism, hate, stereotypes, dishonesty, procrastination, 

selfishness ACTIVITIES: KP Drama and Gaps 

AMBITION: to have a meaningful life SAYING: Only in 

darkness does the eye begin to see. 

LIKES: hanging out with friends, going to the beach, listening 
to music DISLIKES: spiders MEMORY: campout 07, 

danglefest 07, Cape Cod 07 ACTIVITIES: soccer, working at 
a pet shelter FOUND: with friends, my house, work 



Thomas Dooley 


LIKES: Fishing, Mountain biking, Reading, Sailing, Football, 
Going Camping, Campos Class. DISLIKES: Lazy people. 
Reality TV shows. MEMORY: Having Mr. Kramer telling us 
about his favorite Degrassi moments ACTIVITIES: Football, 
reading, sailing, going to the cape AMBITION: to become a 
psychiatrist SAYING: Cowards die many times before their 
death, while the valiant taste of death only once. 

Brittany Dorer 


LIKES: chillin, magazines, books, music, writing, history, 

clothes, shoes, beaches, fall, snow days, tennis, dessert, KS 

KR NB, coffee, the hills DISLIKES: math, due dates, alarm 

clocks MEMORY: Mr. G, Aruba ACTIVITIES: yearbook, peer 

leadership, DECA FOUND: with KS, relaxing, home, mall, 

DSW AMBITION: to be a journalist SAYING: If I'd observed 

all the rules, I'd never have gotten anywhere. ~ Marilyn 


Veronica Dullea 


Christopher Dunn 


Kathleen Ellen 


LIKES: Chocolate-covered cherries, white lilies, snow, scary 

movies, text messages, family guy, big sunglasses, hair ties, 
pineapples, pouting DISLIKES: spiders, twizzlers, messes, 

projects, Dan McKinney MEMORY: high school ACTIVITIES: 
Boston Casting, chorus, drama, Leo Club, track 

FOUND: lost, Friendlys, Franklin, with my friends AMBITION: 
to make millions SAYING: " ..that's the best thing a girl can 
be in this world, a beautiful little fool." -The Great Gatsby 

LIKES: L N Duece, football, OCB, The range, LAX, T-Bell, 

Rambos, Biscep, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Ultimate 

Frisbee, Mambas white mule DISLIKES: Happy circles, 

football, 09, Saturday mornings, frank Town, Bad drivers, 

really hot days, and March MEMORY: L Ns Duece 

ACTIVITIES: Football, Lacrosse, Off roading, L Ns, Shooting, 

and Fishing SAYING: Shake and Bake 

LIKES: my bffs, running, family, 7, snow days, sox, pats, 

music, ice cream, summer DISLIKES: laziness, homework, 

being cold, waking up, goodbyes MEMORY: Linscott parties. 

track attack, old KP, 3eb, goo goo dolls, Jr. AP Eng, seshs w/ 

LP & AY, pilons w/ KL, canton fireworks w/ AY and CL, 

MASC 07, the funny book ACTIVITIES: soccer (9-11), Softball 

(9-10), W. Track (9-12, capt 12), S. Track (11-12, capt 12), 

SADD (9-12), Stuco (10-12) FOUND: w/ the favos, on the 

track, at the brook w/ JB AMBITION: to be happy, healthy, 

and successful 

Courtney Fabiano 


Alison Fair 


James Fair 


LIKES: friends, family, love, summer, HS, gym, pink, honesty, 

tanning, laughing, The Hills, parties, cosmo, shopping, concerts 

books DISLIKES: liars, being cold, SPIDERS, rain, drama, 

getting up early, break-ups, backstabbers, stealing, stress 

MEMORY: NHw/HS + KD, nights with HS, OAR + Linkin Park 

JP, beach + mall with NP, Carolinas 07 Bishops w/ 

ACTIVITIES: Leo Club, Full House All-Stars 

'.'UNI ' roortLthe mall, w/ HS AMBITION: To live a 

Iimiii happy ii ; ^fc^roud of who I am, no regrets! 

FAV( iRITI A.7ING vVIu'icvh gossips to you will gossip about 


LIKES: Christopher, NH, LJ, MP, MG, hugs and kisses, 
dancing, country, sleeping, tea, Bosox, romance, sweats, 

chillen, girls nights, iced coffee, cuddling, beach 

DISLIKES: negative people, stress, tests, goodbyes, liars, 

pickles, drama, May 5th, fights MEMORY: dates w/Chris, 

GNC, Cfest 07, Cape Cod, 1 0/22, surprise 1 8th, sr yr prom 

07, 04-08 ACTIVITIES: LAX, field hockey, Leo Club, SADD, 

dance parties, movies, Boston trips, shopping FOUND: w/ 

CH, with my girls AMBITION: to live a fulfilling life and find 

love SAYING: Life may not be the party we hoped for but 

while here we might as well dance 

LIKES: golf, Sox, Pats, weekends, summer, ping pong, music 

Cape, HHI, procrastination, Stones. DISLIKES: winter, 
Mondays, stress, homework, over reaction, ignorance, books 

MEMORY: Costa Rica 05, Cape 05-07, friends, golf 

ACTIVITIES: Golf 9-12, Basketball 9-11, NHS 11-12, NHHS 

11-12, Student Council 10-12, Ping Pong Club 11-12 

AMBITION: To become the best person that I can be and 

always be happy with what I am doing. SAYING: The purpose 

of life is a life of purpose. 


Kate-Lynn Fiori 

Nathan Fish 


Jennifer Fitzgerald 

LIKES: Red Sox, Celts, wiffleball, poker, The Temple, crusin, 
2:15, women, The Ladies Man, BK, gaming, T.V., music, Buff 

Chick Calzones, That 70s Show, Superbad DISLIKES: 
spiderfingers, the Yanks, Drew, waking up early, bad drivers, 

homework, work, annoying people, sketchy places and 

people MEMORY: freshman baseball, hanging with the crew 

ACTIVITIES: baseball and basketball AMBITION: To get paid 

SAYING: You won't do it, I would. 

LIKES: summer, Red Sox, boys, weekends, computers, 
music, movies, cars, my family, stand-up comedy 
DISLIKES: liars, bad grades, math, boredom, fake people, 
heights, spiders, drama MEMORY: freshman year, my 18th 
birthday, Input tech ACTIVITIES: chorus FOUND: at home 
AMBITION: to attend medical school and become a dentist 
SAYING: Live, laugh, love 





Daniel Feeney 


J L 


Samuel Field 


Christine Fiorelli 

LIKES: sports, music, chillin. the ladies, Red Sox, Boston 

DISLIKES: Franklin. The Yankees, country music MEMORY 

Rock the Bells, Franklin Pull Over, Stoop, the Spot, the 

Temple, Vineyard FOUND: Rons office, cruisin down the 

street in my 64. not home SAYING: So where you headin? 

Aspen, Umm California, beautiful. 

LIKES: Shopping, talking on the phone, going to the beach, 
math, science, driving, sleeping, laughing, having a good time 
music DISLIKES: history, English, the winter, my job, seafood 
cleaning, people who are fake MEMORY: being part of DECA 
It has taught me so much, and it was a really fun class. 
ACTIVITIES: DECA, leo club, teaching CCD, babysitting, 
working FOUND: hanging out with friends, talkin 
phone, working, shopping AMBITION: I reall^^B 
involved in the business world & eventu^j^B 
SAYING: Tears a ,eJj^^UUI^U 

John Fitzpatrick 


LIKES: soccer, music, friends, Cumbys Slushies, pirate 
adventures, Dunky runs DISLIKES: Mondays, faulty 

machinery, rocks in my shoes, sand in my bathing suit 
ACTIVITIES: soccer, drama, work, KPTV FOUND: myself 
AMBITION: to win the lottery SAYING: There's more to life 

than being really really really ridiculously good-looking 

Kathryn Florence 


LIKES: friends, chilling, B.L. good tunes, painting, buffchick, 

birks, new socks, KH, ice cream, my bed, tri-town, movies, 

magic stick, new playlists, lax, bike day, moccasins, the zoo, 

dance parties DISLIKES: boredom, running, skipping CDs, 

trouble MEMORY: basement times, OAR, dispatch, Prom 07, 

ack w/ k, girls nights, lake, fire days, cape FOUND: the 

Honda, with the girls, lax, omega AMBITION: Be successful 

doing something I love. SAYING: you just gotta keep livin 

man l-i-v-i-n 

David Flynn 



i\ J 

Stephanie Flynn 


Stephanie Fontana 


Briana Fountain 


LIKES: H,N ,A,K,S,A, pepsi, ZS, buff chick, the volv, KJL, 
RJH, Sundays, B-em-cook,sox&pats, snuggling, Oprah, 08, 
livin the dream DISLIKES: cats, procrastinators, curb 
cuddling, stress, snakes MEMORY: WesU, sunfire, VT, 
Bermuda, Swedish fish incident, w/NH,RH,HO, cape07, 
WHERE IS EVAN?, spoker06, BW's basement, KHitchs, 
Hrw/KC, c -fest, OAR+cyns 2am washings ACTIVITIES: 
^Iream living FOUND: w/NH,HO,ZS, the 
i rii h^mON live a happy life w : my loving 

■ ■■■ i i' , I,,! :; ^^^heauty, madness is genius & 

^ggmg^Jutely boring 

LIKES: vacations, cancelled school, summer, snow, the lake, 

going out to eat, driving, being outside, friends, laughing, 
flowers DISLIKES: whispering, irrationality, waking up early, 
being bored, uncomfortable temperatures, essays, insects, 
awkwardness FOUND: the lake, muller family vacations, 
Nickys, Dions AMBITION: travel frequently, live comfortably 
SAYING: Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and its 
better to be absolutely ridiculous than completely boring 

LIKES: Spring, Summer, weekends, beach, shopping, 

snowdays, true friends, 2:15, the sky, concerts, music, my 

cat, the trio DISLIKES: Mondays, snow, rules, negativity, fake 

ppl, curfews, bugs, sketchy ppl MEMORY: OAR concerts, C 

Lynes house, Sum 07, Jr. Yr., Crazy nights w/ the girls, 

anytime w/ MW, KC, LP, Cfest 07, Jr. Prom, MCs 18th, 

anything w/ 08 FOUND: Nextel, driving, the mall, Target w/ 

Meg, tanning. Thanks Dad&Mom, J.M&L, and MW, KO&LP. 

AMBITION: To be successful and live a happy life. SAYING: 

Do what you love and love what you do. 

Patrick Gahan 


Trenton Garcia 


Meghan Gaudet 


LIKES: WWE, Movies, video games, TV production, animals, 
friends, long walks, books. DISLIKES: XWF, homework, too 
much heat, shaving, romance movies MEMORY: Hanging 
with Mr. Leonard, Gary B, Mrs. D. Tower moments, my first 
appearance on Wake Up Warriors ACTIVITIES: Manager of 
the softball team, work, TV Production FOUND: On TV 

AMBITION: Tag Team Champion, Game Designer, 
Commentary SAYING: Even Einstein asked questions. 

LIKES: Red Sox, Cape Cod, Boston, Vineyard, Music, 22, Balls 

Back, 9 is for Rhyme, Buff chix, Titanic, Panera, cowboys, 

puppies, Soccer DISLIKES: mornings, 89.4s, rap, Yankees, 

losing, scary movies, bugs, contact lenses, running, allergies, lit. 

MEMORY: summertime, Fenway Fest 05 w/ BM, Capefest 07, 

Dispath NYC, Frosh Bball/ Janitor Incident, KP Lax 07, tennis, 

midnight madness, 10/22/05, Kenny 05 06 07, OAR 06, DMB, 

Taylor Swift Not FOUND: in fever pitch, driving Betty, eating 

Panera, PBergs, watching dax/bo ACTIVITIES: translating 

Bridget, soccer, band, lax, bball, stucco, NHS SAYING: Never 

Settle for your present level of achievement, shuure! 


N , 1 


Andrew Fox 


Jessica Fratus 


Donald Frigon 


LIKES: Mikes Volvo, buff chicks, pull throughs. Kirk, Lake 

Street, Sure, ASR. Drumming, KP Hockey Season, Dr. Len C. 

Rogers, Joey Ds, Pond Hockey, Skimboarding in the center of 

Wrentham with cam DISLIKES: Dubs sayings. Rhodies. Kids 

on Bikes. The blur, not james, absolutely no one MEMORY: 

Deca Nationals or summer cape trip ACTIVITIES: KP hockey, 

drumming, writing, skimboarding, surfing around FOUND: 

Tom's house, my basement playing music, Mike's House, 

driving around SAYING: It's so easy to constantly get lost 

presenting whatever face you think people expect to see 

rather than your own. 

Jonathan Gaughran 


LIKES: Brynn Montgomery, Friday nights, football, Wendys, 
missing first period, Red Sox, concerts, tailgating, off-roading, 

half days, snowboarding DISLIKES: freshman, Monday, 
homework, Yankee fans, sunfire, 4th lunch, losing MEMORY: 

nickleback concert and country test 

FOUND: Brynn Elizabeth Montgomery SAYING: Everybody's 

doing it 

Adam Gaynor 


LIKES: Football, poker, hanging out at Toneys, movies, 
Family Guy, sleep, music, the Academy DISLIKES: Football 
camp, early morning wakeups, ignorance, injustice, sprints, 
Gill, Happy Circles MEMORY: Scott Brown vs. Cyber Bullys, 

History with Ferreira, spring track, society 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, SNHS (VP), track 1-4, Leo Club, 

Math League, Habitat for Humanity FOUND: Hanging out at 

Toneys basement, football practice AMBITION: Get a degree 

and be successful in all areas of life SAYING: New 

knowledge is the commodity of life. The more truth we gather 

the richer we become. 

Stephanie Gilbert 


LIKES: camping, kids, my friends, going to Boston, family, 

hanging w/ the Spragues DISLIKES: English, history, fast 

food, drama, stupidity MEMORY: promOT, going to Boston w/ 

KH, jr. math w/ MM, homecoming games. Cape 07 FOUND: 

probably in the north end w/ KH or somewhere in Pville 

SAYING: Live, laugh, love. Whaaat?!'! 


Lisa Gillespie 


Alexandra Gilmore 


Peter Girouard 


LIKES: summer, friends, THE CREW, cousins, mall trips with 
MB, flip flops, popsicles, shows, the office, headbands, clips, 
walking, providence days DISLIKES: JAZZY, TCBY, long car 
rides, being cold, sun burns, drama MEMORY: Warped Tour 

07, AP Tour, soph semi 07 with MB, Prom 07, DECA 

nationals, senyahz FOUND: with MB, or the cousins, Oakley, 

hanging around AMBITION: To be successful in something 

that I enjoy doing SAYING: I suppose 

LIKES: Mountain biking, fishing, hiking, jazz, knowledge, 

vintage cars, autumn DISLIKES: Procrastination, 

disorganization, people with a lack of knowledge, bad drivers, 

cloudy days, cliches, pessimists MEMORY: The fire days of 

the old academy ACTIVITIES: NHS (president), SNHS, jazz 

band, math league FOUND: studying somewhere, Foxboro 

state forest 

Brad Goossens 


Patrick Gordon 


LIKES: guitar, singing, long walks on the beach, fires, math 

w/ Downtown Connor Brown DISLIKES: liars MEMORY: 

road trips to Plymouth State and Keene State ACTIVITIES: 

peer mediation 05 06 FOUND: DWays House AMBITION: to 

be a grade school teacher SAYING: Mush 

Lauren Goulet 


LIKES: HS ES DS CS PS, Dereks, BL, Sleeping, Summer, 

Weekends, Concerts DISLIKES: School, Work, Mondays, 

Snow, Bees, the New KP, Slow drivers, Red lights MEMORY: 

Bday 07, Freshman year, Ferlands, Bishops, OAR concerts, 

Amherst, NH FOUND: Beach, Mall, Tanning, DJs with HS 

and ES, Gunthers, in my car, friendlys, work, not home 

AMBITION: To be rich SAYING: Bow chica wow wow ;) 


Amanda Goddard 


LIKES: chocolate, dance, Red Sox, beach, shopping, movies, 

walks, laughing, vacation, summer, taking pictures, cuddling 

and spending time with JG DISLIKES: Yankees, liars, drama, 

bad days, getting in trouble, negativity MEMORY: superbowl 

XL, Newport, DECA trips, 2-25-07, football games, sweet 16, 

anything with 08 FOUND: work, JDGs. sleeping, shopping, 

relaxing, eating, dance AMBITION: to be happy, healthy, and 

successful in whatever life brings me SAYING: Live life like 

there's no tomorrow. 

David Goldberg 


Bradford Goodwin 

LIKES: Punk chicks, Red Sox, Spider-man, the Dowchas, my 
brosef Roonsz, Nealy!, Stace, Shelby, Star Wars, the right to 
rock, everyone, Tuesdays with Morrie DISLIKES: Spiders!, 
the dark, broccoli, sad people, Maroon 5, S.L., PT Cruisers, 

Laguna Beach, the stupid hills, racism, English class 
MEMORY: the day I became the person I always wanted to 
be ACTIVITIES: TV pro, Metacomet, KPTV rules, Ti 
FOUND TV, at Panera, in your basementja^J 
AMBITION: To be a film director/actor^lYING: 

Jennifer Grant 

Alex Granville 


Drew Greenstein 

A- I 

I ■ 









LIKES: family, summer, beaches, friends, having fun, money, 

daisy, OAR, tanning, pink, Mary Grant, Larry Grant, Groton 

Long Point, Parties, freedom DISLIKES: drama, the dark, 

mean people, work, curfews, mornings MEMORY: Summer 

'07, Halloween '06 FOUND: at the mall, at the beach, or at 

David Joseph Driscoll's SAYING: "Sometimes you're flush 

and sometimes you're bust, and when your up it's never as 

good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think 

you'll be up again. But life goes on." 

LIKES: HF, the basement times, the hole, the hedz, cruzin, 

music, skating DISLIKES: shwag MEMORY: feb vaca with 

Elizabeth, St. Paddys day ACTIVITIES: soccer, 

skateboarding, snowboarding FOUND: good looks and good 

hair I am the founding father AMBITION: skate all day, and 

live life free SAYING: Silence is golden 

LIKES: snowboarding, surfing, skim boarding, wrestling, 

driving fast, playing drums, music DISLIKES: ketchup. 

mayonnaise, seafood, spiders, bugs, milk MEMORY: scuba 

diving in Bahamas ACTIVITIES: snowboarding, surfing, skim 

boarding, wrestling, playing drums, cruising FOUND: 

Nantasket beach or snowboarding SAYING: "In this bright 

future you can't forget your past!" - Bob Marley 


Curtis Guimond 


Michael Hall 


Katie Harevich 


LIKES: Patriots, Red Sox, TV Guide, novels, CSI, House, 
biology, engineering, pizza, ice cream, horror/ action movies 
DISLIKES: NY Yankees, English, romantic movies, 
homework, football, golf, rap music MEMORY: graduating 
from elementary school ACTIVITIES: Reading novels and 
magazines, watching shows on television, playing baseball, 
iano , Leo Club community events, NHS, SNHS 
: : '! i. sense of responsibility, my personal beliefs and 

iiniui'li mi Mjjrstanding of reality AMBITION: To 
i Mj^ce engineer SAYING: Do not 

LIKES: football, video games, work, dogs, cats, my 

nephews/nieces DISLIKES: stuck up man, drugs, math 

MEMORY: my nephew Benny being born ACTIVITIES: 

football, basketball, outdoor stuff FOUND: my best friend, 

good friends, my sport AMBITION: to be a zoologist, find the 

right girl for me and find more friends SAYING: What up dude 

LIKES: music, laughing, movies, brownies, friends, family, 
wheres fluffy?, reading, pink lemonade, psych, art, singing, 
ICP DISLIKES: people who like horses, terrible drivers, bad 
hair days, girls who go to the bathroom in groups, airheads 

MEMORY: Carrie! OMG pancakes! and workin at the TAV 
FOUND: in my basement w/ Carylann & biffs w/ movies, my 

truck AMBITION: To take them all by storm! SAYING: Oh 
snap! and Sit man, I always eat chicken. 

Scott Heffel 


Angela Higgins 


Kathryn Higgins 



LIKES: Traveling, shopping, hiking, outdoors, history, Coldplay, 

autumn, Halloween, camp, summer vacation, movies 

DISLIKES: Loud chewing, washing dishes, laundry, lightning, 

bugs, country music, long lines, fast food, colds MEMORY: 

Friendlys.french fries, mozzarella sticks with KR, Katie, and 

KB.AP US and AP World classes ACTIVITIES: HNHS, Flute, 

Leo Club, Winter & Spring Track, SNHS, NHS, sleeping, 

relaxing, hanging out w/ friends, watching movies, reading a 

good book FOUND: Mrs. Erickson's Room AMBITION: To live 

a wonderful, fulfilling life, to travel the world, to live in Europe 

SAYING: Good friends never leave us, it just takes us a little 

longer to remember them. 

LIKES: Starbucks, green monster, canoe trips!, old movies, 

history, jokes, friends, globetrotting, camp, seasons, silly hats, 

bright colors DISLIKES: This yearbook photo, whispering, hot 

school days, bad hair days, Sunday nights, loud chewing, 

alarms, arrogance MEMORY: A.P. World History 2006 

ACTIVITIES: The Prez of HNHS, Leo club, StuCo, violin, 

books, drive, watch movies FOUND: co-piloting the green 

monster, eating at Friendlys, sleeping until 12 PM, hanging 

around in the basement with the gals AMBITION: To see 

everything worth seeing, to hear everything worth hearing, to 

meet everyone worth meeting, and to say everything that 

needs to be said SAYING: Maybe Someday 




<•> \< ( »\ 

Christopher Hartley 


Elizabeth Harty 


Kristina Hedberg 


LIKES: hunting, fishing, fow wheelin, hanging out w/ friends, 
Mark Walburg DISLIKES: school, chem, English, anti-hunters 

PETA MEMORY: Kenny Chesney 06&07, Brad Paisley, 

camping trips07, shanty ACTIVITIES: Archery, rope swings, 

working on trucks AMBITION: move far away from Mass and 

live somewhere north in a small town and en|oy life 

SAYING: If it's brown it's down I am Mark Walburg 

LIKES: Lacrosse, Portsmouth Abbey, Nantucket, Family, 

Friends DISLIKES: Transferring, Westwood Lacrosse 07, 

18-2 lose MEMORY: Sene championships 05 06, Playoffs 07 

SAYING: Carpe diem 

LIKES: my girls, sox, pats, soccer, gymnastics, Boston, OP. 

summer, beach, shopping, shoes, football, hockey DISLIKES: 

yanks, ladders, drama, fights, confrontations, 5/5 MEMORY: 

summer 07, 10/22, Funway, Proms 07, senior year 

ACTIVITIES: soccer, gymnastics, LEO club NAHS, SADD 

FOUND: in OP, w/ SF, AF, LJ, BM, SB, MP. MG, KH, KF, AD 

Christopher Home 


Richard Hughes 


William Hunt 


LIKES: Alison, #1 1 . two B. sox. pats, KP hockey, friends, 

Chuck and El, the ladies, post 335, loud music, cash, Cape, 

using the voicebox, sarcasm, Kyle, chillin hard DISLIKES: 

North. Feehan, Wrentham5-0, mental errors, 17s, snow, 

losing, Capolla, stop signs, Yankees, handbook MEMORY: 

summer 07, 1 hitter, buoy tournaments, mesta vista, all times 

w/ BZ, G, Soup, MS, MM, DG, Foxy, OBs, McGa, CO, JT, JK 

ACTIVITIES: baseball, basketball, Natl Hon, Newspaper, Leo 

Club FOUND: w/ AF, batting cage, Foxys basement, Zahners 

porch, the 3 pt. line, hockey games AMBITION: For my words 

to entertain and influence others 

SAYING: Scoreboard 

LIKES: Sox. Pats, Bs, Celts, Chillin, Crusin, The Spot. 

Baseball CC. MV, The Bridge. TWEETER. 40s DISLIKES: 

Franklin, Yankees, Five-Zip, Haters. Tom Connors 

MEMORY: Chillin with my boys ACTIVITIES: Work, 

Baseball, Chillin FOUND: The Spot, The Grind, BK. The 

Field. Temple, Rons Office AMBITION: To become a Boston 

City Firefighter SAYING: Roto I Would 

Bridget Hutchinson 


Ian Hutchinson 


Jeffrey Idzal 

w rent nam 

LIKES: friends, family, chalk-a-looka, beach, football, hockey, 
games, sweatshirts, parties, soccer, art, photographs, Ireland, 
The Starting Line, The Hills, chocolate, iced coffee, May 4th, 

Christmas DISLIKES: knees, cereal, humidity, homework 

MEMORY: Alaska cruise 04, vineyard 06 07 w/ JL, first soccer 

ame soph year, kiss concert, Maine 07, sweet 16 fiesta, Dare 

camp ,. college to urs w/ JM, six flags, prom, MASC ACTIVITIES: 

Mk^ncil, stucco treasurer, NAHS, track FOUND: 

i . i i I fc^pool, Nickys, Oak Bluffs, MamaPs w/ 

ill' ii n i : 1hU£ a nurse at children's hospital in 

LIKES: football, baseball, Frisbee, wiffleball, good teachers, 

common sense, Army, playing catch, vacations, weekends 

DISLIKES: dumb people, ignorance, liars, homework, waking 

up early, losing, winters without snow days MEMORY: 

competitive gym and summer of 07 ACTIVITIES: working, 

driving, Army training, playing catch, running, lifting FOUND: 

sleeping AMBITION: become an Army Ranger 

LIKES: music, muscle cars, buffalo wings, Family Guy, 

blingbling, pizza rolls DISLIKES: vegetables, multiple page 

essays, kix cereal, people who post on livejournal, people who 

wear green on st. patricks day MEMORY: 2 hr lock down 

breaks, CP ACTIVITIES: playing guitar, eating, nights out with 

friends and my girlfriend FOUND: Taco Bell, working at Levis 

driving in the truck AMBITION: Hey Hey I wanna be a rockstar 

SAYING: Just do it 

Catherine Jones 

Edmund Jones 


LIKES: friends, 1st lunch, Franklin YMCA, sleeping in, no 

work, Saturday nights, sweet-pea, Golden Glove, Mia & ON 

DISLIKES: freshman, math, 4th lunch, Mondays MEMORY: 

running over Caitlyn's mailbox with Jean FOUND: probably at 

the Y AMBITION: to be happy and to make other people 

happy SAYING: You like that? 


LIKES: my car (1967 Ford Mustang), weight lifting, Jackie, 

football #74 DISLIKES: happy circle, gut camp, skyleamer 

cabin #4 MEMORY: chilling at camp skyleamer after practice, 

first time skipping school, OCR, dream machine ACTIVITIES: 

football and weight lifting FOUND: at football, Jackie's house 

AMBITION: have nice cars, be rich 

Ian Jones 


LIKES: Skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, pizza, 
Montana, Maine DISLIKES: homework, paying for parking, 
bad drivers, mssipleled words MEMORY: ME w/ KS, Pickart's 
HR, Montana/Yellowstone, skiing Sunday River ACTIVITIES: 
Lacrosse, Skiing, Swimming, Hiking, Kayaking, hanging with 
friends FOUND: Skiing in Maine, at home sleeping, or doing 

schoolwork AMBITION: To make money and live a 

comfortable life, to ski SAYING: Rain isn't rain, it's a Weather 





,* v 

Jessica Issa 


LIKES: KT, AW. LK. the Tiv, Pickyleaf DISLIKES: Pizza 

delivery men. TCP, Mansfield, T-Sull MEMORY: Going into 

Boston with AW and LK for DQ, Y dances with EL FOUND: 

At a show with LK or AW AMBITION: To be a director 

Lauren Joaquin 


LIKES: Soccer, Sam, Pbergs, summer, craziness, laughing, 
mean girls, AF, MP, MG, beach, 2:15, McLovin, Super Troopers 

DISLIKES: Cinco De Mayo, missing the train 10/22, SATS, 

doubles, red cards MEMORY: summer '07, Cfest '04-'07, Kiss 

Concerts, Janitor MG, Powder Puff, Cape '07 ACTIVITIES: 

soccer '04-'08, Frosh Bball & Lax, DECA, Stuco FOUND: w/SD, 

playing soccer, w/friends AMBITION: live a happy and 

successful life full of love SAYING: "Sometimes you're flush 

and sometimes you're bust, and when you're up it's never as 

good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think you'l 

be up again. But life goes on." 

Nicholas Johnson 


LIKES: skateboarding, music DISLIKES: people who walk 

slow, getting cut off in the lunch room, haters MEMORY: the 

school being on fire FOUND: leaving school SAYING: Life's 

hard - get a helmet. 








" K : 1 

Jennifer Jones 


Alana Judd 


Kristin Kahaly 


LIKES: summer, 1 1th beach, family, the girls, PM, weekends, 
late nights, softball, coffee, the Pats, B&Js, fire, dew, sunsets, 
rain, cuddling, sleeping, lightning DISLIKES: drama, good- 
byes, cheaters, the cold, liars, spiders, Mondays, early 
mornings, waiting, rumors, clowns, attitude, fake people 
MEMORY: Hock champs 07, Kenny 06 and 07, LBs 
basement, Shamrocks 06, Cape w/ JM, fires, camping trips, 

car rides, the dirty dozen ACTIVITIES: student council, 

softball, FH. bball FOUND: with Patrick, on a softball field, 

beach, the couch or with the girls AMBITION: to live a happy, 

healthy, and successful life SAYING: It's not about keeping 

your promises, it's about following your heart. 

LIKES: the colts, the color blue and drumsticks DISLIKES: 

things that arent so 80s MEMORY: making finals, colts 

winning super bowl XLI, Chriss house ACTIVITIES: Color 

guard, marching band FAVORITE SAYING: I love that story, 

that is so 80s, ay papi 

LIKES: my friends, my applebuddies, music, clodhoppers, 

Panera DISLIKES: cold, traffic in the parking lot, Virginia, 

being grounded, curfew MEMORY: Prom '07, England Week, 

JBT, DB Roller Derby, frozen food festivals ACTIVITIES: 

Dance, SNHS, DECA FOUND: Applebees, Africa, hanging 

with my friends SAYING: "Life goes by pretty fast. If you don't 

stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" - 

Ferris Bueller 

Kristina Kane 


Christopher Karlson 


Joseph Kelly III 


LIKES: Music, art, friends, Jake, gypsies, family, the lot, 
snow, festivals, Uncle Sid, the shack, free stuff, KP, yoga, 
Jim Morrison, honesty, Quide, 495, December, Chedda, 
VT+NH, half days, shows, biscuits DISLIKES: Work, drama, 
anxiety. MEMORY: Gathering of the Vibes07, me with AA 
£-07, CCs ummers, PHISH04, Trey05, Moe07, Tool07, 
31 107, crazy nights with gypsies. OAR06, 
^^7^ Umphreys 07, Disco Biscuits 07, 
^ttrner07 ACTIVITIES cruising, 
it in the we»^|Tweeter 
AMBITION: To always have fun and see the ^^people 

LIKES: Girls, Concerts, KP Hockey games and long walks on 
the beach DISLIKES: Franklin, Alabama, Hot Pockets 
Tweeter, Bags house 

LIKES: Hanging out with friends, playing hockey and baseball, 
listening to music DISLIKES: Rap music, having to be to school 

on time, lack of air conditioning in a brand new building 
MEMORY: Hock Champs 06 ACTIVITIES: Hockey, Baseball, 

Leo Club FOUND: At the hockey rink, the baseball field, 
wreaking havoc with my friends SAYING: The hardest thing to 

do in sports is hit a round ball with a round bat squarely. 

Robert Kiernan 


Sarah Kilburne 


Andrew Kim 


LIKES: wiffleball, Red Sox, football, playing pool, golfing 

MEMORY: the 2 hr lockdown outside ACTIVITIES: hockey, 

paintball AMBITION: want to go into business 

LIKES: my friends, lacrosse, soccer, shopping, Red Sox, 

Patriots, summer, family, vacations, #12, beach, football and 

hockey games DISLIKES: drama, snakes, tests, Yankees 

MEMORY: KP lax s. sectional champs, CMF 07, Rascals, 

Father- Daughter Dances ACTIVITIES: soccer, lacrosse, 

basketball, track, NHS, SADD, peer leadership, STUCO, 

dance committee FOUND: with my friends or family, on the 

athletic fields, or on the computer AMBITION: live well, laugh 

often, love much SAYING: Life throws you curves, but you 

learn to swerve. 

LIKES: music, drumming, family, friends, drum camps, 

baseball, Red Sox DISLIKES: waking up early, writing 

essays, getting sick, the Yankees MEMORY: summer 07, 

WGI, Ellington ACTIVITIES: marching band, jazz band, jazz 

combo, indoor percussion, Spartans FOUND: in rehearsal 

somewhere AMBITION: become a successful engineer or 



WBIlM^w^. M 1 1 

Brian Kenney 


LIKES: Red Sox, Pats, Celts, the cape, girls, summer. 31 1 , 

OAR, DMB, cruising, buff chix subs, Superbad, 2:15, 

weekends, That 70s Show, Manchester United DISLIKES: 

spiders, heights, Yankees, stress, homework, 5 zip, winter, 

work, Mondays MEMORY: NC trip w/ JF BZ MR, Cape 07 w/ 

MS JF DD ED DL, OAR @ Umass w/ DD, L & S #1 . Chels' 

ACTIVITIES: basketball, soccer, football, Leo Club, Student 

Council, ultimate Frisbee FOUND: Dunkin Donuts, BZs, 

Millets AMBITION: accounting, criminal justice SAYING: I 

said it's something free that means a lot to me, when I'm with 

my friends I feel home. 

Elizabeth Kent 


LIKES: Something Corporate, Jacks Mannequin, Music, 

Books, Piercings, Writing, Words, Rent, Art, Wicked, 

Rainbows, Converse, Friends, Being myself DISLIKES: 

Intolerance, Hate, Prejudice, Conservatives, George W. 

Bush, Close-minded people. Hypocrisy MEMORY: My A 

Word a Day Project ACTIVITIES: Diversity club, National Art 

Honor Society FOUND: Friendship, Love, Myself AMBITION: 

To make a difference SAYING: The life that is unexamined is 

not worth living - Socrates 

Elizabeth Keyes 

LIKES: Jeremy Kempton, photography, music, movies, writing, 
bets, art, home videos, pranks, lists, staying up all night, 
roadtrips, brunch, concerts DISLIKES: cleaning, waking up, 
deadlines, fading friendships, grudges, seafood, stress, 
medicine, paper cuts MEMORY: OAR concert 07, Dave__ 
Matthews Band 07, New Years 06. weekend trips to Bjj 
Cape Cod Trips 06,07, Meteor Showers07ACT|^i" 
Leo Club, Vice President of NaUM^ 
Metacomet Newspaper FO^JM 
Beene, the boatlandin q^^B 

happy SAYING: Life is what you make it 

■<\« . 




Meghan Klaskin 


LIKES: family, friends, beach. Juicy Juice, fruit. Crystal Light 

Lemonade, football games, lacrosse games, the Patriots, 
DMB, sessions w/ PR and MS, ugg slippers and boots, walks, 
sweat pants, the crew, bikes DISLIKES: being too hot or too 

cold, Jazzy, wet grass MEMORY: all of them 

ACTIVITIESOCD teacher FOUND: w/ friends, PRs car, out 

AMBITION: to live a good life SAYING: Lovely Holla at me 


Trevor Knowles 


LIKES: Ford Explorer, Nissan Maxima, Angelas w/ MS, JF, 

KP, DHC w/ the crew, football games, OAR + 31 1 concerts w/ 

ZS DA KP DISKLIKES: crashing, flat tires, not having a car, 

school, parking lot, sat. det, sketchiness, no rides MEMORY: 

New yr. w/ cowabungas, DL, JF, ED, MS ACTIVITIES: King 

Philip soccer and lacrosse FOUND: cruising in my car 

AMBITION: college FAVORITE SAYING: Keeping it real. 

Mindy Knyff 


LIKES: dance, competitions, gymnastics, cheerleading. 
hanging out with friends, weekends, vacations, birthdays. 

nights at SP. late night talks, school events DISLIKES: 

spiders, winter, drama MEMORY: prom, brooks and dunn 

concert, country fest. all 4 years of high school ACTIVITIES: 

dance, nutcracker, gymnastics, stuco AMBITION: to live a 

long, happy, and successful life SAYING: "live each day as if 

it were your last" Thanks Mom, Dad, Aart, Arielle, Michaela. 

thanks for always supporting me in everything I do, I love you 

guys. Dave, thanks for always being there for me a_nd making 

my high school years truly memorable, I love" 

Samuel Kost 


Julie Kraby 


Leigh Kumpe 


LIKES: Snowboarding, OAR, boating, hanging out with 

friends. Family Guy DISLIKES: Junior year English, Practice 

Hero, tanny packs MEMORY: Road trip to New York with 

Gaynor and Toney, Scott Brown. ACTIVITIES: Football, 

Track, Lifeguard at the YMCA, Leo Club FOUND: Toneys 

Basement, football, the D AMBITION: To own an island of 

RAYING: If you don't start living, then you'd better 

start dying. 

LIKES: KL, MB, AB, MM, MK, CN, baking, snow, shopping, 
iced coffee, organizing, tootsie girls, cali, sleeping, sister time 
DISLIKES: reading, girls who act stupid, red meat, waking up 
early, celiac disease, kath moments MEMORY: summer 07, 
junior and senior year, povers with KL&MB, NY trips with 
MM&AB, TJ&OMG! ACTIVITIES: tennis, working, hanging 
with friends and family FOUND: with my bests, tootsies 
SAYING: Everything happens for a reason. Holla at me baby! 

LIKES: shows, music, tv, Jodi Greenleaf, Tourettes guy, silly 

sayings, my friends, and a good game of manhunt 
DISLIKES: people who touch my things, pizza fetcher, odd 
numbers, inconsiderate people, seafood MEMORY: knitting 
with Mr. Fayle ACTIVITIES: underwater basket weaving, 
making short films, frolicking through fields of flowers 
AMBITION: to be the next Steve Irwin 

Kristin Lamb 


Abigail Lambert 


Michael Landry 


LIKES: running, tennis, chocolate, ice cream, snow days, 
thunderstorms, shoes, talking on the phone, movies, autumn, 

vacations DISLIKES: peanut butter, Mondays, work, bad 

music, losing, bees, mosquitos MEMORY: Indiana, Pylon w/ 

KE, Fri. nights w/ KH AH KB KC, rack meets, pasta dinners, 

symphony hall, capt. Practices w/ KA and KF ACTIVITIES: 

cross country, track, tennis, symphony band, SNHS 

FOUND: on the track, at Friendlys, with my friends 

AMBITION: to be successful 

LIKES: dance parties, family, Rocky, friends, CP, Ice Cream 

Machine, Patriots, sports, LOST, singing, chocolates, sibs 

weekends, HP series, Friends (series), laughing DISLIKES: 

getting ready for bed, SATs, losing games MEMORY: Dream 

Team 06, Dunkies Drive in with BH, Bermuda, getting lights 

from hoops, semi, BNA, Red Sox with CP, BSB with RF, BL, 

Mom ACTIVITIES: Basketball, Field Hockey, Voice, Student 

Gov., LEO Club, NHS, NAHS, SNHS, Senior Youth Group 

FOUND: at Target or Panera AMBITION: To have a good 

family, to work in a position of power so I can help those less 

fortunate. SAYING: Never give up. 

LIKES: music, The Fall, bass DISLIKES: minis, peaches, 

peanuts, public restrooms MEMORY: the temple, Flanagen's, 

The Hollow mountain, Club bat ACTIVITIES: C.OA.D.M 

music, bass, snowboarding, spelunking, pirate digging 

FOUND: Ed's Basement, The C.OA.D.M cave, on your 

couch! AMBITION: Please, let us get signed! 

SAYING: Get Awesome! 



David Labonte 


Sarah Labonte 

Jacqueline LaDue 



LIKES: snowboarding, long trips, cape, funny movies, ruit 

music, excaliber, Red Sox, Buffets, Patriots, Dragon, 

camping DISLIKES: Bad vibes, broken glass, snobs, 

Yankees MEMORY: July 4th, Deschamps House Crew, of a 

revolution, Boston, Tucan Sam, Big Fish9-29, Killmgton 

FOUND: tweeter, Ip car, my room, Lewicky N Sons II, The 

purch, beach AMBITION: Being successful but doing what 

makes me happy SAYING: All you got to do is give a little, 

take a little. 

LIKES: coffee, Jessy, movies, shoes, Christmas DISLIKES: 

the sixth sense, ugg boots, mornings MEMORY: Dayton 

ACTIVITIES: color guard FOUND: at practice or with Jessy 

AMBITION: to have a successful career and a happy family 

SAYING: I love that story 

LIKES: JK, summer, music, friends, concerts, beach, my car, 

Honey Dew, peace signs DISLIKES: saying goodbye 
MEMORY: campout 07, Cape Cod 07 FOUND: my house, w/ 
my bests, work AMBITION: To be happy with what I do with 
my life. SAYING: Live, laugh, love. 

Alexandra Lannigan 

Nicholas Lapointe 



Erin Lawler 


LIKES: friends, music, movies, summer, Friday nights, fall, 

family, late nights, writing, laughing, snow days, rain, beach 

MEMORY: John Mayer 07, summer 06, Jr. Prom, Boston 06, 

being with friends, Wachusett, Crackerbarrel ACTIVITIES: 

Band, DECA, Leo Club, Stuco AMBITION: To live life to the 

fullest and be able to look back and smile with no regrets. 

SAYING: In the end, it's not the two dates on your tombstone 

that matter. It's how you lived your dash. 

LIKES: football, basketball, my 2 cars, fat lip with CB, the 
Drling residence, friends, the Megs, the U DISLIKES: spiders, 

peas, homework, north MEMORY: frosh football 
ACTIVITIES: sports, work, video games FOUND: at target or 
Lukes AMBITION: To make it past 24 SAYING: Gimmie That 

LIKES: band, music, chocolate, laughing, summer, 

randomness, cookie dough ice cream, panera, swings, 

poppets, cereal, thunderstorms, brothers, sun chips red bag, 

pictures, fire pit, nighttime DISLIKES: orange |uice, 

dragonflies, humidityTuesdays. barnacles, loud chewing 

MEMORY: marching band 05-07, BOA 06, competitions 

random times w/ AP, AVB, CO 04, LB, CV, closet rehearsals, 

DBC, bus trips, band camp. English 06-07, Indy 05 

ACTIVITIES: marching band, symphony band, Leo Club 

AMBITION: to enjoy life and look back with no regrets 

SAYING: Never settle. 

1 1 ^m 

' ii 

Patricia Lawler 


Kathryn Lehman 


Michael Lemons 


LIKES: the beach, friends, Mark, Panera, texting, concerts, 
snow days, Christmas, sleeping in, sleepovers. waking up at 

6 and realizing its Saturday DISLIKES: stereotypes, liars, 
Mondays, working, my alarm MEMORY: XC 04&05, Jr Prom, 
17th Birthday, anytime with Mark ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 
04&05, Leo Club 04-06, DECA 06-08 FOUND: Stop and 
Foxbo ro, Driving around with Mark AMBITION: to 
Jj^AYING" Do not look back and grief ovei 
^^^nd do not be troubled about the 
fc»^n the present and make it so 
^Mi^K^Scott Taylor 

LIKES: MB, JK, HO, SD, AT, MC, SF, KPhockey, loud music, 

traveling, Christmas, frisbee, Starbucks, dance parties, 

aerosmith, beaches, clubmed, daddys lexus, my jokes, pats, 

money, my amazing family, my life DISLIKES: car crashes, 

getting lost MEMORY: CGO, povers with MB&JK, everything 

with heath, concert season 07, cape trips, NYC, 4 girls in a 

car, dmb, oar, 31 1 , tbs, prom, bridge songs, homecoming 

court, CLs18th, summer07, 12/16/05 ACTIVITIES: tennis, 

08pres! trapeze FOUND: the squire, the brook, L&S, tweeter 

AMBITION: live in California and make billions SAYING: 

"Life's a journey, not a destination." 

LIKES: Food, Sleep, Politics. DISLIKES: Yearbooks, work, F 
mos, freshmen, hippies. MEMORY: Mr. Guernon's Politics 
Class ACTIVITIES: Band FOUND: Home or work SAYING: 
Whatever, I'll do what I want. 

Emily Letson 


Edward Lewicki 

Stephanie Lewis 


LIKES: morning cruisin, the short way, Roto, fishing, the sax, 

Pendalton Rd, mamba DISLIKES: Gill, Skylamar, broken 
pieces, putting things off til the last minute, anything empty, 
Franklin MEMORY: Killington, LS2, Rock the Bells 07, trip to 

Daves room, so many OAR Concerts ACTIVITIES: off 
roading in the baby blue, the night when there's nothing else 

but LS2, football FOUND: chillin with my friends at LS2, 

native, my attic, Boeys house AMBITION: stop genocide in 


LIKES: W4H, Stuco, TB, EP, AW, MC, Kipster, Maine, re, 

music, friends, and family, thanks to my family! DISLIKES: 

Rumors MEMORY: Target with Tyler ACTIVITIES: Stuco, 

Leo, KPTV, Peer Mediation AMBITION: To be happy 


Nely Lemus 

Nicole Leonard 


Thomas Lesnik 


LIKES: beach, movies, birks, sweatpants, traveling, 

Normandy, the Yaris DISLIKES: homework, Mondays, 

waking up, fighting MEMORY: Paris 06, DECA internationals, 

summer 07 ACTIVITIES: DECA, student council FOUND: at 

work, the beach, relaxing SAYING: That's what I thought! 

LIKES: sleeping, sports, video games, money, space balls, 

300 DISLIKES: homework, work, school MEMORY: 

Skenyons class ACTIVITIES: sports, video games, hanging 

with friends FOUND: Pickart's homeroom, work, sleeping 

AMBITION: To make money and to live long SAYING: Baby, 

you got real ugly 




James Lightbody 


LIKES: gaming, movies, eating out, going to the beach, 

fishing, hanging with friends DISLIKES: homework, loudness, 

dumb questions, onions MEMORY: the homeroom gang, lots 

of good laughs and fun 

Jacquelyn Lomp 


LIKES: friends, family, summer, football games, ice cream, 

chalkalooka, Fairhaven, Marthas vineyard, smiles, The Hills, 

KPLAX, basketball, country music DISLIKES: elevators, 

spiders, jello, cucumbers MEMORY: any memory w/ my 

friends or family is my favorite ACTIVITIES: basketball, 

lacrosse, STUCO, NHS FOUND: w/ friends or family 

SAYING: No one said it would be easy. They just promised it 

would be worth it. 

Carylann Long 

LIKES: Art, music, karate, hanging out, with my biffs, being 

silly, meeting new people, going to the movies, Tim Burton, 

NBFC, Monty Python DISLIKES: Liars, cheaters, ignorant 

people, fake people MEMORY: Skenyons class 07, Stop 

emoting! Every shishkaprov meeting, Ambis class, freshman 

year ACTIVITIES: To be the best person I can be, not to 

stress over life, go to college, and be happy. SAYING: Homie 

don't play that game. Sit man, I always eat chicken 

Julia LoPresti 


Elise Luskin 


Richard Lussier 


LIKES: Real Futbol, reading, Harry Potter. NE Revs, Orange 
balloons, politics, writing, music, 2:15, Red Sox. DISLIKES: 
American Football, Literature, Politicians, Dubya, Trig, 7:35, 

Halloween season, Yankees, Homework MEMORY: HP 
Frivolites, KP fires, Disasters, scandals, Skens AP English, 
Es APUS, Paris 06. ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics, Knitting 
J1JION: To be a political or sports journalist; to enjoy my 

LIKES: The Brat Pack, movies, music, 11:11, Cumbys 

Slushies, The Mountain, Kipster, rainy days, winter, star 

gazing, padiddle, fireworks, JT, coffee, mix cds, BO 

DISLIKES: bad movie endings, math, liars, Mansfield, 

elevators MEMORIES: Summer06/07, 8/10/07, 1,2,3 Game. 

FREAKS & GEEKS, jumping Forrest, Kipster goes Disney, 

ydances Jl, The Cave ACTIVITIES: photo club, KPTV, peer 

leadership FOUND: with SC, JF, NP, the playground, Panskis 

AMBITION: Kipster to make it big SAYING: Gamble 

everything for love. 

LIKES: The Celtics, Boston, October Weather, powerful cars, 

The world cup (soccer and Rugby), coffee ice cream, 

vacations, movies with meaning, Classic rock DISLIKES: 

Cheesecake, being forced to cook and eat a lobster after 

forming a bond with said lobster, people who dismiss old 

ways to find other more convenient ones MEMORY: starting 

off in this country, trying to figure out what there was to do, 

being confused ACTIVITIES: LEO club, N.Y. Soccer, People 

to People International FOUND: Nothing that I did not expect 

to find AMBITION: To be a pilot and someday jump into the 

political field SAYING: Je pense, done je suis. 

Christopher Maciel 


Sean Maguire 


Nathan Marshak 

LIKES, electronics DISLIKES: forced work MEMORY: Mr. 

Connor's class ACTIVITIES: band FOUND: Mrs. Pickart's 

class AMBITION: To help the world SAYING: SHOURYUKEN 

LIKES: music, nature, sleeping late, answers in the back of 

the book, vacations, snow glass DISLIKES: unnecessary 

work, the man, ignorance, math class, the alarm clock, 

sketchiness MEMORY: Phish 04, Big Summer Classic 05, 

Scott Brown debate, Trips & Wailers at Brandeis ACTIVITIES: 

Tennis, snowboarding, ping pong, expanding the mind 

AMBITION: Malo hie primus quam Romae secundus esse 

SAYING: You have your way. I have my way. As for the right 

way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. 



Chelsea Lynes 


Brandon Lynskey 


Kelsey Macaulay 


LIKES: cheerleading, beach days, friends, pay day, shopping, 
fun, Hey! Arnold, leadership, integrity, red bull, Bianca, naps 
DISLIKES: disappointment, apple pie, mornings, coffee, cops, 
humidity MEMORY: 08fest, cape 07, sc, water country, H&C, 
anytime wATara, LBM, Mandy, Boston, prom, lakeside w/ 
Kirstie, Vegas, powderpuff, thanksgiving, 17/1 8th bday, Big 

Patty, dead guy ACTIVITIES: cheerleading, Softball, gov 

FOUND: at cheerleading, H&C, w/ Tara AMBITION: class of 

08 succeed, to live a happy/exciting life, to see RMJ stay 

strong SAYING: Gather all the wood, we're constructing a ship 

& sailing to New Zealand. Ed Lewicki 

LIKES: Friends, Family, Shopping, Traveling, Deca, Going to 
the beach, Parties, x-mas, Driving, Txting, HSM, Sleeping, 

Weekends, Laughing, Pajamas DISLIKES: Bugs, Slow 

drivers, Working a lot, Liars, Homework, Spandex, Buying 

gas, Harry Potter, Confrontation MEMORY: Paris, SoNar, 

States, Internationals, Prom, Kims College, Marshfield, 

College Days, NarCon ACTIVITIES: Deca, Student 

Yearbook, Prom Committee, NFHS FOUND Nom 
Farms AHC or w/ friends AMBITION: Toi^^ 
travel the world SAYING Be who you are 

feel because those who matter don't mind I would. 

Jeffrey Mattar 


LIKES: video games, basketball, Zoolander, those things 
DISLIKES: golf, cold weather, English class MEMORY: OAR, 
k dub ACTIVITIES: ping pong, pool FOUND: Toneys house, 

Sunoco AMBITION: To invent something and be rich 

SAYING: Never put off until tomorrow what you can avoid all 


Devinne McCarthy 


LIKES: Shopping, Being happy, vacations DISLIKES: Injuries, 

boredom MEMORY: Spaghetti dinners, poker nights, 

shopping, soph, year w/BM art w/ CL, NP, MR, EK, LT, 

playing w/WB, gym internships, glowbowling, movie nights 

ACTIVITIES: XC, NAHS, Bowling winter/spring track, PE 

AMBITION: To be myself, find true love, and be happy 

SAYING: Life's like a picture, you paint it yourself, purples 

bring beauty, and reds bring wealth, take your time but don't 

move too slow, if you never try you'll never know, sometimes 

be careful some colors look bad and too much blue will make 

you feel sad, remember your picture and remember its name, 

but overall remember to keep time as the frame. BM 11/12/06 

Jenna McCarthy 


LIKES: my friends, art, music, my family, autumn, 
sweatshirts, the colors, green and blue, chocolate, elephants 
DISLIKES: being cold, having colds, liars, feet, black licorice, 
and everything else MEMORY: the pool room crew, the old 
trio, Kristins car, Canton/ Sharon house, the summer, Mark 

Walberg ACTIVITIES: piano, art, skiing, fun things 

FOUND: anywhere with my friends, Sharon house, the pool 

room, Africa, Kristins car AMBITION: to live until I'm 100 plus 

years old, to have an incredible life and go everywhere 

SAYING: Take the world lightly and see how easy things 



Gregory Mclain 


Bridget McGovern 

Michael McGowan 


LIKES: 21, beach, same cup, half days, 2:15, soccer, the 

tantrum, naps, summer, patriots, winning, laughing, 

superstitions, the Old KP DISLIKES: spiders, feet, losing, 3 

cup nightmare, homework, when people don't wave when you 

let them go, slow people in the halls, 5/7, lost keys in Boston 

MEMORY: Summer 07, OAR 06, Half days @ DC, 7/28/07, 

soccer 04&05, dispatch, 10/22/05, 7/28/05, 9/91/04, any time 

with friends 

LIKES: Volvo, pull throughs, buff chick, 2, kirk, guitar, music, 
friends, sure, skiing, cabana, R, procrastination DISLIKES: 
slow drivers, Rhodies, 1, completely no one, rooks, the blur, 
dubs sayings, not James MEMORY: Cape Cod 07, Florida 
07, country test, red lights with MP ACTIVITIES: golf, 
basketball, DECA, Ping Pong Club FOUND: Volvo, OBs 
basement, cabana AMBITION: to own an R SAYING: May 
the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face 
and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the 

Daniel McKinney 


LIKES: baseball, horse-shoes, Taco Day, buff chick, beach, 
skiing, breakfast, badminton DISLIKES: Clowns, Mondays, 
early morning, KP Drama MEMORY: Butterfly Guys, Yousifs 
06, Jake Fest ACTIVITIES: baseball, Leo Club, Metacomet 

Newspaper, DECA. FOUND: The Farm, The Shack 

AMBITION: Wealthy Lawyer, Married SAYING: Time don't let 

it slip away, raise your glass. Here's to yesterday. 

Candace Mellor 

LIKES: Friends, Music, Drawing, Psychology, Art, Philosophy, 

The Secret DISLIKES: Ignorance, Hatred, Rap & Country 

MEMORY: Mikes Partys, Going into Boston, End of Junior 

year, Senior year, Friends ACTIVITIES: Art, Listening to 

music, Drawing, Going to concerts, Writing, Anything with 

friends, Dancing, Going to Sox games AMBITION: To be 

happy & help others SAYING: Live today for there is no 

tomorrow and if you make mistakes, love them. Fear you 

have lived, and there is no tomorrow. 

Mark Middleton 



Mary Frances Mclsaac 


Brian McKay 


Jensen McKee 


LIKES: friends, music, books, Hampton Beach, movies, 

Scrubs, shows, dance, randomness, driving. Team Furious, 

CS, NB, K-berries, Rae. Jeep, ML, KB, STM, Leestereen 

DISLIKES: paranoia MEMORY: Lakeside, Punta Cana, Paris. 

Hampton 06, Boston trips, shows, beach trips, plan A! 

ACTIVITIES: dance. TV PRO' Panera. ventures with friends 

FOUND: TV room, at Panera, with friends, at Lakeside, using 

scenekick AMBITION: To make a difference. 

LIKES: Red 98 Honda Accord V6, the dog pound, Altoid 

container, the Dowchas DISLIKES: the dog pound, Kathy 

Griffin, other people's red 98 Honda Accord V6s, Static 

electricity MEMORY: Florida and New York ACTIVITIES: 

Trying to get lost somewhere in Norfolk FOUND: Anywhere 

but home, usually AMBITION: To be the next big thing. 

SAYING: They're comin for us, man. 

LIKES: family & friends, Vermont, Canada, hockey. & football 

games, Mexican food, dance DISLIKES: wheat, Mondays, 

homework, drama MEMORY: Countryfest & OAR 07, Lake 

Titus, Prom, Father-Daughter 06-07 ACTIVITIES: student 

council, spring/winter track, soccer 05-06. working at the 

Tavern and the hospital, hanging out with friends FOUND: 

with NP and BH, in Mama Ps kitchen, Nickys, Target, 

around AMBITION: To live a long, happy life 

friends and family. 



Mary Mikalaunas 


LIKES: South Park, glow tape, rainbow jimmies, sitting, Vic 

Firth, yellow, clear gummie bears, awkward silences, yellow, 

flowers, cartoons, abbreviations DISLIKES: yellow lights, 

white chocolate, forgetting, humidity, promark, waiting 

MEMORY: BOA ACTIVITIES: drama & GAPS, marching 

band, symphony band, indoor percussion, Darfur FOUND: 

the auditorium AMBITION: to be successful in the dark 

SAYING: keep on keepin on 

Michael Millett 

Brynn Montgomery 

LIKES: my boyfriend Johnny Gaughran (my booboo), family, 

friends, dance, sleep, food, music, laughing, summer, color 

green, mae maes little kitty DISLIKES: snakes, being cold, 

seafood, being late, forgetting, waking up early, cleaning, 

greasy food MEMORY: Paris trip 06-07, Halloween 06, 

November 4th 2006 ACTIVITIES: dance FOUND: with 

Johnny AMBITION: To be successful, healthy, and happy. 

SAYING: Love like you've never been hurt, laugh like no 

one's listening, and dance like no one's watching. 

Courtney Moore 


Margarette Moore 


Steven Morse 


LIKES: CS, PS, SS, HS, ES, LG, PR, summer vacations, half 

days, sleeping, parties, coffee DISLIKES: fake people, pigs, 

waking up in the morning, rainy days, bad moods, school, 

homework MEMORY: summer 07, summer 06, summer 05, 

OAR, Summer Jam, Jr. Prom, Halloween FOUND: home, 

II, C&Ps, scottys, outlets, mini golf, friendlys, movies, 

driving AMBITION: go to college, move out 

LIKES: dancing, friends, making people laugh 
DISLIKES: people who backstab, people who judge people 

by what they wear or look like MEMORY: HW, JB, CL 

ACTIVITIES: managing the wrestling team, dancing for 15 

years FOUND: online, hanging out with my friends, at home, 

out driving around AMBITION: go to college for childcare 

development and have an awesome future for myself 

SAYING: to the world you may be one person ... but to one 

person you may be the world. 

LIKES: partres, pool hopping, Boston DISLIKES: Honda 

civics, Franklin, carnies, New York MEMORY: KP hockey 

games, Jr. year history class ACTIVITIES: shopping cart 

jousting, lacrosse, Brazilian ju-jitsu FOUND: my dignity 

AMBITION: first student from KP to be on A.M.V. 

SAYING: No excuses, play like a champ 

Tara Murtagh 


LIKES: beach days, shopping, the cape, having fun, CL, Ron 

Burgandy, music, laughing, friends, family, fall 

DISLIKES: rainy days, failure, math, boredom, airports, 

spiders, whales, change, 4th lunch MEMORY: Chelseas 

house (08 test), prom, hockey and football games, LBM 

ACTIVITIES: TV production, hanging with friends, sister E, 

and staying fresh FOUND: everywhere 

Brendon Nelson 


LIKES: procrastinating, harassing his favorite teachers, 

making others laugh, ruckus and being a hootinany 

DISLIKES: others telling me what to do, senior year rules 

crackdown, serious situations, little davies MEMORY: going 

to breakfast with my buds junior year ACTIVITIES: chasing 

after the ladies, croquet FOUND: Narnia, in the pit 

AMBITION: To be who I am SAYING: Can I quote Mclovin? 

No? Okay 

Melissa Nicholson 


LIKES: friends, family laughing, music, chocolate, pink 

summer, weekends, the hills, orange soda, ultimate team, the 

perfect outfit, 11:11, my car, shopping MEMORY: kaboom 

bus rides, the hydrant, shortcuts in the woods, sweet 16, 

dunkies ACTIVITIES: volleyball, NAHS, peer mentoring 

ABMITION: To become a teacher and change a child's life 

SAYING: And in the end it's not the years in your life that 

count, it's the life in your years. 




Kimberly Morton 


•- 'j 

Micaela Muller 

Rebecca Mulloney 


LIKES: friends, family, AW, JC, LT, LG, KM, AL, JS, MC. AB. 

BB, MR, reading, horse-back riding DISLIKES: stupidity, sea- 
food MEMORY: beach house, Ruzys, cottage ACTIVITIES: 
peer mediation, KPTV FOUND: cottage, work, with friends 

AMBITION: to succeed in whatever I do SAYING: Live the life 
you love, love the life you live. 

LIKES: AB, JK, SF, BC, friends, family, field hockey, summer, 

pictures, vacations, NYC trips, snow, skiing, patriots, ice 

coffee, sleeping, shopping, weekends, boston, concerts, 

dancing DISLIKES: homework, traffic, tests MEMORY: OC 06 

and 07, Marshfield, ME w/ my best, NYC w/my two, the cape, 

John Mayer, lake times, Fontana house, summer 07, BCoves 

house ACTIVITIES: field hockey, peer leadership, student 

council, NHS FOUND: Amandas house, with friends 

AMBITION: To go to college, live a good life, and be 

surrounded by family & friends SAYING: And it doesn't matter 

if there's a happily ever after, as long as it's happy right now. 

LIKES: Harmonica, beach, running, karate, pizza, friends, 

family, cell phone DISLIKES: ignorance, hate MEMORY: 

Disney when I was a kid ACTIVITIES: Running, karate, 

swimming, art, hanging out, just jammin on my harmonica 

SAYING: If you're not first, your last. 

Colleen Noble 


Michael Nolan 


Vasath Nuon 


LIKES: summertime, 2:15, Falmouth, Marthas Vineyard, 

hanging out with friends and family, boating, music, sun 

showers MEMORY: summer vacation to Deer Park, 

Christmas 05, crew, Provi, Boston, S.C., OE FOUND: at the 

beach AMBITION: To be happy with whatever it is I do. 

SAYING: We were brave, we were crazy, we were mostly 

young! Good luck class of 08! 

LIKES: soccer, wrestling, paintball, movies, wallys chair 

throw, geometry, music except country, and the Mike Nolan 

theme song DISLIKES: hypocrites, complainers, slow walkers 

in the hall, deadlines MEMORY: Too many great memories to 

decide between ACTIVITIES: soccer, wrestling, paintball, 

concerts, parties, gaming and being lazy from time to time 

FOUND: friends, mentors, and answers AMBITION: To one 

day be happy with what I am doing in life SAYING: Live for 

today, because you may not see tomorrow. 

LIKES: girls, football, eating DISLIKES: school, Franklin 
football MEMORY: coming here as a freshman and being 

crowd surfed when I was on the freshmen football team 

ACTIVITIES: football FOUND: football field, ice rinks, Pats 

games, lake house AMBITION: a plumber or go to college 

SAYING: a yo 


Samuel O'Brien 


Thomas O'Brien 


Erin O'Connell 


LIKES: Basketball, baseball, Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, 

Ocho-Cinco, Backyard Football, NFL Sunday, Snow storms 

DISLIKES: Strict School Systems, losing, Yankees, Colts, 

sun burns, getting poked in the eye, spiders FOUND: The 

Temple AMBITION: Get Paid 

LIKES: Music, Bands, Shows, Movies, Band tees, Jeans, 
guitar, keys, writing, car rides, scenic routes, 11:11, Pull- 
throughs, courtesy blinkers, Kyle, Hayley Williams, Veronica 
Mars, Shia, hoodies, mix tapes. Derrick Comedy DISLIKES: 
kids on bikes, rooking around, error 3, scratch cds, mice that 
aren't chill MEMORY: Days with JEST, Jammin, Kyle, Plan A 
ACTIVITIES: KPTV, XC, Music, Kyle FOUND: Foxys, sitting 
on the computer AMBITION: To be a writer SAYING: Sure 
Good Game Shut up Tom 

LIKES: field hockey, Cape Cod, beach, family, friends, rain, 

Red Sox, Patriots, #12, finding Nemo DISLIKES: Franklin, 

Canton, heat, seizures, hospitals, liars, Yankees, Colts 

AMBITION: To be happy in whatever it is that I decide to do 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey, Softball, Concert Band, Indoor 

Percussion FOUND: at practice, F.H. games, Cape Cod, 

home, w/ Shan, little couch SAYING: I love you Shannon! 

Christopher O'Neil 


Megan O'Rourke 


Cameron Olean 


LIKES: football, chillen with friends, snowdays, pats, wiffleball, 

girls, ocb, wendys, MDR DISLIKES: reading, homework, 

happy circles, gill, franklin, losing MEMORY: scott brown, 

football games, ocb ACTIVITIES: football, winter track, 

springtrack FOUND: toney's house, luke's house AMBITION: 

graduate from college and get a job that I enjoy SAYING: I'll 

be there 

LIKES: horseback riding, the beach, evening, eating, green, 

thunderstorms, shady trees. The Royal Tenenbaums, 6:45am 

DISLIKES: stop signs, forgetting, sore throats, the dark 

SAYING: What ever will be, will be. 

LIKES: Hock Champs 06, buff chicks, pull throughs, the 

volve, FIFA, Gerraldine Fox (and her waffles), Dr. Len C. 

Rogers DISLIKES: people on bikes MEMORY: KML, chillen 

hard with kyle, the lake ACTIVITIES: chillen hard FOUND: 

Foxys, OBs basement, Lehman dinners SAYING: "oh ya 

know" "that's between you and God" 


Janel O'Connell 


LIKES: summer, friends, family, 1st lunch, complaining, half 
days, sleeping, chilling, vacations, trips to provi, dazzy times 
w/CB, crusin, HJs saturn DISLIKES: getting in trouble, math, 

being woken up. goodbyes, being scared, FSC, not having 

money, when people don't answer their phones FAVORITE 
MEMORY: march 07 - august 07, trips to Atown w/ CB, long 

trips and nights of summer 07 FOUND: with John or friends 

doing random things at random times AMBITION: Be happy 

for the rest of my life FAVORITE SAYING: YOU LIKE THATI? 

Heather O'Handley 


LIKES: S,S,H,L,A,M,K,M + my boys, Disney World, red sox, 

snuggling, holidays, living the dream, my family, CJC 
DISLIKES: curb cuddling, KLs jokes,107 MEMORY: cape 
trips + bridge songs, BWs basement, "the door", CLs 07, 

concert season 07, 2am wash downs, Panera dates, 
Diamond Hill 07, trips to Wes + "WHERE IS EVAN!?", SDs 
17th, MCs 18th, dunkin dilemma w/KL, nights @ ClubL&S2 
ACTIVITIES: Softball, LEO club, beach + boating, parties, 
vacationing SAYING: "The older you get, the more rules they 
are going to try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep on 
livin, man. L-l-V-l-N." 

Caroline O'Malley 


LIKES: piano, orange, rain, brown tootsie pops, cooking, 

swings, laughing, fire pit, Wednesdays FAVORITE MEMORY: 

wgi 2007, boa 2006 ACTIVITIES: marching band, indoor 

percussion ensemble, LEO club FOUND: at a piano 


I '" I 


■ - 1*! 


Paul Padula 


Elizabeth Palioca 


Mary Pasquantonio 


LIKES: sports, pizza, gadgets, music, x-mas, movies, Red 

Sox, Pats, Celts, dogs DISLIKES: homework, onions, soap 

operas, snakes, spiders MEMORY: pie-eating contest 

between Eddie Lew, Ryder, Matt Monahan, Macnavoid 

ACTIVITIES: football, baseball FOUND: everywhere 

AMBITION: unsure, want to make something of myself 

SAYING: " The difference between a successful person and 

others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but 

rather a lack of will. " -Vince Lombardi 

LIKES: good friends, having fun, shopping, beach, chocolate, 

pats, sox, weekends, parties, cruising, junior mints, cuddling, 

laughing DISLIKES: mascots, sea creatures, stressing out, 

homework, speeding tickets MEMORY: newyears05, 
DMB'07, OAR, missy's18th, CL's 06, CapeCod times, jr.&sr. 

prom, times w/ DL, stargazing, Big Fish 9/29/07, John 
Mayer'07, 4thofJuly's, Boston trips, sr. year FOUND: the mall, 

beach, Goddard School, cape house, L&S, Tweeter 
AMBITION: thanks family&friends for everything and always 

being there for me. love you all. MC, MW, KC, BF thanks! 

SAYING: "Life's too short not to make the best and the most 

of everything that comes your way everyday." 

LIKES: JK, CC always, 10, tie dye, GNC, lax, fh, ranch, 

buffchix, family, country music, txting. laughing, loud & crazy. 

TJmax& target, beach, red sox, patriots, hockey games, 

DISLIKES: missing the train, 10/22, Cinco de Mayo, 

MGhands, wool, winter, doubles, ankles, drama, losing, and 

having no service MEMORY: cfest 07, cape 06, janitorMG, 

EMHE w/C, Texas, redlights w/ MM, kplax 06, England 07, 

DP w/AF, LJ ACTIVITIES: lax 04-08, fh 04-08, frosh bball, 

DECA FOUND: ER, PBergs AMBITION: Live a long and 

happy life filled with lots of fun times and love SAYING: Never 

Settle. Thanks Mom Dad JKJCC. Love ytf 


s g 



Derek Pearson 


Joshua Peltier 


Chad Perry 


LIKES: Lion Taming, Bear Wrestling, NASCAR, Andrew 

Barker, Ghost Hunting DISLIKES: hippogryphs, Professor 

Whitetail MEMORY: I can has cheez burger"?, Club Bat 

ACTIVITIES: Pirating, muddin FOUND: Where ever the wind 

takes me AMBITION: To become a level 9 Dungeon Master 

SAYING: Get em Cooter. 

LIKES: Chinese food, sports, Red Sox, Patriots, Ping Pong, 
tubing, knee boarding, family, friends, AKL DISLIKES: 
Reading, homework, carnival rides, 0-20 bball season 
MEMORY: Red Sox game withy Abby, Junior prom, hanging 
with friends ACTIVITES: basketball, golf, Leo Club FOUND: 
the bball court or the golf course AMBITION: To be 
successful and live life to the fullest 

Edward Piotrowski 


LIKES: Women DISLIKES: Gettin hit in the face MEMORY: 

Having my life ahead of me, Freshman year ACTIVITIES: 

Chillin, guitar, sports, deep thinking FOUND: The local library 

AMBITION: Politics SAYING: Idiot 


Brendan Pisarski 

LIKES: Sleep, food, videogames, soccer, music, horror, and 

comedy movies, the ocean, sword fighting, fishing DISLIKES: 

Closed minded people, rap music, sad movies, politics 

MEMORY: USSBA and BOA finals ACTIVITIES: Marching 

band, Symphony band, Jazz band, GAPS AMBITION: To 

graduate college and pursue a career in Marine Science and 

live life to the best of my ability, no regrets SAYING: The 

moral of the story is... 


Nicole Plympton 

LIKES: friends, family, FH, fall, cinco de mayo, mexican food, 

bball, weekends, hockey games, homecoming, bosoxs, pats, 

D.P.s, #13, snowfall, winning, bonfires, flowers, country, 

Fenway DISLIKES: elevators, Franklin, spiders, stress 

MEMORY: KPFH, countryfest, rascals, KISS concert, mfield 

beach, nickys, semi, prom, D.P.s, redsox & pats games, last 

day of school, D.A.R.E., sweatt beach, Halloween, art, gym 

ACTIVITIES: field hockey, basketball, student council, peer 

leadership, NAHS, D.A.R.E. camp FOUND: w/ BH & JM, 

nickys, target, rancho chico, random car rides, beach, 

Fenway AMBITION: to live a long, happy life/ become an 

elementary school teacher SAYING: See ya nev 

Elizabeth Peterson 


Kelsie Piedra 

Nicholas Pini 

LIKES: Skiing, Maine, movies, Boston, buffalo chicken 

DISLIKES: waiting, fights MEMORY: blue man group with AG 

ACTIVITIES: student council, leo club, NHS, peer mentor, 

school committee FOUND: Boston and Maine 

AMBITION: to become a scientist SAYING: "Once in his life, 

every man is entitled to fall in love with a gorgeous redhead." 

-Lucille Ball 

LIKES: summertime, concerts at tweeter, cheese, Africa, 

camels, 131, boston, hello kitty, cruzin, friends, roto, music, 

acrylics, zs, daytrips, the cape, kings, skiing DISLIKES: 

school, spiders, meat, curfews MEMORIES: Bermuda 06, 

paris 07, dispatch, 30 stm w/jb, summer 07 trips to the food 

mart, Bryant FOUND: Al's jeep, Africa, bobs AMBITION: To 

live my life to the fullest SAYING: Life moves pretty fast. If 

you dont' stop and look around once in a while, you could 

miss it. 

LIKES: photography, coconut sundaes, Tilly and the Wall, 
Boston, local music, snapping and clapping songs, banana 

chips, summer, my cameras DISLIKES: ranch dressing, 
Wrentham Outlets, curfew, winter, caterpillars, p.d.a., people 
who complain MEMORIES: The gang, ffd shows, Nicole, the 
fab 5, AAS, the brat pack, the cape, invisible lunch, buds with 
Elise L ACTIVITIES: Being awesome, NAHS, photo 
knitting club, drama club FOUND: at Panerawith Nic 
Thurm AMBITION To be recognized as^^ 
artist who is original andj^j^j^ato man' 


■ I 

Joshua Pocius 


Robert Poisson 

Amanda Porter 

LIKES: Airplanes, Muscle cars, BB, The D, guitar, Scrubs, 

Summer, SURE Food, Chillin hard, fishing, swimming, the 

sox + the pats DISLIKES: Stupid People, Tough Guys, The 

Yankees, Ap Chem, English, Country Music, Winter, cutting 

Weight, Traffic, My Yearbook Picture MEMORY: D Concert, 

Scott Brown, Breaking Benj., AP Daterplots, Society, Wallys 

Chair Toss ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, Track, Leo Club, Student 

Council, NHS, SNHS FOUND: At the gym, in the city, under 

the hood of a car AMBITION: Become a pilot in the U.S. Air 

Force SAYING: There are plenty of dreamers, and plenty of 

do-ers, but there are very few dreamers who do. 

LIKES: Friends. Family, Hello Kitty, Shopping, the beach, 

Concerts, Money, Purses, Movies, Music DISLIKES: Spiders, 

School, Sports, Reading MEMORY: NJ 06 + KISS 108 07 

with TP CN AN, 2/26/06 with AN TP. Hawaii 07, Prom 07 







Jr k 


■J ■ 

> V ^ 

Tyler Porter 


Maegan Puzas 


Michael Quern 


LIKES: girlfriend, friends, baseball, music, Chinese Food 
DISLIKES: hypocrites, losing, slow drivers MEMORY:OAR 

311, Summer ACTIVITIES: baseball, basketball, chillen, 

snowboarding FOUND: Kristens house, work, home 
AMBITION: Go to college, make money, marry a cute girl 

LIKES: CSI, Fall, HIM, good mysteries, WoW, WT, Marble, 
my scarf, Vamps, Labyrinth, naps, Mr. Valo, HP, Jack 
Sparrow, DDs, Venus Doom, movies, weekends, purell, 
purple DISLIKES: Monday, bugs, homework, sharks, rap, 
light pink, discrimination, white pants, clowns MEMORY: 
Camping trip 07 with JV & JW, rock, cheesballs sleepover 
with KR, Chem. Project with RS ACTIVITIES: Lions Club 
Soccer, RPG Club, NHS, Metacomet, reading, writing my 
book, poems, AP Chem, Leo Club AMBITION: Graduate from 
college, travel to England, learn the guitar, Live happily ever 
after SAYING: Everyone is their own individual. 

LIKES: Pairscheck, Roundabouts, Fire, Jesus, World of 
Warcraft, Fanny Packs, Pokemon, Guitar, Kenny T. 
DISLIKES: Pietentiow People, The Sarah Silverman 
Program, Pirate Ghosts, FORD products, Satan, Mindless 
Drones, Digimon, Kathy Griffin MEMORY: Circling around 

Norfolks roundabouts continuously while listening to the 

Pirates of the Caribbean song ACTIVITIES: Pairscheck 04, 

annoying Kramer, The Dog-Pound FOUND: You can find me 

on Treasure Island AMBITION: FilmATelevision, getting a 

show on adult swim, to play ping-pong with Jesus SAYING: 

I'll eat your face. 

Gregory Reinhardt 


Page Rentel 


Nathaniel Robeson 


LIKES: Cars, Music, Racing, Computers, Free slushies, Free 
movies at Regal, Slo Motorsports, Family Guy DISLIKES: 
Mornings, Homework, Bad drivers, Lying MEMORY: The 
311 concert, All the good times in the cave ACTIVITIES: 
Working on cars, Hanging with friends, Working at Randys 
FOUND: At the HF, In the cave, Cruising in the z, Hanging 

out with friends, Norwood Starbucks, Smileys house, Randys 
Auto AMBITION: College, Good job 

LIKES: hood, shopping, mall, friends, movies, going out, 

sesh, red Taurus DISLIKES: wet grass, cold weather, bright 

green fleece MEMORY: times with hood and friends 

ACTIVITIES: modeling, acting, singing, DECA, shopping, 

having fun FOUND: MKs, anwhere but my house SAYING: 

Not now chief I'm in the zone. 

LIKES: Winter, Laughing, Good Food, The Team, Late 
Nights, Not Having a Job, Cake, Sports, Espanol DISLIKES: 

Running, Drama, Franklin, The Practice Field, Skiers 

MEMORY: Last day of school every year ACTIVITIES: Snow 

Boarding, Glass Blowing, Lacrosse, Football FOUND: On the 

mountain, On the field, on the move AMBITION: To get as 

much as I can out of life, to travel, meet people, and 

experience new things SAYING: Peace 


James Quick 


Madilyn Rankin 

Chad Read 


LIKES: computers, cars, hanging out with friends, movies 
DISLIKES; Wednesdays, cabbage, no air conditioning in the 

school MEMORY: First day of the school year seeing 

everyone again ACTIVITIES: Soccer, basketball, hanging out 

with friends FOUND: My calling to become a doctor 

AMBITION: Plastic surgeon SAYING: Everybody Wang 

Chung tonight 

LIKES: art, movies, music, nighttime playground raids, Jesus, 

family, friends, church, sleep, flight of the conchords 
DISLIKES: arrogance, pickles, Rachel Ray, reality TV, junior 
year MEMORY: Katie OOonnor Day, freshman year, college 

day. fire day, tentovers ACTIVITIES: YL, NAHS, sleeping 

SAYING: Where does the time go now? On a wake for young 


LIKES: tv, sleeping, money, girls, cars, sports, computer, 

being lazy, friends, cell phones, girlfriend, videogames 

DISLIKES: school, being poor, being too busy, croc shoes, 

politics, healthy food, needles, spiders, bees, cheaters 

MEMORY: Disney World w/ my family and my first kiss 

ACTIVITIES: sports, tv production, hanging out, watchin tv. 

driving FOUND: friends houses, in Billerica with my 

at a bench or restaurant AMBITION: become 
SAYING "If it weren't for a horse. 1 woulrj^^^fl 
year in cojlsg^^^mj^^ 

Kayley Robsham 


LIKES: Florida, thunderstorms, food, sleep, the ocean, #13, 

true friends, family, greys anatomy, holidays, blue, Rich 

DISLIKES: bad drivers, sharks, losing, insects, goodbyes, 

negativity MEMORY: Mr. G, Cape Cod, the Goo Goo Dolls 

concert 07, SoNar 06, Florida 06, summer 07 ACTIVITIES: 

soccer, DECA, peer leadership, LEO Club FOUND: with 

Rich, playing soccer, working at the Credit Union AMBITION: 

to travel around the world and study abroad SAYING: I think, 

therefore I am. 

Alexandra Rose 


LIKES: DMB, 31 1 , OAR, summer, long drives, hanging out 

with bf, DS, JR, SS, CA, beaches, tanning, tee, music, 
shopping, shoes DISLIKES: Yankees, Franklin, fake people, 
curfew, being grounded, running out of gas, spiders, snakes, 

no sr. privileges MEMORY: summer 06, random drive to 

Vermont, Cannon Forge, wiffle ball, Maine, Mexico, Florida 

ACTIVITIES: DECA, cheerleading FOUND: with bf, DS and 

rest of the crew AMBITION: get out of tri-town SAYING: I live 

for the nights I'll never remember with the friends I'll never 


Michael Rose 


LIKES: cash money. Las Vegas, Superbad, Mario Party 

(N64), Peterie, the casino, 98 Ford Taurus, Celeste Pizza, 

watermelon DISLIKES: L&S #1 . books, running for a long 

period of time, climbing Diamond Hill the steep way, 

Yankees, Monday, gas money, English, work, scared people 

MEMORY: Jr Prom 07, little league, Chels House, soup, 

sleeping under a tarp. Casino, NC w/ green machine, cape, 

winning WS of Ruit 4-2 FOUND: 55 May, 65 King Jones, 

Mesta Vista, Twin River, Dunkies, Tweeter Parking lot 

AMBITION: to make millions, be 21 , live in Las Vegas, be 

famous SAYING: Once scared, always sea" 

Chase Ross 


Kristen Ross 


Cory Rowley 


LIKES: hanging out with friends, Cape Cod, summer, 

wakeboarding, tubing, DMB MEMORY: going down to West 

Falmouth on Cape Cod every summer AMBITION: to be 

successful and make a lot of money 

LIKES: Summer, malls, ice cream, snow days, coffee 
DISLIKES: Waking up early. Liars, Mountain dew, Chemistry 

MEMORY: Pylmouth Trips ACTIVITIES: Swimming, 

Concerts, Shopping. Hanging out, Snowboarding, Road Trips 

with Laura FOUND: Tylers house, target, Plymouth 

AMBITION: go to college, get married 

LIKES: Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, pizza, mac ncheese, Dr. 
Pepper, any type of music, EC DISLIKES: school, rude 
people MEMORY: good times in the temple w/ my boys 
ACTIVITIES: wiffleball, video games, mini ball, backyard 
football FOUND: hanging out on Spring St. or in the temple 
AMBITION: To be happy and successful. SAYING: Oh, word. 

Kayla Sarenson 


Cayla Saret 

Michael Saulnier 


LIKES: Money, art, shopping, fire days, stealing 2H Pencils 

from art room, classic rock; new art supplies DISLIKES: 

Spiders, vegetables, little kids, country music, sports, rap, 

used kneaded erasers, pencil sharpeners that break pencils 

MEMORY: KP disasters; Dougias class, AP ART, Prom 2007 

ACTIVITIES: Sachem, jazz band, Metacomet FOUND: 

Waiting for Mr. Grover EVERY morning AMBITION: To 

become a fancy art teacher at a fancy prep school SAYING: 

My favorite pencils have 2H lead 

LIKES: music, hanging out w/ friends, silly pictures, crazy 

weather, laughter, the neighborhood DISLIKES: stress 

MEMORY: spaghetti dinners, bus rides, Frisbee, summers, 

stories & rollercoasters, debates & no sub days, running in 

the rain, old KP ACTIVITIES: XC, track, NFTY, taking the big 

red bus, multitasking FOUND: running, at spaghetti dinners, 

w/ friends, occasionally in small towns in western MA 

SAYING: What's an oatmeal skirt?, It's Joey!, People can live 

a hundred years w/out really living for a minute. 




Jacklyn Russell 


Shelby Russell 

Michael Ruzycky 

LIKES: Cheerleading, All Stars, EJ74, singing, hanging out 

with Danie & Alex, Thanksgiving games & pregames 

DISLIKES: Panthers and Yankees MEMORY: fires at old KP, 

Thanksgiving night 06 w/ KPFAB4 and Suzy, Kelly & Rachel 

J ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, NHS. peer mentoring, Cap. 

Eagle All Stars, Sleep and repeat FOUND: at practices, a 

game or w/ Eddy AMBITION: nurse or American Idol winner 

LIKES: Going to Concerts, Competitive Cheerleading, 
Playing Guitar. Listening to Rock Music, and thunder storms 

DISLIKES: Spicy food, Drama, getting sick, going to the 

hospital, bees, red bull, mountain dew, and evil ex-boyfriends 

MEMORIES: Participating in the 2005 New England Patriots 

Pre-Game Show With Green Day, Michelle Branch, Carlos 

Santana and Ozzy Osborne ACTIVITIES: All-Star 

Cheerleading, going to many concerts FOUND: At Home, At 

the Cheerleading Gym, Work, Music Box, or driving around 

AMBITION: To become a tour/band manager or an 

entertainment attorney SAYING: "yessum" 

LIKES: I love my girlfriend Ali, sports, food, Traveling, 

exercising, hanging with friends, poker, listening to music 

DISLIKES: Bad drivers, homework, sleeping in, stubborn 

people, losing FAVORITE MEMORY: snowboarding Whistler 

Blackcomb in British Columbia, Cruising to Carver in Bessy 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Snowboarding, Poker, Hanging with 

friends FOUND: Alis house, the gym, home, playing 

snowboarding at Wachusett AMBITION: To Tr^ 

the world 


Matthew Schairer 


LIKES: the tri town, Pendleten Road, weekends, late nights, 
lands, fishing, Diamond Hill, Friday Night Lights, my family, 
the foot DISLIKES: the morning, homework, losing football 
games MEMORY: sitting on bobs porch talking about life 
ACTIVITIES: football and lax and hanging out w/ my friends 
SAYING: And if nothing can be done, well make the best of 
what's around. -DMB 

Matthew Schoenewolff 


LIKES: golf, guitar, poker, skiing, sleeping, eating, cars, 

driving, Nissans, Maine, Colorado, BoSox, Pats, Kirk OB, 

DMB, Phish, Dispatch DISLIKES: Wentworth, AFDs, Dave, 

Yankees, Rhodies, Foxy, slow drives, the blur MEMORY: 

saying not James ACTIVITIES: golf, work, school, Leo Club, 

DECA FOUND: @ WW working, @ home sleeping/ relaxing, 

out with friends SAYING: you only live once 

Erin Sebring 

LIKES: friends, HS, LG, CS. PS, DS, Tracy, sleeping, chillm. 

having a good time, late nights, BL. concerts, Disney, the 

beach, Sox, Pats DISLIKES: waking up early, working, the 

Outlets, school, annoying people, being cold, slow drivers 

MEMORY: OAR concerts, 311, late nights, the door, Bishops. 

Ferlands, UMass Amherst, 05 & 06, NH, C. Fest 07 


Hannah Seely 

Danielle Shea 


Danielle Sheehan 


LIKES: LG, ES, CS, PS, DS, CM, sleeping in, shopping, 
Halloween, pools, boys, dmb, 31 1 , clubs, tanning, 4/20, 
concerts, gap crew, BL, summer DISLIKES: school, pigs, 
rainy days, homework, work, red lights, being cold, bad hair 
days MEMORY: OAR, LGs bday 07, NH, Ferlands, URI, 
Bishops, late nights, CFest 07, summer 05, camp t-bird 
: beac h, sun central, mall, friendlys, outlets, parties, 
i friends at home AMBITION: go to 
: my life and have lots of money 

LIKES: the world, nature, music, concerts, the tweeter center, 

snowboarding, long drives, day trips, BL (beach livin), the 

shack, rock outs, all nighters, the uncle, good buds, Joes 

Rock, cruises DISLIKES: left hand turns, getting caught, plqs, 

dry season MEMORY: Tool, 311, Rush 07, LGs 17th w/ 

Lauren, Seely, Danielle, Day trips w/ AA, KPTV, junior and 

senior prom 07, Keller 06, beach night may 07, Joes Rock 

hikes, Florida 07 

LIKES: Being with friends, Driving around with AR, JR, BF, 

EJ, Football games, Summer, Cheerleading, Parties, 

Tanning, Bonfires, Beach DISLIKES: Early Mornings, Drama, 

Franklin, Fake people, Being grounded, Yankees, Rainy 

days, Curfew MEMORY: Fires at old KP, "WARNING BABY 

ON BOARD!"- Rachel Juliano, Thanksgiving 06,07, Cape 

Cod summers, Foxboro 99 ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, 

Yearbook, Prom Committee FOUND: With AR & Crew or at 

cheerleading practice SAYING: True friends are hard to find, 

difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. 

Kaila Smith 


Daniel Smyth 


Eric Solberg 


LIKES: summer, tanning, going on vacation, sleeping in, 
boys, football, vitamin water, AKC, money DISLIKES: Big 

E, homework, being busy, liars, not always being right, 

Mondays, slow drivers MEMORY: 2/15/06, New Years 07, 

2/1 7/07, Summer Jam w/ JB & MS, Maine & Six Flags w/ 

IJ, Cracker Barrel Fair (04-07) ACTIVITIES: NHS, NFHS, 

Track & Field, Peer Leadership, bowling, AKC, 4-H 

FOUND: At JB's house, out w/ friends, the mall, on the 

phone, after school w/ BD, at shows, work AMBITION: To 

be successful in everything I do and to have a job I enjoy 

SAYING: Everything happens for a reason. 

LIKES: Fishing, Football, Paintball, Buff chick sub, O.C.B., 

The 300, spring track, and long walks on the beach 

DISLIKES: The Great Gatsby, Happy Circles, communists, 

those people at theme parks who walk around in the cartoon 

character costumes and try to hug you MEMORY: Ferreira is 

God 07, Camp Gill, and my first varsity game ACTIVITIES: 

Football, track, and fishing FOUND: KP football and Tonys 

house AMBITION: Survive SAYING: Live fast, die young. 


Robin Sherwin 


Zachary Short 


Caroline Shruhan 

LIKES: Friends, Family, animals, music, marching band, 

roller coasters, laughing, football, rollerblading DISKLIKES: 

Mornings, stress, drama, bad grades, jealousy MEMORY: 

Fire Day 2005. Gas Leak Day, Band Trip to Indianapolis 

ACTIVITIES: Marching Band, Symphony Band, Prom 

Committee, Metacomet FOUND: With family, working. Six 

Flags AMBITION: Do well in college and become a 

veterinarian SAYING: Friends are the family you choose for 


LIKES: Music, Guitar, SF, the Shack, Horse Farm, Sublime, 

Cruizin, Juan, Holes in the Fence, Tangent, the Uncle, 

Mexican Room, Headz, the Beatles, kp, the Dead, HW 

Longfellow, Life, FreeBird DISLIKES: event staff, mosquitoes, 

dry spouts MEMORY: St. Pattys 07, Sol Tangent with cid, 

Tool 07, DMB 07, Dispatch Zimbabwe, New Years 07 

ACTIVITIES: Folk Band FOUND: in the woods with nature, at 

the hole at tweeter, chillin AMBITION: live free SAYING: 

would you? roto 

LIKES: family, friends, beach, dance, traveling, reading, 

shopping, MF, NB, BM, RA, LK, VW, laughing, being random, 

taking pictures, smiling DISLIKES: waking up early, snakes, 

chocolate, annoying people, rainy days, being cold 
MEMORY: Cancun, DR, Italy, Colorado ACTIVITIES: dance, 
SADD, peer mentoring, internship FOUND: at the dance 
studio AMBITION: To be successful in whatever I i 

Monserrate Somers 

Alexander Sotir 

Jessica St. Pierre 

LIKES: Boston Sports, Smashing Pumpkins, Loud Music, 

Weekends, Hoola-Hoops, Having a Good Time, Driving, BK, 

Action Flicks, Freedom DISLIKES: Country Music, Anime, 

Yankees, Barry Bonds, Tribute Bands, Dane Cook, Texas, 

Canceling Shows that were good, The Fox Network, Sailboat 

Racing, NASCAR, The Union, Larry the Cable Guy 

MEMORY: Man Camp 07, Mobil Station, SP Reunion Tour, 

Spider Fingers, Going Out to Breakfast ACTIVITIES: Being 

Awesome 24/7, Tooling around at Roche Brothers, Being 

Cool FOUND: My keys AMBITION: Defeat Steve Morse in a 

battle of epic proportions SAYING: Don't judge yourself by 

someone else's standards. You'll always lose. 

LIKES: Red Sox, beach, a good laugh, sleeping in, and free 

movies DISLIKES: the end of summer, liars, the highway 

MEMORY: hanging out with friends, watching movies, going 

to concerts ACTIVITIES: going out with friends, watching 

movies, going to concerts FOUND: that true friends are 

always there for you AMBITION: enjoy life as much as 

possible SAYING: For every girl with a broken heart there is a 

boy with a glue gun. 


Michael Stewart 

Catherine Sugrue 


Pamela Sugrue 


LIKES: family, friends, football, L&S Duce, the new DHC, 

long nights, women. Cape trips, winter DISLIKES: Franklin, 

annoying girls, pre-mos MEMORY: every night at L&S 

Deuce, the day of the CWBII video, every high school football 

game, the cape, summer 07 FOUND: L&S Deuce AMBITION: 

i be the best player in the game of life SAYING! M'Stew 
Boom Let's see that thick 

LIKES: PS, CM, HS, ES, LG, DS, RS, nice people, vitamin 

water, vacations, summer, Halloween, sleeping, shopping 

DISLIKES: mean people, school, getting up early, bad 

moods, work, fights MEMORY: Summer, OAR, Summer Jam, 

Rl w/ HS & PS, NH w/ HS & PS, Jr. yr. times w/ girls, JR. yr 

times w/ CS & MO, Nee-Nee, times w/ RS, Jr. yr times w/ TU, 

EW, CM, PS, Bishops FOUND: home, mall, beach, RSs 

SAYING: Live the life you love, and love the life you live. 

LIKES: cm, cs, hs. es, Ig, ds, summer, beach, warm weather, 

relaxing, weekends, holidays, hanging out with friends, 

shopping, good moods, sleeping, going out to eat working 

out, $$$ DISLIKES: school, getting up early, work, cold 

weather, bad moods, having no money, broken car 

MEMORY: Summer 07, 06, 05, times w/mo, cs, nh, 

Halloweens, ri 06, bishops FOUND: Home, work, gym, 

w/friends, friendlys AMBITION: Have a good happy life in 

what I end up doing SAYING: It does no good to dwell on 

dreams and forget to live 

John Thibedeau 


Scott Thompson 


Amy Tolivaisa 


LIKES: my boys, Arizona Green Tea, smartfood, sauce, the 

standard, Marley, HR girls, amby, '08, residents, mad hikes, 

HBO, cruisin it, dance parties DISLIKES: exit 20, '09, 

diamond hill hobo, 107, trolls, creeps MEMORY: famous 

BOWL!, CLs07, Forest Drives, dmb07, "the door", times w/ 

SS, JRprom, MCs18, ALL cape trips, SDs17, 12BPs, oar, 

311, freshyr, giggles in P-ville, "they be like...", graveyard 

chase '06 + '07 FOUND: loveseat, High St., Club L&S, 

poolside, Pond Home, Ron's office SAYING: The really happy 

person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour. 


. > 

< . I 

Michael Taub 


Tayleigh Tetreault 

Amanda Thibault 


LIKES: Doug, #17, the crew, summers, beaches, fires, the 
girls, Bosox & Pats, vacas, sleeping, cape, sweatpants, love, 

music DISLIKES: goodbyes MEMORY: jr. & sr. prom, 
summers. FBC, TM, bowling, fball games, fairs, w/ DD, MW, 
LY, HmRm girls, friends houses, high school FOUND: w/the 
girlies, with Doug, down the cape, carnivals, LYs basement, 
target, with MW AMBITION: to be happy, successful & in love 
w/ wherever life takes me SAYING: Every story has an end. 
But in life every ending is just a new beginning. Memory is a 
way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, 
and the things you never want to lose. 

LIKES: Hanging out with friends, family, long car rides, ice 
cream, movies, the summer, the beach, parties, weekends, 
MLB, MMC, AGG, CO, laughing, girls nights, class of 08, 
football games, hockey games, food DISLIKES: Liars, fake 
people, hypocrites, drama, Mondays, jerks, history, reading, 
change MEMORY: Sophomore year, summer 06, 07, KW 07 
concerts 06 & 07, OAR at Amherst FOUND: Wit h fij 
MLBs house, MMCs House, with my sissys J^^B 
Mikes Deli AMBITION: To be successfuU^M 
be happy SAYING: Youj^^^^nce, t 

Brian Toney 


Joseph Tornabene 

Olivia Trabelsi 

LIKES: Baseball, past 335, snowboarding, four wheeling, Red 

Sox DISLIKES: miles, Yankees, cradle robbers 

MEMORY: beating North, running 5 miles for baseball 

ACTIVITES: baseball SAYING: mile 

LIKES: friends, driving, Arizona, the Motorcycle Diaries, 

marathon movies DISLIKES: movie popcorn MEMORY: old 

KP, fire drills, the mall ACTIVITIES: DECA SAYING: Life is 

not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments 

that take our breath away. 


Laura Traverse 


Marissa Uvanovic 


Alexandra VanBaars 


LIKES: beach, dip and chips, Buzys parties, Shia LaBeouf, 

and last but not least every single one of my friends 

DISLIKES: sharks, raccoons, liars, homework, dentists, 

Pasquale, slow drivers, fighting, drama MEMORY: 
Marshfield, Mikes parties, Larry and Mooshie, Bertuccis, 
Boston, Jr. Prom, Wachusett, Kims cottage ACTIVITIES: 
hang ing out with friends, skiing, DECA, shopping. 
■ta^d AHS FOUND hanging out with friends 
HfiUJON: live the life SAYING: I would 

LIKES: Laughing, pink, soccer, gerber daises, Croatia, iced 

coffee, smiles, water, melted peanutbutter, kisses, country 

music, my sisters, ry+bests, family DISLIKES: The red guy 

MEMORIES: Croatia 06 and 07, soccer, 06, 07, 05, times 

with ryry, ch 20/10, dream something AMBITION: To be 

happy and satisfied with what the future brings SAYING: 

At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back into 

the same box. 

LIKES: skiing, music, my friends, traveling, the beach, movies 

DISLIKES: meat, seagulls, spiders MEMORY: going to NYC 

with the marching band ACTIVITIES: marching band, leo 

club, symphony band, jazz band FOUND: band room 

AMBITION: to be an environmental lawyer SAYING: never 

settle for your present level of achievement 

Jessica Walker 


Mackenzie Walsh 


Cameron Wardle 


LIKES: texting, making jewelry, sleep, CSI, chocolate, 

huskies DISLIKES: running, the cold, waking up in the 

morning ACTIVITIES: volunteer at UMass memorial hospital 

& Norwood hospital, Leo Club FOUND: either w/ my friends, 

napping or work AMBITION: to become a nurse SAYING: 

Keep strong 

LIKES: #13, boys, car rides, Ferris Wheels, my girls, Softball 

NEMO, fires, TheCrew, beaches, sunsets, sweatshirts, 
sleeping DISLIKES: DRAMA, dumb questions, passed balls, 
liars, lack of communication, math, injuries, 09 MEMORY: 
Country Fest 05, 06, 07, TM, FBC, high school, growing up 
w/ 08, snowball fights with El, HockChamps07, friends house, 
bowling with Dirty Dozen, MASC05, Shamrocks06 FOUND: 
Softball field, my car, batting cages with JB&MC, @HU, with 

TT, LYs basement, ©carnivals 

AMBITION: Live life to the fullest! SAYING: Live Your Life. 



Scott Verrochi 


Jennifer Verville 


James Vinson 

LIKES: Music, guitar, summertime, cars, skateboarding, Red 
Sox, piercings DISLIKES: Yankees, homework, doing bad in 
school, no sleep MEMORY: School fire days, computer class, 

pep rally 06, prom 07 ACTIVITIES: Track and guitar 

AMBITION: To be successful and live a happy and healthy 


LIKES: animals, friends, anime, playing Dungeons & 

Dragons, helping those in need, drama, video games, riding a 

bike, exploring new places, antiques, kind people, writing, 

books DISLIKES: arrogant people, judging others or a 
situation , cliques MEMORY: half-days, camping w/ Jess & 
Meg, school at KPRHigh, drama, teachers ACTIVITIES: 
Dungeon &Dragons, biking, camping, swimming FOUND: 
where ever Jess W. usually is, wandering/running around, 
hang with friends or with a book AMBITION: to help others, 
keeping in touch with friends, making my dreams come true 
SAYING: I reject your reality, and substitute it with my own. 

Erik Warnick 

Jack Washington 

LIKES: Music, camping, driving, archery, white water rafting, 

kayaking, hiking, friends, anything worth living for DISLIKES: 

Anyone that stops me from doing the above MEMORY: Indy, 

BOA, the Marino Kayak Flip, Katahdin ACTIVITIES: Jazz 

Band, Marching Band, Fighting half notes. Skiing, Scouts 

FOUND: Coopers Pond, ME AMBITION: Skydive, rally, travel 

the world, learn to fly, scuba dive, save a damsel in distress 

SAYING: Live life as if today is your last day 

Kimberly Webster 

LIKES: VSD, KLD, AP. CW. Lil Wayne, t.i., Paris Hilton. J.W., 

shopping, JWs house, 07 MCAS week, .5 Day 06; 

parasailing, KEVKEV, thats what's up DISLIKES: A&T. Eddy 

st, Peanut Butter, November 12, 2006, meatloaf, country 

music, class of 09 MEMORY: Summer Jam, Monster Jam, 

Frosh Soccer, Celtics games, Summer 07, Falmouth, Boston 

07, Myrtle Beach FOUND: Mall, w/ Vanessa, Providence. 

Pool AMBITION: go to college and open a nightclub or 

become president of sales and marketing for a big company 

SAYING: ayo whatitdo. I WOULD!!!!, oh word 


Megan Weeks 


Carter Wessman 


Alexander Wider 


LIKES: KH, shopping, roto, coach, summer, flip flops, birks, 

weekends, dissing Dan, 2:15, BL, Tiffanys, good buds, family, 

BK, my girls DISLIKES: 1 1th grade history, bugs, lightning, 

drama, being cold, dry season, snobs, liars, bad drivers, 

rules, early mornings MEMORY: Ferlands 06-07, soph semi 

w/ BZ, KL cape trips, sfests, 9-18-04, OAR concerts, CLs 

Diamond H ill 07, MCs bday FOUND: with sister, home, 

. ■!■!' i fc^lLAmara, Thanks to my fam for showing 

in-'li" 1' }, friends love forever. EW for always 

i 5 AMBITION, to live life to the fullest, be 

happy, healthy 

LIKES: soccer, friends, magic, stand up, curb your 
enthusiasm, CYE, Shayla, sarcasm, wild discussions, chillin 

hard, Fifa, mew, bounces DISLIKES: homework, essays, 

overachievers, bad beats MEMORY: summer 07, Cape Cod, 

April Vacation, PBergs FOUND: on the pitch, PBergs, with 

Shayla, Hogwarts AMBITION: To Catchem all 

SAYING: Sometimes you eat the bar and well sometimes he 

eats you. 

LIKES: LK, JI2 , CL, EP, SL, MN, Any other friends I didn't 

mention, KS, The Tiv, Greenfoliage, Billerica, RC, 19 

Perrylain Rd, C Pudd and the friends, Ice Man, Tennis, 

Bowling, Captain Planet, Fiji Water DISLIKES: Pizza Delivery 

Men, Freshman from Mansfield, The 9:20 train, Flip-Flops, 

sand, Fig-Newtons, Bill Run Outs, Urban Outfitters 

MEMORY: Going to Boston for numerous reasons: to see 

QD, walk around, for dinner and coming back on the 9:20 

ACTIVITIES: Tennis, Tennis and more Tennis. FOUND: At a 

quiet drive Concert with Leigh and Jess or at 19 Perrylain Rd. 

AMBITION: To direct or act or play tennis. 



Steven Wirtes 


Vanessa Wudyka 


Duncan Yarworth 


LIKES: Christina Bonollo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Superbad, 
astro-physics, Stratocaster, being needed, funky monks, root 
beer DISLIKES: being inside the box, being lazy, paying for 

gas MEMORY: cruizin in Bessy, Maine, Tylers, jammin, 

Ruzys, trip to Carver, summer 07, bessytubing, the Rockos, 

the basement ACTIVITIES: expressing my opinion 

AMBITION: to be happy SAYING: the anaconda ate the 


LIKES: Music, marimbas, friends, McLovin, cappuccino, 

muffins, drum corps, marching percussion, Reico abe, 

spiderman, love. DISLIKES: mean people, 4th lunch, bottom 

lockers, tests, quizzes, homework, Tuesdays MEMORY: 

Being at WGI, being in the music program ACTIVITIES: 

Marching Band, Indoor Percussion, Jazz, Symphony Band, 

Chorus, NHS FOUND: In the Band Room AMBITION: To be 

the best SAYING: Do or do not. There is no try. 

LIKES: candy, cookies, kittens, being a hooligan, trucks 

DISLIKES: the man MEMORY: man camp, muddin, mobile 

station, Darkbuster, shanty, bomb squad ACTIVITIES: tennis, 

fishing, music, bear wrestling, snowboarding, wakeboarding, 

lion taming FOUND: I can has cheeseburger SAYING: I am 

Mark Walberg 




Hannah Willoughby 


1 I 

Christopher Willson 

Jessica Wilson 

LIKES: Golf, Hockey, DECA, hanging out with friends, The 

Blur, stocks, sleep. Donald Trump, money, water skiing, snow 

skiing, cruises DISLIKES: Dave Sibley, Wentworth, work, 

homework, waking up early FOUND: Either at Wentworth, 

sleeping, on the computer, or with friends AMBITION: To be 

financially secure (rich) and have a wife MEMORY: cruises, 

NH + Maine, Blur, all the good times with friends 

ACTIVITIES: Golf, Hockey, Leo Club, DECA SAYING: 

Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust, and 

when you're up it never feels as good as it seems, and when 

you're down it feels like you'll never be up again. But life goes 



Laura Young 


LIKES: summer, friends, dance, soccer, music, the beach, 
family, #17, food, ice cream DISLIKES: homework, drama, 

rumors, tests MEMORY: Country Fest 07, 3 Stooges 

ACTIVIES: dance, soccer, going to the beach, hanging with 

friends FOUND: in my basement, dance studio, the mall, with 

my friends AMBITION: to be a teacher SAYING: Never regret 

something that once made you smile 

Michael Yousif 


Bobby Zahner 

LIKES: Family, Friends, Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, the S70, 

traveling, good music, #9, taco day, DH, the sax, bridge 

songs, weekends, summer nights, Pendleton Rd. mamba, 

muff, zooloo DISLIKES: fake people. Yankees, running, 

Mondays, wounded soldiers, happy circles MEMORY: Cape, 

North Carolina, Little League/ All Star baseball, Prom, DMB. 

OAR, Killington, Summer 07, The Buoy, Southend Pond, the 

dock, summer 05 with MR, MB, and TM, Westchesterfield. 

Celts games, Corey Smith w/MS FOUND: 55 May, L&S 

deuce, cruising around town, Dalziell, hanging with the crew 

AMBITION: To have fun and succeed in whatevefcl^ailer 

high school. SAYING: Booyakasha 





■ ■ ■ 





%» • 




I , ■ 


Meghan Klaskin & Mike Davies 

Cay la Saret & Peter Girouard 



u b 






Alex Granville & Megan Weeks 

Trevor Knowles & Kelly Carr 

Utn£ i ie% 

Courtney Fabiano & Joe Kelly 




- ' 


u L . 



BJg fz yJBa 

I 'I 







* #■* 


















*rt CD 

































■ •'.: t; 





King Philip Regional School Committee 

Back Row: E. Petersen, C. McEntee, B. Chapman, B. Gilbert, J. Oliveri 
Front Row: C. Ketchum, P. Francomano, M. Howard, C. Sullivan, M. Billian 


High School Administration 

Mr. Jamie Vitonis 

Asst. Principal 

Mrs. Elaine Hanson 

Ms. Jill Proulx 

Asst. Principal 

District Administration 


Mr. Paul Schaefer 

Business Manager 

Dr. Richard Robbat 
Superintendent of Schools 

Mrs. Audrey Lacher-Katz 

Director of Special Education 


Ms. Pauline Lessard 

Principal's Secretary 

Mrs. Kathy Medici 

Secretary - Main Office 

Mrs. Marilyn Antonellis 

Secretary - Main Office 

Mrs. Mary Crehan 

Secretary - Guidance 

Mrs. April Sloan 

Secretary - Main Office 

Mrs. Elaine Chamberland 

Secretary - Special Education 

Mrs. Dianne Nicholson Mr. Massotti 

Secretary-Guidance & Special Education Student Success Leader 

Mr. Sean Bouzan 

Tecnology Coordinator 

Mr. Michael Bois 

Network Manager 

Mr. Justin Flynn 

Help Desk Technician 






I— *• 













Mrs. Adelsberger 

Teaching Assistant 

Mr. Boucher 

Science Dept 

Ms. Callanan 

Special Education Dept 


Mrs. Chilson 

Foreign Language Dept 

Mrs. Barnes 

Guidance Dept 

Mr. Breen 

History/Social Studies Dept 

^^Kf*^ V "&? 


fj^^K ▼"W^ r " 

^f 1H% <■ 



Mrs. Campos 

Information Technology Dept 

Ms. Coleman 

History /Social Studies Dept 

Mrs. Barrett 

Math Dept 

Mrs. Brennan 

Science Dept 

Mrs. Cannon 

Teaching Assistant 

Mr. Connors 

History/Social Studies Dept 

Mrs. Bertram 

Special Education 

Mrs. Buchanio 

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. Carneiro 

Art Dept 

Mr. Costello 

History/Social Studies Dept 


Mrs. Costello 

Foreign Language Dept 

Mrs. DeLuca 

Math Dept 

Mr. Ferreira 

History/Social Studies Dept 

Mr. Gentili 

History/Social Studies Dept 


1 ^H 



MT£_ %> 1 

■ ■ t 


""■^^H ■. 




^fl Bh m l^|_ 






Ms. Cress 

Art Dept 

Mr. Dow 

Information Technology Dept 

Mr. Finase 

History/Social Studies Dept 

Ms. Greenleaf 

Information Technology Dept 

Mrs. D'Annunzio 

Foreign Language Dept 

Mrs. Erickson 

History/Social Studies Dept 

Dr. Foley 


Mr. Grover 

Science Dept 


Mrs. Davies 

Teaching Assistant 

Mr. Fayle 

History/Social Studies Dept 

Ms. Frey 

Math Dept 

Ms. Harris 

English Dept 








Mrs. Heagney 
Guidance Dept 

Mr. Jones 

Teaching Assistant 


Physical Education Dept 


Sal. J^ 

Ms. Logan 

English Dept 


Mr. Henaghen 

English Dept 

Mrs. Knight 

Science Dept 

Mr. Leonard 

Special Education Dept 

■ , 

Ms. Logan 

English Dept 

Mrs. Henderson 

Teaching Assistant 

Mr. Kummer 

Math Dept 

■ 'I 

Mr. Lewis 

Foreign LanguageDept 

Ms. Maher 

English Dept 

Mrs. Huckle 

English Dept 

Mrs. Lambert 

Science Dept 

Mrs. Little 

Gudance Dept 

Mrs. Mannering 

Foreign Language Dept 

Mrs. McCourt 

Foreign Language Dept 


if * f X 

■' i 




Mr. Mitchell 

Math Dept 

Mrs. Mullaney 

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. Nutter 

Guidance Dept 

Mrs. McCray 

Special Education Dept 

Dr. Mongeon 

English Dept 

Mrs. Myers 

Math Dept 

Mr. Olsen 

Science Dept 

Mrs. Meyer 

Science Dept 

Mrs. Mores 


Mrs. Negus 

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. Pavao 

Guidance Dept 

Ms. Miller 

Math Dept 

Mrs. Morin 

History /Social StudiesDept 

Mrs. Neubauer 
Math Dept 

Mrs. Pavlik 

Science Dept ^ 

i 5 


Mrs. Pickart 
Science Dept 

Mrs. Raymond 

Information Technology Dept 

Mrs. Rocchio 

English Dept 

Mrs. Solomon 

Library Secretary 

Mr. Pultz 

Science Dept 

Mr. Reis 

Teaching Assistant 

Mr. Schairer 

Athletic Director 


St. Amand 
Physical Education Dept 

, ;» 


m %}■ 




Mrs. Puzas 



Ms. Remick 

Special Education Dept 

Mr. Skenyon 
English Dept 

Mrs. Stankiewicz 

Information Technology Dept 

Mrs. Quinn 

English Dept 

Mr. Riley 
Information Technology Dept 

Ms. Smestad 

Math Dept 

Ms. Stanley 

Teaching Assistant 

Ms. Strekouras 

Math Dept 

Mr. Tileston 

Music Dept 





Mrs. Tower Mrs. Woodland Mrs. Zuercher 

Special Education Dept. Special Education Dept Foreign Language Dept 

Mr. Carneiro 

Physical Education Dept 

Ms. Chichester 
Special Education Dept 

Mr. Childs 

Foreign Language Dept 

Mr. Contursi 

Teaching Assistant 

Ms. Dougias 

English Dept 

Mrs. Doyle 

Special Education Dept 

Mrs. Elich 

Science Dept 

Mr. Ferullo 

Science Dept 

Ms. Figueiredo 

Foreign Language Dept 

Ms. Gallagher 
Health/Wellness Dept 

Ms. Johnston 
Physical Education Dept 

Mr. Kramer 

Math Dept 
Mr. Guernon 

History/Social Studies Dept 

Ms. Medina 

Special Education Dept 

Ms. Meuser 
Special Education Dept 

Ms. Noble 

Special Education Dept 

Mrs. Parker 

Special Ed/Information Tech 


Ms. Provost 

Team Chair 

Ms. Rumsey 

Adjustment Counselor 

Ms. Shapanus 
Special Education Dept 

Ms. Wilson 
Special Education Dept 

•''/// 77 


Mr. Lawler 
Head Custodian 

Mr. Brindley 
Mr. DaSilva 
Mr. Fenton 
Mr. Hunchard 
Mr. Spencer 
Mr. Willis 
Mr. Poirier 
Mr. LeBlanc - 







Ms. Zervas 

Cafeteria Manager 

Mrs. Troiano 

Cafeteria Director 

Cafeteria Staff 


i— '♦ 




t^./i ■ I ^H 

Mrs. Campos and Alex Granville 

Mr. Ferullo 

L 4W 


^ ._.*• 


\-t\' v 

I n 

































































x O- 

















!VJ - ■ ■."'&Pj«'**^% 




Marissa Alioto- President 

Dave Getchell- Vice President 

Stephanie Primavera- Secretary 

Meghan Gavrilles- Treasurer 

Adelsberger, Jeanette Albani, Gray 

Albert, Erica 


Alioto, Marissa 

Allard, Ashley 

Altieri, Caroline 

Anderson, Daniel 

Andrea, Patrick 

Andrew, Michelle 

Archibald, Jake 

Balzer, Samuel 

Barrett, Kaly 

Beatrice, Jacqueline Belcher, Adam 

Benson, Zachary 

Bentley, Sean 

/ Ipii ^ 

Bernardini-Piazza, Maria Blake, Erin 

Boari, Micayla 

Bradford, Shawn Brennan, Christopher Brohen, Zachery Brock, Zachary Brooks, Rebecca 

k. . A/ flF 

Brothman, Ariel Burgess, Caitlin Butler, Emily 


Cahill, Carolyn 

Calderone, Dominic Campbell, Jacqueline Cannon, Kristina 

Capone, Kayla 


fff vf2Q09 


Cappuccino, Vincent Carey, Jaclyn 

Carlson, Michael 

Carter, Brian Centauro, Margaret Chalifoux, Kelli Chapski, Brenton Charpentier, Faye 

Chen, Penn Chipman, Samantha Clinton, Jenna 

Cohen, Sara 

Colella, Michael Collentro, Brittany Connolly, David Connolly. Ryan 

Doherty, Danielle Dowling, Patrick 

Duell, Nicole Dussueault, Matthew Eaton, Kerry 

Eisele, Garin 

Elland, Kelsi 

Epstein, Rachel 

Fanty, Kelly 

Farren, Matthew 

Feeny, Emily 

Field, Bianca Fitzgerald, Heather Flaherty, Meaghan Flanagan. Kaitlyn Foley, Michael 

-Tfff pf2009 




Foster, Mitchell 

Fox, Emily 

Gallagher, Joshua Garifallou, Elena 

Garza, Larissa Gavrilles, Meghan Getchell, David 

Gomez, Sarah 

Gonzalez, Justin 

Good, Conor 

Hicks, Jesse 

Higgins, Sean 

Hilton, Kevin 

Hodge, Briana 

Hogan, Michael 

Holden, Tyler 

Hooper, Zachery 

Godin, Melissa 

Goodwin, Shannon Haigh, Nicholas Harkins, Suzanne Harrington, Richard Heagney, Sean 

Hughes, Max 

Kaszanek, Paul 

Katapodis, Alex 

Kelley, Emma 

Koch, Kevin 

Kraus, Taryn Krishnaswami, Emma Kudikala, Geetika 

LaBlue, Diane 

Lacrasse, Adrian 

Lasher, Kyle 


Lavallee, Peter 

MHl ! * 'V..V 

Lawrence, Ashley 

Leahy, Kelly 

Leary, Ryan 

Lehan, Nora 

Lemons, Aubree 


^ff pf2009 


Mazzocca, Gina McCarthy. Amanda McCloud, Kelly McClusky, Stephen McFerland, Matthew McGuire, Joseph McKinnon, David McNeil, Donald 

Mingles, Jacob Monahan, Matthew Moran, Christopher Nameishi, Christopher Nevins, Caitlin Nickerson, Heather Niland, Luke 

O'Brien, Michael 

O'Connor, Stephen O'Harte, Carol 

ine O'Neil, Mathew O'Riordan, Sean O'Toole, Kelley Ouimet, Caroline Pac, Rebecca 


Paiva, Daniel 

-fcf ef20Q9 



Perry, Meghan 


*' I III If 

Purdon, Joseph 

Ruschioni, Alex 

Piccione, Laura 

Pimental, Kevin Pocius, Joshua Powers, Rachel Powers, Zachary Primavera, Stephanie Pugmire, Bradley 

¥ \nShL 

Quimby, Kaili 

Rafferty. Jason Raymond. Jonathan Read, Megan Reardon, Samantha Riddoch, Matthew Rizzo, Christopher 

Roan, Elyse Robery, Joanne Rodngues, Renee Roode, Kevin 


Rose, Joseph 

Ross, John 

Rowley, Tyler Roycroft, Courtney 

Ryan, Joseph Salamone, Kathleen Sampson, Peter 


Saulnier, Paul 

Savi, Cara 

Savoy, Hillary Schenkel, Benjamin 

Sepe, Chelsea 

Sexton. Kyle 

Siegmann, Kurt 

Singer, Sarah 

Smith, Tyler 

St. Jean, Andrew 

Stark, Rachel 

Stella, James 


7?ff pf2009 



Stetter, Caitlin Stoukides, Thomas Sughrue, Richard Sugrue, Brian 

Sullivan, Baron Sullivan, Ryan Sutton, Andrew Sweeney, Andrew 

Tatnall, Amy 

Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Zachary Thibault, Jillian Tobin, Gregory Toma, Patrick 


Torosian, Elizabeth Trudeau, Aubrey 

Tuminelli, Emily Turner, Rachel 

Tutela, David 

Vesty, Kelly 

Vogan, Hannah Wallace, Timothy Walsh, Kimberly Walsh, Pamela 

Walther, Alicia 

Ward, John Waterman, Samantha Welsh. Christopher Willette III, Charles William, Brandon Woicik, Robert Woodall, Olivia 

Yavarow, Andrea Zuzick, Paige 

fff r>f2009 



Braley, James 
Cahill, Donald 
Cintolo, Jake 
Conner, Derek 
Cook, Kristen 
Cossette, Nichola 

Crosby, Corey 

Cullen, Nicholas 

D'Arcangelo, Brett 

Donahue, Stephen 

Fornaciari, Alec 

Franklin, Jeremy 

^Galvin, DeAmdra 

Johnson, Hollyann 

Johnson- Stockberger, Morgan 

Jordan, Ashley 

Juliano, Rachel 

Ludvigsen, Hannah 

Mullaley, Ashley 

Rivers, Timothy 

Schmidt, Kevin 

Sirois, Alexandra 

Wichland, Eric 

Meghan Gavrilles, Becca Brooks 
Allie Lomp & Kerry Eaton 

Chelsea Manning 
& Kelley OToole 

Kyle Sexton, Kristina Cannon, Sarah 

Cohen, Shelly Jacobson & Shawn 



•^ 8:3« 

Erica Albert, Zachary Benson 
& Jackie Beatrice 

Kelly Fanty, Penn Chen & 
Jessica Melanson 

*m PI 

Kim Walsh & 
Megan Marra 

Ryan Connolly & 
Jon Raymond 

Michelle Daly & 
Nora Lehan 

Kelly McCloud & 
Olivia Woodall 

Pam Walsh & 
Jessica Peck 


rfff of 2009 


y-d u i^ 

qff ef 2010 

Ned Fitzgerald- President 

Brooke Sweeney- Secretary 


Dan Galvin- Vice President 

Kelly Benton- Treasurer 

Amidon, Patrick Anderson, Amanda Anderson, Matthew 

Andrade, Jeffrey Andrea, Jocelyn Andrews, J 


Annis, Sara 

Arico, Elizabeth Aroyan, Nicholas Arshen, Melanie Ayres, Rachel 

Balog, Alaina Barrett, Janessa Barton, Steven 

Beck, Emily 

Beers, Matthew 

Bennett, Adam 

Benton, Kelly 

Berry, Ashley 

Bility, Fatu 

Billian, Reilly 

Bingel, Daniel Bingel, Kathleen 

^ ~~ s^ mm M ' UflH 

Bermingham, Daniel Boardman, Rachel Bobillo, Ryan 

Bonollo, Christina 

^ pf201Q 







Brown, Travis Bullock, Christine Burgess, Derek Burke, Cameron 


Burns, Colin 

Burns, Edward 

Bushway, Hillary 

Butera, Jenna 

Cameron, Melissa Cartoni, Troy Carnson, Matthew Cassidy, Samantha Castelli, Renee Castles, David 

Cauley, Timothy Ceven, Alexandria 

liT ft- ' 

■ (1 

Chandler, Andrew Chisholm, Caitlyn Ciannavei, Monica Clafey, Rossman 

Clarke, Jesse 

Cline, John 

Cochrane, Michael Cole, Brianne 

Connelly, Sean 

Cote, Margaret 

Cote, Matthew Crocker, Emily Crocker, Michelle 

i^H^MH^KHMMMH ■■■■■■■■ 

Croke, Erin 

Cronin, Megan 

Curtin, Jean 

Cxyxewski, Joanna DAngelo, Nicole 

Daly. Cara 

Daniel, Heather 

Danue, Derek Daszkiewicz, Rylee Deacon, Katie 

Dejesus, Charles 


rfff i? f 2010 


Delaney. Kaitlyn DeLorie. Shaunna DeMayo. Jacquelm DeRisha, Nicole 

\Gafx \ 

Desper, Tayla Desprez, Tyler Devine, Elizabeth DeVore, David 

Diamand, Justin Donahue, Kevin Donohue, Stephen Donovan. Ryan Dooley, James Doustou, Alexander Doustou, Joshua Dowdy, Cynthia 

Doyle. Aaron 

Dreher. Alia 

b«»» r m 

Duffy, Lauren Dyer, Tanisha 

Ewer, Brett 

Federico, Sara Feeney. Meghan Ferraris, Nicole 

v* KP 

Fields, Caleb 

Firth, Madeleine Fitzgerald, Edward Fitzgerald, Sean Flanagan, Kara Florence III, John 

Foley, Megan Fox, Samantha 

Francis, Courtney Fratus, Cameron Frederickson, Amy Gaffney, Brynne Galvin, Daniel 

Gately, Mark Gentile, Breanna Gerry, Jeannette 

Getchell. Matthew Giacalone, Gina Gifford, Lindsey Gilio, Natalia 

Gillespie, Sarah Gilmore, Alison Gilmore, Olivia Girouard. Ellen 

fff if 2010 



Goldberg, Katherine Gora, Rachel 

Grace, Tania 

Graham, Brittney Granville, Samantha 

■t urn 

Green, Brenden 

Grosso, Samantha Guglielmo, Barry 

Gura, Samantha 

Haley, Scott 

Hansen, Ryan Haughey, Marshall Heagney, Matthew Hedtler, Sara Henry, Cooper-Faye Higgins, James 

Hodge, Kiara 

Hogan, Matthew Holleran, Austin 

Home, Caroline 


Horton, Frank Howard, Brandon Hoye, Christopher Hughes, Logan 

Jaques, Amy 

I t 

Jennette, Chelsea Johnson, Kayla 

Jones, Alex 

Jones, Lincoln 

Jordan, Tiffany 

Joyal, Lyndsay 

Joyce, Paul 

Judson, Claire Kai Wing Yiu, Kevin Kalinowski, Lauren Kelleher, Katelyn Keyser, Brendon 

Kiernan, Alex 

Killion, James 

Kim, Nathan 

Kost, Nathan 

Kozak, Kelsey 

Lamb, Andrew Lannigan, Jennifer Lawler, Amanda Lechak, Sarah 


^f pf2010 


Lee, Daniel 

Leemon, Luis Leffelholz, Benjamin Lehman, Brandon Levangie, Danelle Lewicki, Ryan 

Lopez, Nicholas Lorusso, Timothy 

Loughlin. Nolan 

Lumnah, Aaron 

Luskin, Amy 

Lynes, Allyson 

MacDonald, Ry MacEachern, Kelly MacEwen, Kirstie Maclntyre, Peter 

Mahn, Kevin 

Mallgraf, Megan Mancour, Joshua Manning, Joseph 

Marra, Tyler 

Martel, Allison 

Martin, Kelli 

Matarese, Alicia 

Matz, Kevin 

McCarthy. Matthew McCormick, Daniel 

McCourt, Casey 

^ mk, Mm 

McDonald, Ryan McEachern, Julia McEvoy, Benjamin McFarland. Colin 

McGarry, Dahnyoung McKee, Davis McMahon, Amanda Miller, Brian 

Moniz, Priscilla Monteiro, Tyler 

Morton, Lauren Moscariello. Kelly 

Moscone, Alicia 

Mullen, Kayla 

Murphy, Branden Murphy, Colin Murtagh, Christopher Myers, Kathleen 


Myers, Sarah 


Napoli, Joseph 

fff cf2010 



*1iti.-v H 


/ WSK'< II 

Napoli, Olivia Nickerson, Lauren 

Niland, Kara 

Norris, Chloe 

O'Brien, Grace Owen, Catherine 

Pagliarini, Mark Palioca, Alexander 

Palmer, Jake 

Palmer, Krista 

Palmer, Nicole Palmieri, Armando Pasini, Francesca 

Paul, Matthew 

Petruchik, Meg Petruzziello, Angela 

Phillips, Catherine 

/ I 

Phillips, Madeline 

Plaehn, Molly 

Poirier, Brian 

Pomar, Ivana 

Pomfred, William Porell, Andrew Porter, Tiffany 

Presti, Nicole Puddester, Courtney Puzas, Colleen Quartarone, Alexander Quealy, Maggie 

Raia, Joshua 

Rando, Brittney 

Ray, Sylvester 

Read, Allysa Redman, Meredith Rentel, Bryan 

Rice, Stephen 

Richards, Connor Rieger, Kelsey 

Ringler, Alyssa 

Roche, Lauren 

Rochefort, Stephen Romano, Alissa Romano, Hannah 

Rowe, Robert 

Ruff, Richard Rutledge, Samantha Ruzycky, Stephen 

I 4 

Saccone, Gina 


^ff cf2010 


Saleem, Sharukh Sanford, Thomas Sanita, Jennifer 

Santos, Jocelyn 

Schyljuk. Erin 

Seely, Brynn 

Sepe, Shannon Shaw, Katherine 

Shea, Christopher 

rm us II 

Shipley, Sarah Shuley, Nicholas 


Silberhorn, Christ 

Smith, Brittany 

Smith, Katrina 

Smith, Melissa Sonnenberg, Kasi 

Spigarolo, Brian Stally, Alexander Sullivan, Cody Sullivan, Meaghan Sweeney, Brooke Sweeney, Rachel Thibedeau, Aman Thorne. Kelley 

Tilbert, Eric 

Tufts, Alexandra 

Tully, Kendra 

Tutela, Matthew Uvanovic, Christopher Veelenturf, Callie 

Vogt, Melissa 

Walker, Christine 

7/ ^\1 A 

Wallace. Tyler 

Warnick, Dane 

Whitney, Colin Whitney, Matthew Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Geoffrey Willman, Marie 

Willoughby, Eve 

Woodward, Christopher Wouters, Vanessa Wudyka, Ian Jeffrey, Wyman Zagieboylo, Michael Zeigler, Karl 

Tfff pf2010 



I <; * 

Dimand, Spencer 

Gallagher, Taylor 

Garza, Larissa 


Huyett, Daniel 

Robery, Christopher 

Thomas, Michael 

Brynn Seely & 
Kat Smith 

Tania Grace 
& Katie Shaw 

Sara Annis & 
Catherine Owen 

Rachel Boardman & 
Meaghan Sullivan 

Steve Ruzycky & 
Melissa Smith 

Brynne Seely & Madeline 


tfff pf2010 




Abramo, Victoria Abramson, Nicole Akrouche. Joseph 

Alegria, Raul 

Anderson, Caitlin Andrews, Tayla 

Anselone, Gina 

Anundson, Erik 

Benner, Alexandra Bennett, Rebecca Benton, Katherine Bernazzani, Shaw 

Biron, Sarah 

Black, Dylan 

Boari, Adam 

Botaish, Emily 

Boylan. Jillian 

Brabants, Dillion Bragdon, Lauren 

Brais, Austin 

Brescia, Ashley Brothers, Audrey 

Brown, Jake Buchanan, Rebecca 

/fcy pf~2Qll 




Buck, Natalie 

Bullock, Jennifer 

Burke, Emily 

Burks, Casey 

Burks, Jake 

Bushway, Cameron Cacciola, Christopher Cameron, Kevin 

Capparelli, Leah 

Cappuccino, Nicholas 

Carello, Paige 

Carneiro, Cody 

Carr, William 

Casey, Emily 

Casper, Conor 

Cebrowski, Daniel 

Chaisson, Emma 

Chan, Brittany 

Civitarese, Brook 


Clancy, Rebecca 

Clinton, Jared 

Colella, Alicia 

Collins, Zachary Conley, Jacqueline 

Connolly, Tyler Corliss, Christopher Corsini, Brandon Cosenza, Shaun 

Cote, Alyssa 

Cox, Jacob 

Cullity, Jaclyn 

Cuoco, Erika 

Curry, Dylan 

Curtis, Holly 

Custodio, Colleen Daniel, Joseph 

Davidson, Sean 

Deblasio, Marc DeFrank, Madeline Dehn, Arielle 

DiBacco, Jessica Dobachesky, Michael Dodge, Chloe 

Doiron, Katelynn Doogan, Brendan Doughty, Hayden 

Downey, Eric 

Drohan, Kelcie 


-%ff pf~2012 


Durden, Caitlyn Dusseault, Daniel Dyke, Amanda, Earley, Katharine Eaton, Thomas Embree, Alexandra Empey, Rachel Falandys, Jocelyn 

Fitzpatrick, Meghan Farrar, Richard 

Feeney. David 

Feeney, Kelly 

Ferrara, Adam 

Fiori, Emily 

Firth, Charlotte Fitzpatrick, Meghan 

Flanagan, Matthey 

Flink, Kyle 

Flower, Ryan 

Floey, Robert 

Foster, Christian Francomano, Dante 

Frigon, Brett 

Gagiard, Joseph 

Galvin, Christopher Nora, Gamon Gerry, Rachael 

Gianfrancesco, Timothy Giguere, Ashley Gileo, Mattthew Gilmore, Courtney Gorman, Carly 


Guglielmo, Paul Grossi, Vicnent 

Griffin, Carolyn Greenstein, Russ Greaves III, William Gray, Kelsey 


Gray, Jennifer Gottliieb, Timothy 

0£f pf2Qll 



Gustafson, Marc Haley, Kristen 

Halpin, Kelsey 

Harkins, laura 

Harkins, Michelle Harley, Jabarah Harrington, Elizabeth Harrington, Kevin 

Harrington, Robert Harvey, Garrett Harvey, Kenneth Hebert, Andrew 

Kahaly, Rachel 

i'~ cum 
Lagos, Alexander 

Hehn, Brandon Hewins, Weston Hilfrank, Kimberly Hogan, Kayla 

Holmes, Christopher Hurley, James 

Hurley, Kristen Jacques, Christopher Jeffrey, Molly Johnston, James Jones, Matthew 

Jones, Ryan 

Keefe, Kerri 

Keefe, Kristen 

Keegan, Sean Keenan, Courtney 

Kell, Ashley 

Kelley, Andrea 

Kelley, Anna 

Lavallee, Justin 

Lavender, Derek Layman, Connor Leonard, Nathan Lesnik, Victoria 

Levetin, Bailey 

Levy, Nicole 


/fry cf2QIl 


Manning, Kendall Manning. Ryan Marlconti, Victoria Marland, Brian 

Martin, Ryan 

Masse, Julia 

May, Alec 

Mazzocca, Frank 

) HI II WfM M W. *3 I \ ^ ^ 

McAuliffe, Matthew McCarthy, Blaine McCue, Lauren McDonald. Marguerite McDonnell, Nicole McDonough, Sean McElwee, Karen McGovern, Molly 

McGowan, Katherine McGrail. Michael 

McKay, Jamie McManus, Thomas Mealy, Trevor 

Melanson, Justin 

Melick, Drew Mercadante, Michael 

Miceli, Christina Millett, Jennifer 

Mingels. Keith Montgomery, Meghan Moore, Kali 

Morrocco, Arian Mosolgo, Victoria Mulry, Michaela 

Murphy, Jake Murphy, Shannon 

Murray, Jon Muscatiello, Nicholas Musto, Lacey 

Myers, Patrick 

Nevms, Allison Nickerson, Jenna 

C-tfcf gf2QII 



, ■▼ 1 

Nievergelt, Hailey Noonan, Timothy O'Malley, Genevieve Odams, David 

Olean, Mackenzie 

Orleans, Tayla 

Ortez, Jeffrey 

Osborn, Rachel 

Pac, Jenna 

Parkinson, Kristen 


Patterson, Scott 

Perry, Michael 

Perry, Sara 

Peterson, Andrew 

Peterson, Laura Petronio, Noelle 

i i 

Pickett, Emily 

Pinto, Courtney Piotrowski, Michael Piscitelli, Matthew Plympton, Jeffrey 

Poole, Cara 

Poon, Nathan Procaccini, Nicole 

Proto, Jillian 

Purrier, Alexandria 

Quern, Ryan 

Rabasco, Anna 

Rajput, Nitin 

Raymond, David 

Raymond, Tyler 

Reilly, Nicole 

Resley, Ashia 

Rice, Michael 


Redfearn, Ryan 

Riddoch, Edward Rivers, Samantha Robillard, Jennifer Rooney, Jennifer Rose, Alexander 

Roy, Surjyo 

Ryan, Cally 

Sabino, Jessica Sacramona, Thomas Safizadeh, Parissa Sampson, Zachary Sarapas, Brian 


-qfrf if 2011 

Saret, Justin 

Sarno, Dawn Schlabach, Matthew Schneider, Maximilian Scheonwolff, Jared Sesay, Abdulazziz 

Setien, Joshua 

Sexton, Michael 

Silletti, David Simmons. Christopher Slamin. Renee 

Small, Amanda 

Small, Joseph 

Smith, Ryan 

Solberg, Dane 

Souza, Brianna 

Spencer, Kathryn Squire, Gregory Squires, Sandra Stavola, Alyssa 

Stenfeldt, Paul 

Stetson, Raleigh Stumpenhagen, Richard Sullivan, Robert 

Swartzendruber, Samantha Tatt, Daniel 

Taylor, Jennifer 

Taylor, Libby 

Terio, Brittany Thibedeau, Heather Thomas, Michael Tiller, Matthew 

Tocci, Tara 

Torosian, Emily Troyanos, Nicholas Trudeau, Lauren 

Turner, Jennifer 

Unger, Giselle 

/F- I 

Valente, Kendall 

Veno. Richard 

rfff of 2011 




Verrochi, Lauren 

Vesty, Dana 

Waldman, Hanna 

Ward, Michael 

Washington, Harry Werlich, Michael 

Wholley, Alyssa Winslow, Cathryn 

I i W 

Witter, Nicole 

Wouters, Kristie 

f w 

Yetman, Lauren 

Young, Daniel 


Fortner, Taylor 

Pasquantonio, Joseph 

Rose, Kevin 

Tinkham, Cameron 

Cam Bushway & 
Joey Akrouche 


-faf vf2011 


u b 


iff wuard 

Shannon Curran, Jackie 
Beatrice & Maria Piazza 


Nicole Palmer & 
Emily Crocker 

Jeff Doughty & 
Rob Kiernan 

Kelly Carr John Cuzzo, Breanna Gen(j|e & 
Staph Flynn & Bobby Zahner Che|sey Jenet(e 

Alyssa Wholley 

Zach Short & Alex 

Dan Huyett 

Natalia Gilio 

Kaila Smith & 
Brittany Dorer 

Chris Dunn James Conne "y 







3 g 








-* « . * 







Mike Stewart 

Eddy Jones 

Eric Solberg 

^L4 .J 

Andrew Chipman 


til 89 

Jeremy Franklin, Matt 
Schairer & Mike Stewart 






Kristen Keefe & Natalia 

A group of the girls on 
a Spirit Day 


Danielle Sheehan 

Kelly Carr 





1 U 


Carter Wessman 

Jack Fitzpactrick 

&jui£ &pCC&r 

The boys warming up, led by captains 
Carter Wessman & Jack Fitzpatrick 




Joseph McGuire 





Sarah Shipley 

?v. s \ Mm. 


" ^r\-t*^ 


*~^r9m " Tim 

Ww A ! i 

The girls 


the middle of . 

a game 

Bridget McGovern 

Nina Hedberg 

Marissa Uvanovic 

Meghan Gaudet 




I '. i 





Alex Huth 

Harrison David 

Luke Niland 

Z^Wf (^rp££ (LspUffl „n 


The team finishing up the race 

Tom O'Brien 






> I Wfl > 

.» - 






James Fair 

DJ Goldberg 

»■»■ ir -Stae 1 .'■'"'l-i 



Megan Read 


Kelly McCloud 

Mary Pasquantonio 


Erin O'Connell 

Nicole Plympton 





Chris Home 

Nate Fish 

Team Photo 

The boys getting ready before a game 

y !■»■■ 

Conner Richards drives hard 

Joey Rose looks for 
the open man 



Br ll H^^^^H^H 


- ■ 

Br> t k 3 ^^Wr ■ 

I^H 1 9i ^^ 

Justin Gonzalez takes 

a shot 


Team Photo 

The girls practicing free throws 

Senior Girls 


Sara Annis anticipates a 

Ashley Bresia takes a 

Colleen Noble 

Nicole Plympton 


i i 


■ ■ 


'/ ■ 



JkyMP* 1 


Team Photo 

Emma Alvidrez, Julia Alvidrez & 
Melissa Smith 


Stephanie Fontana 

Katie Bums 

Kathleen Ellen 





■ ■ , 

V f 

' v I " 

»i ■ i 



I I 


Donald McNeil 

Conner David 

Alex Katapodis 

Seniors - Mike Nolan, Corey 
Crosby, Drew Greenstein 

f^FI^ r 

Austin Brais 



,J1 , _ 


Julia LoPresti on the 
balance beam 











Garrick Cronin 

Chris Pellichero 


Brad Goosens 


Matt Riddoch 



i r 



1 m ■ S£'i 



**^ — 


— i^ i 


Team Photo 

Erin Cote, Olivia Woodall, Maggie Cote, 
Chelsea Manning & Amanda Anderson 

Maggie Cote, Erin Cote & 
Kelly Carr 

Group of the girls on 
the bus 

Gina Anselone & Katie 

Danielle Sheehan 

Kellv Carr 




• " Vj ■* , 



Nate Robeson 

John Cuozzo 

Kyle Lasher 



Team Photo 

Kendall Harty 

Sarah Kilburne 

Katie Florence 

Mary Pasquantonio 


m.^-A HMttHI m^HI 

c <?t, 






Chris Hor 


Joe DiRienzo 



— *Cs». 

■ 1 1 ■ 


Team Photo 

Susie, Mackenzie, 
Jennifer, and Michelle 

Mackenzie Walsh, Jennifer 
Jones, and Susie Waters 

Mackenzie Walsh 
and Maggie Quealy 

Lindsey Messier 

Krissy Canon 

Jennifer Jones 

_.« ' 





* m 

I y - 




Vf+(ji*l o 



Eric Solberg 

Tom O'Brien 

Players start racing 

Tom Dooley 


LIm. * I 

}i ■ 

Team Photo 

Abby Lambert 

Kaila Smith 

Kaila Smith 

Katie Burns 

Amanda McVay 

Kathleen Ellen 


Duncan Yarworth 

Harrison David 

Alex Wider 

♦ * • 


1 T _ * 

1 ~ 1 

'xmKmSfkiL.^^j^ ---"%. 

r w 

y X' ■"''■:■:■:■:■:$ 

^ ^ r~r s ff < 

"*"■•.* *"9© IW 7»T^ "^ 

Harrison David 

Duncan Yarworth 

Sean Maguire 



Kathryn Lehman, Julie 
Kraby & Kim Webster 

.* i. 


»r- "•/ 




■ ■ 

a wtm 



i H I 



Andrea Yavarow 

Cara Daly 

Stephanie Fontana 

Team Photo 

Megan Cronin & 
Tori Mosolgo 

Kim Walsh, Michelle 
Daly & Chelsey Jeneatte 

Stephanie Fontana, Andrea 
Yavarow, Cara Daly 


• --J-m 


v *.. 

























x £ 










\ ^^ 






















; ■ 

•J ,,4 

















-,->•-/-■*•• ««/*< 






»«• l~% t/*i 

■ ,t 




p*lpr cZpCLttii, 

i-.V T 

B *v ■ 

& . 

Settle ^^ J l&^(fi)-(p<lpr S7CI&, 



m \ 





>V •■;•?» .7" 



■ ' If. 



Emma Alvidrez & Melissa 

Kaila Smith 

Mrs. Lambert, Mrs. Costello & 
Mrs. Pickart 

group 01 seniors 
coking at the Yearbook 












































Brittany Chan, Jen Turner & 
Colleen Custodio 

A group of Freshmen gather 
together for a picture 

Kelcie Drohan, Nicky Procaccini & Kirstie 

Caitlin Anderson, Michelle Harkins, Laura Harkins & 
Amanda Koechel 

Libby Taylor, Jenn Gray & 
Carolyn Griffin 


Ashley Kelt, Rachel Kahaly, 

Abdul Sesay, Matt 
Flanagan & Becky Clancy 

Kerri Keefe, Alyssa Wholley, Jen Millett, Meghan 

Raleigh Stetson & Kristen Fitzpatrick, Brianne Long & 
Keefe Maggie McDonald 

Melissa Smith, Mr. Costello & 
Katie Shaw 


Bobby Rowe & 
Dan Galvin 

Barry Gugliemo & 
Chris Hoye 

Kiara Hodge, Tania Grace, Nicole DeRusha 
& Angela Petruzzielo 

Ben Leffleholtz 
& Geoffrey Williams 

Tim Cauley, Ry McDonald, 

Colin Murphy & Lincoln 



Sam Reardon, Kelly Vesty, Megan Marra, Ali Fair, Allie Lomp, Kerry Eaton, Caroline Oumett & 

Michelle Daly 




Jack Washington 

Stephanie Gilbert & Pat 

Brittany Dorer & Kaila Smith 

Sara deCarvalho, Melissa Colcord, 

Kathryn Lehman, Amy Tolivaisa, Liz 

Palioca, Heather O'Handley 

Alex Lannigan 

Lauren Goulet, Cathy Sugrue, Danielle 
Shea, Hannah Seely, Erin Sebring, 

Pam Sugrue, Courtney Moore 

A group of the 

Katrina Crocker, Kristen 
Lamb & Cayla Saret 

Nick Pini, Sara 
Clarke & Elise Luskin 

Kayla Sarenson, Julia 

LoPresti & Jessica 





" » 

* '1 

IJ . 

Senior girls 


Chris Willson 

like Stewart, bddie Lewicki, 

Erick Deschamps & Dave 


Alana Judd & Anna 

Jess Fratus, Mike Nolan, Mike 
Taub, Robin Sherwin & Alex 



Kathryn & Brenden Lehman 

Katie & Angela Higgins 

Drew & Russell Greenstein 

Elise & Amy Luskin 

Lincoln & Ian Jones 

Maegan & Colleen 


Lauren & Ashley Berry James & Sean Connelly 

James & Ali Fair 







u b 


3roup of Seniors at their 
pep rally 

Cheerleaders at the Homecoming game 

LB and some others having 
a push-up competition 


■ ■ 

■ -" 











s#r» k ■ h 












f H 




■■ BIlT i T 

• ■ 



I-.- <> 


■ w 





r <• 





+- CD] 

5 c 



O r^ ,^i 






15 " - 



P\^ *73 

4^ O 

I* E 







w ^ 8 

CD £ T* 

P CD ^ 

CD fe 




CD ^ 

**'» I 















Brittany Dorer 

We know that it has been four exciting years with rewards, setbacks, struggles and hard work. 

Have PASSION. If it's not fun, if it doesn't spark your passion, don't do it. Spend your energies 
on what truly excites you. In life, necessity may force you and ambition may drive you, but 

passion carries you. 

LOVE. Be strong enough to choose it. Whatever your career choice, however strong your 

passion for it, your job can never be more important than the people you love. Always have the 

strength to choose Love. 
No matter where you are, who you become, or what you do, we are proud of you. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Kristen Lamb 


I can't even begin to tell you how proud we 

are of you. You have grown into such a 

beautiful young woman with a great 

outlook on life!! We know you will 

succeed in anything you do in life - you 

have the determination it takes. Always 

reach for the stars and don't settle for 

anything less. You are the best! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Andy, Emily & Bailey 

Kaila Smith 


We are so proud of 

you. Follow your 

dreams and don't let 

anyone or anything 

stand in your way. 


Mom, Dad 

& Melissa 


Danielle Shea 

Congratulations! You're the 

best! Keep smiling. We love 

you so much and are so 

proud of you ! 

Mom, Doug, Chris, Heather 
and Sarah 




Amy Tolivaisa 

Where did the 

years go... 
Yesterday pre- 
school graduation 
and today High 
School. We are 
very proud of you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
and Marley 

Hope High 
School was 
fun and you 

enjoy the 



Love, Bret 

James Robert Connelly 



We are so proud of all of 

your accomplishments. 

Keep up the good work. 

Mom & Dad 

Erin Lawler 

You finally graduated!!! Too bad 

you have to bring the cat to 

college with you. No matter how 

much we've ever been annoyed 

with each other, we'll always be 

best friends when everyone else is 


Love you, 



Garrick Cronin 

Garrick - We love 
you and are very 
proud of you and 



Your successes 

have only just 

Love, Gramma 
and Pop 

Sean Maguire 

Life's treasures are 

sometimes buried. Dig 

deeply and you will 

always find them!! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and 

Briana R. Fountain 

Looking at pictures of 

you as you grew is like 

looking at the most 

beautiful, precious 

moments to us. It's hard 

to believe you are all 

grown up and graduating. 

You are one of the true, 

greatest miracles in our 

life. Our beautiful, 

gorgeous daughter who 

we could not be prouder 

of. Don't ever doubt how 

much you are loved and 

you mean the world to us. 

P.S. You really are the 

favorite. (Don't tell Meg) 


Mom & Dad 


Abigail Kay Lambert fB 

We are proud of you 

and wish you all the 


An animal's eyes have the power to 

speak a great language. 

-Martin Buber 

To our animal lover, we know that 

you have a deep understanding of 

the joy and power of 

great language. 

Chad Perry 

Our sweet baby boy has 
grown to be a kind, fun- 
loving, intelligent young 
man. Bud, we are so proud 
of you. May your path in 
life bring much happiness 
and success. Keep home 
close to heart. 

We love you ~ Mom and 


Congrats! I can't believe my 

little brother is graduating! 

You've done so well in high 

school, and I've loved watching 

you play basketball. I enjoy our 

fun times together. You're a 

wonderful person, and I'm so 

proud to call you my brother! 

Remember who you are and 

where you came from. I'll 

always be here for you. 


Kayley Michelle 


Take , Tell the truth. 

Date someone TOTALLY wrong for you. 

Say no. Spend all your cash. Fall in love . 

Get to know someone random. Be random. 

Say I loveijoii Sing out loud. 

Tell someone how much they mean to you. 

Laugh at a stupid joke. Cry. 

Let someone know what they're missing. 

Don't worry about everyone else. Be yourself. 

Laugh until your stomach hurts. J_,1VC lllC 


Mom, Dad, Julia and Christie 




Leigh Drapeau Kumpe 

• ^ 

, 1 1 .-. 


It has been a long journey 
from your first day of 

.to your last 


You have navigated it successfully and we are so proud of you. 



^ *-*-** v% 






Amanda Leigh Bickum 

We have watched you grow from a sweet little baby 

to the beautiful on the inside and out young woman 

you are now. We are so very proud of you and all that 

you have accomplished thus far, and all that we know 

you will continue to succeed in throughout your life. 

Never forget a minute that we will ALWAYS & 

FOREVER be here for you. 


Mom and Dad 

Follow your heart and dreams and always, always 
believe in yourself. 


Jennifer K. Jones 

Wow! ! Our baby is grown up. Never too old to 

give your parents a hug. Jennifer we are and 

always will be so very proud of you. Continue 

to strive to be the best you can and know we 

will always love you! Congratulations 

Love, Mom & Dad 

We are all so proud of 


You are a great "big 


always remember great 


thanks for always being 

there for us. 

Matt, Brandon & Shannon 



Wherever your new 

adventures take you, may 

you always find good 

friends, fun times and 

something to laugh about! 

You make us very proud 

and we will miss you next 

year. Enjoy the journey — 

we know you will be 


We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Loobison and Buddy 

Melissa Colcord 

"Stepping out and embracing 



We're very proud of all your 

accomplishments. We admire 

your loyalty and strength of 


Love, Mom, Dad, Becky, and 


Caitlin Droney 

Congratulations Caitlin! 

We are very proud of you 
and wish you much 

success and happiness in 
everything you do! 

Mom and Dad 

Amanda Dion 

Our dear Amanda, 

Best wishes for a future filled with 

health, happiness, and love! 

Love you Always + Forever, 

Mom, Dad, Rob, and Tommy 

Katrina Crocker 

Congratulations! Katrina, we are 

so proud of everything you have 

accomplished. We wish you good 

health and much happiness. 

Love, Nana and Grandpa 

> :> v 

Mary Ellen Pasquantonio 


"You Go Girl!" 

Words can't express 

how much we love 


You're the best! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Julie, 

Kelly, Joey, and 



Hannah Seely 

Hannah, on the day you 
started school. 

Little did we know 
what an adventure 

it would be! 



We're so very proud of you, 

and love you very much. 

Congratulations, you're going 

to have a great, fun future. 

Dad, Mom, Sarah & Brynn 

Amanda Rose 

Are we there yet...? 

AH Trust Travel 

"Turning Fun into Fortune" 

Andria Goddard 

Mackenzie Dawn 

You are our sunshine and we're so 

proud of you. Thank you for 

being such a good daughter. You 

have accomplished a lot. Keep 

reaching up high into the sky and 

may all your dreams come true. 

We heart you, Kenz! 

Mom & Dad 

Zachary Michael 

Congratulations Zachary on 
a successful 4 years and 
looking forward to many 

more to come... 

Love Always, Mom, Tom, 

Jacob, and Thomas 




Amanda Thibault 


We are so proud of 
you Manda! 

To accomplish great 
things, you must not 
only act but also 
dream, not only plan 
but also Believe 

We believe in 

Loving you more than the whole wide 
world and back again. 

Mom, Dad, Nicole & Jill 


Brendon M. Nelson 


Our pride in you 

is surpassed only 

by our love for 

you. Rock on! 

Your biggest fans: 

Mom, Dad, Troy, 

Julia and Mr. W.T 

That's it! You 
people have stood 
in m\) way long 
enough- I*wi going 
to clown college! 
Homer Siwpsovi 



i P 

Megan Jayne Weeks 


Congratulations Meg ! 

We are so proud of you! You are a smart and 

beautiful girl. We all know whatever you put your 

mind to you will accomplish. You have the 

determination to make all your dreams come true. 

We love you so much. 

Kel, Ed, Andy, and Mom 


Laura Traverse 


We love you and 
are very proud of 
you. Have fun in 


Love, Mom, Dad, 

and Molson 



• -' ■ — ■ JP'^MlfSil 

1"- *■ 


r». v ' — - 

L" ■ - ' 

ft V ''" ' 

Br ■ i 
K ■ ^> 

Jessica St Pierre 


Congratulations and 

best of luck in the 

years to come! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and 



Michael Stewart 

c/lavj i& Ine. ocAt ttme af u|«/ - 4a inanu cnaxceA^ - 

r_/lui cuw^tec/La/t ijati! <Jvc-uj an ihcy an<iA v\!n<i to^ic uxnu 

<Jke»i liafe h«*n tncac. and UuOMA. aue&tuinA v\klX n«Aei ao/ 

unan4W«W, . oLaa-lcmq IxiA-WaAxl ta atX aX iia^u/i. 

acnt«.\Lemeni&. V<in<jxatuXattQ.t\A - 



Christine Fiorelli 

From dress up to college... where 

has the time gone? We are so 

proud of you. You will always 

be our little Beanie. 

Love Mom + Dad 

> i\ 

Laura Young 


Our Miracle Baby! 

We are very proud 

of you! Our wish 

for you is lots of 

success and 

happiness in your 




Mom, Dad 

Sisters, Brother-in-laws, 



Stephanie Flynn 

Stephanie - It seems like yesterday you were our 

little "Nockanie" and suddenly you are a beautiful 

young lady finishing high school. Where did the 

time go?? College in just a few months - it's hard to 

believe and difficult to let go of you, our baby. 

Good luck and work hard next year. We are so very 

proud of you and love you dearly! 

Love You, Mom, Dad, and Mark 

. i 




m f;**C>. 




Scott Anthony 

Congratulations, Scott! 

You have filled our lives with joy, happiness, 

kindness, humor, and most importantly love. 

We are and always will be so proud of you. 

Always stay true to yourself! 


Mom, Dad & Lauren 

Veronica Dullea 

V, your determination will take you 

anywhere you want to go in life... but don't 

forget to enjoy the ride! ! ! 



Kathleen Ellen 

Kathleen, as a child we loved and protected 
you but also taught you how to fly on your 
own. Now as you leave the nest, remember 

we are so proud of you and your 

accomplishments! Follow your heart. We 

Love you always! 

Mom and Dad 

Jenna Lauren 



* Ml ■ * 



T « 

It is hard to believe that you are through with high 

school and off to college. In your own unique 

rhythm, may you cross this "threshold" and venture 

forward in love, wisdom, music, color, happiness 

and success. Study hard, aim high, no 45 degree 

angles and enjoy. 


Mom, Dad, Dan, Matt 






Sarah Kilburne 

Our wish for you is 

that your life 
becomes all that you 

want it to. 
There is nothing you 

can't achieve. 

We are so proud of 



Mom and Dad 


Just so you know, 

college is no day at 

the beach... or maybe 

it is. Goodluck and 

have some fun this 


Love, Nick 

Luke Darling 



we are all so proud 

of you! 


Dad, Mom, John, 

Mark & Chris 

Patricia Lawler 


You have made us 

very proud! 


Dad, Mom, Katie & 


ackenzie Dawn 


It seems like just yesterday you 

were my Power Ranger watching 

little sister. But all too quickly, 

I'll say, you became a mature, 

confident, and lovely young 

woman who's about to tackle the 

real world. I wish you the best of 

luck, always. ..and don't forget- 

you're STILL my little sister. 

Love ya! 

Katrina Crocker 

"What lies behind us and 

what lies before us are 

small matters compared to 

what lies within us" -Emerson 

Katrina, may all your 

dreams come true. 

Love Mom, Dad and 


Gregory Cordo 

Behind you, all your memories, 

Before you, all your dreams, 

Around you, all who love you. 

Within you, all you need. 

Step into your future with faith in your abilities, 

with the sure, strong knowledge that this world 

needs you and the unique inspiring gifts only you 

can give. 

Love, Dad, Mom, Michelle, and Debbie 





Alison Paige Fair 

You were our gifts from God; 

we treasured you and did our best 

to teach you right from wrong. 

Now we admire you both 

as you prepare to spread 

your wings and fly; 

we are so proud and filled with love. 

You have made our dreams come true. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Christian & Olivia 

"Each of you has been blessed with 

one of God's wonderful gifts to be used 

in the service of others. 

So use your gift well." 1 Peter 4:10 

James Thomas Fair 

Rachel Addison 

Two very lucky parents are 


As you move on in your 

next stage of life, we wish to 

share with you the wisdom 

of Albert Schweitzer: 

"Success is not the key to 

happiness. If you love what 

you are doing, you will be 

successful. " 






Mike Davies 

Mike- You started making our 

family laugh when you were a little 

kid, and then you made an entire 

school laugh with you. We can't 

wait to watch you become a great 

film maker and make the whole 

world laugh. We're so proud of 


Do work Son! 


Your Mom, Dad and Sister 



metal finishing 

90 (Rear) MORSE ST., NORWOOD, MA 02062 


(Tel ; 781 -551 -8235 (Fax) 781 -551 -8225 


<JjeAt \JUiAru2A^ 


CiW o|2008! 

Kimberly Morton 


y o\\ are a venj special dat^hter. We 

love yo\\ verij m^ch. 

Mom, Dad, denmj, Lauren, and John 

Jeffrey Doughty 


We are so proud of you and all 

that you have accomplished! 

Love always, 

Dad, Mom, Lauren, Hayden, 

Kate, Ryan, and Jack 


Michael D. Stewart III 

M-Stew #34 


You're the best brother anybody could ever ask for. I am so 

proud of you and all the things you have achieved. There is 

nobody that deserved to be a Captain and All-Star more than 

you. You are a natural leader and I know what comes before 

you in the future you will tackle. Good luck Kid! Love, B- 


Mike, I don't know what I did to deserve a son like you. I am 
so proud of you! Love, Father 


You are a team player who always has us 

cheering. You are an amazing young 

man who always has us laughing. You 

are a loving person that we will forever 

be blessed. 

Your#l Cheerleader, Mother 

Matthew Schairer 



We're so 
proud of you. 

Mom & Dad 

Erin Donovan 


JUurciijS Kiss \\% 



Best Wishes, 

Mom, Dad, Brian, 

and Baileij 

Bridget Hutchinson 

Dear Bridget, 

If you have one aim 

in life, let it be to 

fulfill your 


Love and Peace, 

Mom and Dad 



Nina Hedberg 

Cherish the memories. 

Follow ijo^r dreams. \5o\\ have so m^chto 

looK forward to. Congratulations Nina! 

We loveijo^! 

Mom, Dad & Michelle 

an O'Rourke 

Remember Meg- 




Your Pals, 

Fred, Ray and 


Mark William 



We love you! 

Mom, Dad, 

Melissa and 


Garrick Cronin 


Mat) the sunshine 

warm n,pon ijou,r face, 

the rains fall Soft Mpon 

tjour fields 



J\\\nt Joan, Kerin & 


Drew Greenstein 


You make us proud. 

You are a wonderful son. 

Congratulations ! 

All our love, 

Mom & Dad, 

Russell & Austin 


Mart} Frances, 

Congratulations on^radMatin^ and earU) 

acceptance to Lesley College! We are all so 

proi^d of ijom and Knowthat ijom will maKe a 

difference! We love 1)014 So mi^ch! 


IDaddjJ, Mom, Gloria, S'more, LmcKij & 



Emily Cannon 

To Mij EmtUj, 

Mij thi4mb-SU,cKincj partner, mij lai^jhincj twin, and mij 

best friend, I am so protyd of ijowj Whether a HiasHjj 

or an Irishwoman, ijom will do areat things! LooKin^ 

forward to more rides to Maine sinking Carlij Simon 

with ijom. 

Wherever t)o^ $o, whatever ijom do, the 

world is a better place became of 1)014!! 

y o\\ are o^r Sunshine and we love yo\\ 

Lwblio <3 


Mwnmj) and Dabbij 


Meghan Alexandra 

When you get the choice to sit it out 

or dance, I hope you'll dance.... 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad & Michaela 

Caroline O'Malley 

o)v\!eet L-cnxMAne, qaxiA turves xiqAauv AJixmveA/ 
e/ILcwn, JDaA, <Jcun, & am^Atc^ie' 






Kathleen Ellen 

To our extended soccer 

family, we wish you 
happiness and success- 
Thank you for more than 
ten years of great 
memories. Good luck! 

The Ellens 

Garrick Cronin 


We are so proud of you. You've brought joy and 
I happiness to our family for 18 years. We look 
forward to sharing in your future success. We 

love you. 
Mom, Dad and Nevin 



;,V' I 


■ ■ 




Jacy Bourque 

Congratulations Jacy, 
We are all so proud of you and 

the young lady you have 

become. We wish you all the 

luck, love and happiness in the 

world. Keep on smiling! 

With lots of love, 

Mom, Dad & big brother 


Megan Elizabeth 


It's hard to believe that the time 

has come for you to graduate. 

You've worked hard to get here. 

We are proud of you and love you 

very much. 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad and Jason 

Kelly Ann Carr 


Congratulations! «Rs ijon move into this next 

chapter in ijowr life we look forward to seeiwj 

how hi<jh ijoty will flij and where ijowr jowrneij 

willtaKe ijom. \$o\\ have so mi^ch to do and 

there's So mtyeh spirit inside of ijotyto^ive 

alomj the waij. Be Happij! 

Love always, Mom and Dad 




Heather O'Handley 

Heather, we are so very proud of 

you; we wish you success in all that 

you do. Remember one thing we 

want you to know: our love is with 

you wherever you go. Good luck in 


We will miss you! 

Love, Mom, Daddy & Jessie 







Erin Elizabeth O'Connell 


We are so proud of you. Your 

ability to see past life's challenges 

will help you to continue to 

accomplish great things. 

Remember to have fun for yourself 

while using your incredible ability 

to care for others. We are always 

here for you with love and support. 


Mom, Dad, Brian, Michael & 


Congratulations Erin! 

We are so pro^d of $o\\ and 

love ijom vertj mi^ch! 


farrian, Michael & Shannon 

An Irish Blessing found for you; 

May love and laughter light your 
days and warm your heart and 


May good and faithful friends be 

yours, wherever you may roam. 

May peace and plenty bless your 

world with joy that long endures. 

May all life's passing seasons 

bring the best to you and yours! 


' s 

Carter Wessman 

Congratulations Carter! 

We are very proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Abby and 


Emily Cannon 

Emmaltna: Our Walking ancj Talking DolUj 

y©M have brought so much LOVE and JOy 

into our lives. We love ijom and wre are so 

proud of tjoti 

Mtj Let) a and Jim 







«*•«>' I 



Courtney Fabiano 

"Live well, Laugh often, Love much!" 


Where has all the time gone? We are so proud of you! We wish 

you much happiness and success in the next chapter of your life. 

May all your dreams come true. Congratulations Courtney! 

We love you very much, 
Mom, Dad, Andrew, and Kristen 

Marissa Maria 









Live well 
Love much 
Laugh often 

Zivjeti dobro 

Voljeti puno 

Smijati se cesto 

Congratulations our Angel, 
Love always, Mom, Dad, Rob, Chris, and 


Andrew Fox 


How quickly the time goes - 

From our fun loving burst of energy 

to an amazing young man! 
We are so proud of you ! Work hard 
and have fun at college- 
Mom and Dad 







J .A i 

Nicole Plympton 

Congratulations Nicole! 

We are so proud of you ! 

You have worked so hard and should 

be proud of yourself too! 
Embrace every moment and live life 

to its fullest!!! 

The future holds great things for you ! 

Love & Hugs, 

Dad, Mom, Jeffrey & Fenway ! ! ! 

Brian Toney 

Best of luck in college, Brian! 

We are proud of you and we will 

miss you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Erin Sebring 

Dear Erin- 
Keep dancing 
through life with a 
smile on your face. 
Love always, 
Mom and Dad 

Jensen McKee 

John Robert 

I've always believed in you, Jack! 
Your Gifts, 

Your Heart, 

Your Light! 

With you all the way! 

Love, Your best bud, Timothy... 

May love, laughter, a 
love of learning, and 

wisdom always be 

Love, Mom, Dad and 

...with the love and support of 
the entire Grivois Family!! 

> 1 1 

W» •' 


-T7TT7 nr : \\\ v n 


i_i 1 i ' I 

fffrri± XM i i i ' — i — 
== ?==— H ^ LLLLJ. I I IJ 

Congratulations Class of 2008 





manda Porter 



We are so proud of you ! ! 


Daddy, Tiff, Auntie, Joey, 

Mom, Jeff, Cate, Jake, 

Roxy, Skylar, + Bella 

Jack Fitzpatrick 

Twenty years from now you will be 

more disappointed by the things you 

didn't do than by the ones you did. 

So throw off your bowlines, sail 

away from the safe harbor, catch the 

trade winds in your sails. 

Explore, Dream, Discover. 

Jack you have brought much joy, 

love, light, and laughter to our lives. 


Mom and Dad 

Nathaniel Robeson 

Congratulations and good luck on all your 
future adventures ! 

We are proud of you. 

Football, snowboard and lacrosse. 

We love you. Draw Blood! 

Mom, Dad, and Juliana 

v r 




Katie Florence 


Here you are with your brother, best friend, 

and of course your lacrosse stick. Never did 

we imagine where that would take you and 

what you would accomplish. Your hard work 

and dedication are inspiring. Most 

importantly, you made great friends and have 

wonderful memories of your high school 

experience at KP. 

We are so proud of you! You are a wonderful 

daughter, sister, and friend. Best wishes for 

continued success and happiness as you 

take the next step in your life. 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Johnny, and Olivia 

Megan Lynn Anderson 


We are so proud of you! You 
are the BEST daughter. We 
have had so much fun watching 
you grow into a beautiful 
woman. Keep smiling and 
remember to follow your 

Love, Mom, Dad, Andrew, & 

Garrick Cronin 

To Garrick, 

You will always 
be my super 
star in sports 
and in life. 
Nana Ryan 

Julie Ann Kraby 


You have brought so much joy, 

happiness, and fun times to our 

family. We are proud of the 

person you have become. 


Mom, Dad, Jenna, and Michael 


Eddy Jones and Jackie Russell 

Eddy and Jackie 

Congratulations! You guys are THE BEST! 

Our love and support are always with you both! 

Mom and Dad 

Chris Home 


We are so proud of you ! 


We love you! 

Ellen, Chuck, Allie, and Caroline 

Kathryn Mikaela Lehman 

From the time you were two, we knew 

Watch out world: coming through! 

18 years. What an incredible ride 

Especially for us at your side. 

Thank you, Kathryn 


Mom, Dad, Brandon, & Rachel 

Gregory G. McClain 



Congratulations, Greg 
You made it ! 

Love Mom, Dad, and Rachel 

Michael D. Stewart III 



We are proud of you ! ! 

Uncle Craig and Family 


Shay la Billian 


With laughter, tears, and 

much love we have watched 

you become a beautiful 

young lady. Never stop 

following your dreams! We 

are so proud of you and love 

you with all our hearts. 

Dad and Mom 


To "The Gang" 




O rut <J I Lam&y curuL Jl) clAa). 

Don't throw those broken 
eyeglasses or sunglasses away! 

Let the Hilco Eyewear Repair Center 
make them like new again! Stop by for 
FREE evaluation! 

Most repairs $25.00 or less 


33 West Bacon Street, 
Plainville, MA 02762, 
Tel: (800) 955-6544 


Hours of operation: 
Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

y^XlAX^L/iuJiuXaAAAlAXAy kJuCL&As q)L 2008! 





Catherine Sugrue 



We are so proud of you. You 

will succeed at anything you 

choose to do. We wish you every 

happiness and hope you get 

everything you want 

from life. 


Mom, Dad, Angie, Pam, 

& Brian 

Michael Francis Nolan 

Dear Mike, 
We are so proud of 


Congratulations and 

keep smiling! 

Much love, 

Mom, Dad, & Amy 

Shayla Billian 

"A sister is someone 

who knows 
everything about you 

and loves you 
anyways." We're so 
proud of you Shay! 

Loce Always, 

Harleigh, Jenna, and 


Pamela Sugrue 


We are so proud of you. 

You are going to be an 

awesome teacher! We wish 

you every happiness and 

hope you get everything you 

want from life. 


Mom, Dad, Angie, Cathy, 

& Brian 

Joe DiRienzo 

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your 

life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, 

rely on, or blame. The gift of life is yours - it is an amazing 

journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. 

This is the day your life really begins. 

- Abraham Maslow 

Congratulations Joe! I'm so proud of you. 

With much pride and love, Mom 

Sometimes we fight and we 

pretend that we're not related. But 

in the end, as much as we don't 

want to admit it, we love each 

other very much. You're the best 

big brother and you will always be 

my Boey. 



m § 





Sam and Tom O'Brien 

Sam & Tom 

Love Mom, Dad, 
& Justin 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2008! 

George Cronin & Sons, Inc 

5 George St. 

Norfolk, MA 02056 

cofiffatuktions Seniors 

Best of lu\ to the 
class of 2008 

Wrentham (fjjjmt) Co-operative Bank 

Jeffrey M. Liber, President 

102 South Street, Wrentham, MA 02093 


Garrick Cronin 


I love you and I 

am so proud of 



Auntie Kathy 

Stephanie Fontana 


We have watched you 

grow into a strong, caring 

and loving young 

woman. We know you 

will succeed as you go 

forward to accomplish 

your dreams. 

Love, always, 

Nana and Pa 


Class of 2008! 

from the 

King Philip Teachers 




Food Shops 

Class of 2008! 

Garrick Cronin 


We all knew you'd have 

your cake and eat it 



Auntie Bee and Uncle 


Stephanie Fontana 


You don't need us to wish 

you good luck or tell you 

that you're going to do 

well. Just go easy on 

everyone else on your 

way to the top! 

Mook and Nook 







VI ^ 

Brian Andrew Kenney 

Dear Brian, 

Congratulations! You've made us 

so proud of the young man you've 

become. May your caring and 

compassionate disposition guide 

you in life. 

God Bless, 

Love, Mom and Dad, 

Mark, Amy, and Caitlin 

An Old Irish Blessing 

May love and laughter light your days 

and warm your heart and home. 

May good and faithful friends be yours, 

wherever you may roam. 

May peace and plenty bless your world 

with joy that long endures. 

May all life's passing seasons 

bring the best to you and yours! 

Michael Stewart 



You have done a great 

We are very proud of 


Love Grandma and 



Jonathan Gaughran 




Mom, Eric, and 


Congratulations Steph! 

Words cannot possibly describe how proud 

we are of you! We admire your strength 

and commitment to give your best to all 

you do. You are an incredible person! 

We'll miss your amazing energy, passion, 

and loving spirit. Believe in yourself - you 

have everything you need for success and 


We love you, 

Mom and Dad 


Stephanie Fontana ^ 




* ■ 



Studios, Ltd 

1062 Taunton Avenue Rt 44 

Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771 

(508) 336-4777 

Vour year/jwk 










The Breakfast Club 

I Know it's a cliche b^t I can't believe 

how time has flown! It seems liKe onlij 

yesterday that yoty were timid 

freshman in my homeroom (and 

science class for some of yoii). What a 

blessimj it has been to be a part of yo^r 

lives and yowr morning routine. I will 

miss yoM all so m^ch! May $o\\ be 

blessed in all that do! 


Mrs. PicKart 

Class of 2008... 

We did it! 


from your class 

officers and 



to the Class of 



300 East Central 


Franklin, MA 02038 


i%»[ , 



^'^ 'Hw*/ 

I ■ 




«i ■ 








■ , ■ 




World Beat 

© Paul Buck/epa/Corbis 






Front Page Headlines 

REUTERS/Erik de Castro/Landov 

^ As the war in Iraq passes the four-year mark, 
tours of duty are lengthened and recruitment 
standards are relaxed. 

To ease the mortgage crisis, the U.S. 
Senate passes legislation allowing 
homeowners with delinquent sub-prime 
mortgages to refinance into federally 
insured loans. 

fChris Rank/Bloomberg News./Landov 



<4 Several cities in the 
southeastern U.S. 
are mere months away 
from running out of 
water as drought 
conditions persist in 
the region. 



Six men are trapped when a 
Utah coal mine collapses on 
August 6. Ten days later, the 
mine collapses again, killing 
three rescue workers. After 
four weeks the search ends. 

© Rick Bowmer/epa/Corbis 

<& Tannen Maury/ep< 





► The U.S. Postal Service issues 
a forever stamp featuring an 
image of the Liberty Bell. It will 
always be valid for first class 
postage on envelopes weighing 
one ounce or less. 

eryfc /Landov 



uain v ■■. 




During televised debates, 
Democratic and Republican 
presidential candidates answer 
tough questions submitted by 
voters via YouTube. 

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to former Vice President Al Gore 
and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, represented by 
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, for their efforts to call attention to global warming. 

T Schools across the nation are 
thoroughly disinfected — and 
some are even shut down — 
to quell outbreaks of staph 
infections, including antibiotic- 
resistant strains. 

T Dozens of tornadoes tear 
across Tennessee, Arkansas, 
Mississippi, Kentucky and 
Alabama on February 5, 2008, 
killing nearly 60 people. 

In late October, Governor 
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
declares a state of emergency 
due to wildfires that burn more 
than half a million acres in 
southern California. 

American consumers lose 
their confidence in China's 
manufacturers when children's 
toys tainted with lead trigger 
widespread recalls. 

<4 The Nintendo "Wii-nomenon" sweeps the nation 
as the game console outplays the competition 
with sales of more than 13 million units. 

© Ted Soqui/Ted Soqui Photography USA/Corbis 

Writers hit the picket lines and television production 
is halted for months when the Writers Guild of America 
goes on strike to protest compensation policies for 
new media such as iTunes downloads. 

I H - .-V* 

US ,' 


I -. I 

■ /•■■»■, 


In Littleton, Colorado, 
construction is completed 
on the $1.5 million 
Columbine Memorial to 
the 13 victims of the 1999 
shooting at Columbine 
High School. 


y& ■$ 

On August 1 , a six-lane I-35W bridge stretching across 
the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapses into the 
river during the height of the afternoon rush hour. 

•*> 4 







^ People around the world cast more than 100 
million online votes to determine the New 
Seven Wonders of the World. The winning 
wonders are announced at a gala in Lisbon. 

▼ More than 150 of the world's leading music 
acts perform in concerts staged around the 
world for Live Earth, a star-studded event to 
draw attention to the global climate crisis. 




Labour Party leader Gordon 
Brown succeeds Tony Blair 
as the new Prime Minister 
of the United Kingdom of 
Great Britain. 

In December, Pakistani 
opposition leader Benazir 
Bhutto is assassinated 
following a political rally 
in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 



f m 


The melting of the Arctic Sea 
ice spurs an international 
network of climate scientists 
to conclude that global warming 
is indisputable, and that human 
activity has been causing 
temperatures to rise since 1950. 

A^ ?b 



A Tropical cyclone Sidr is 
the deadliest storm to hit 
Bangladesh in a decade. 
It destroys thousands of 
homes, ruins crops and 
forces more than a million 
villagers to evacuate. 


U.S. astronaut Peggy Whitson 
is the first female commander at 
the International Space Station. 

Getty Images 

■4 The digital smiley face 
celebrates its 25th 
birthday. Its inventor, 
Carnegie Mellon 
professor Scott E. 
Fahlman, first used 
the icon on an electronic 
bulletin board in 1982. 

Black bears make headlines 
in Utah, Wyoming and New 
Mexico as park rangers and 
wilderness homeowners report 
raids on backpacks, tents, 
trash cans and even kitchens. 

Using mice, biologists 
develop a method to 
reprogram ordinary skin 
cells into all-purpose 
stem cells. This discovery 
is likely to have a 
positive impact on 
treatments for a 
number of diseases. 

© Yuri Kochetkov/epa/Corbis 

•4 Crops are threatened when honeybee colonies 
in the U.S. and Europe suffer from Colony Collapse 
Disorder, losing up to 70 percent of their bees due 
to unknown causes. 

Getty Images/Science Faction 

► In a medical experiment, 
salmonella germs take 
a ride on the space 
shuttle. When they 
return to Earth, the 
germs are far more 
lethal than their 
earthbound counterparts. 

•^ An excavation site in 
Argentina yields the 
fossilized remains of 
a previously unknown 
species of dinosaur, the 
Futalognkosaurus dukei, 
measuring more than 
105 feet. 



• -'_> 

Social networking websites continue to surge 
in popularity. MySpace and Facebook remain 
dominant as the sites of choice for young 
people and inspire a host of innovative imitators. 

Concerns about overweight dogs and cats 
hit the headlines. Veterinarians prescribe a 
regimen of fewer treats, more walks around 
the neighborhood and no people food. 

Mike Thomas/Express Newspapers/Getty Images 

^hoto lllustra 



i Jackson/Getty Images 





'^*T^: : ^ 

a Sfi tec. **- t Sj 


The healthy growth trend 
for vitamin waters and 
other nutrient-boosted 
consumables continues 
with the introduction of 
specialized formulas 
for immunity, focus 
and more. 




T User-generated content grows 
more popular as network 
television shows, mainstream 
musical acts and wannabe 
media stars join amateur home 
moviemakers on YouTube. One 
of the most-watched videos of 
2007 features a feline pianist. 

Harrer/Bloomberg New&'landov 


* C: 

Concerns over the environment 
and increasing energy costs 
create a growing consumer 
demand for energy-saving, 
long-lasting compact fluorescent 
light bulbs. 

The Apple iPhone, with its 
revolutionary touch screen, 
packs mobile phone, camera, 
iPod, Web browser, email and 
IM capabilities into a sleek, 
portable package. 

jjS PA Photos/Landov 


□ IIS 

Nora the Piano Cat™ © 2007 Alexander & 1 

Higher prices for coffee beans 
do not lessen the nation's 
craving for coffeehouses. 
Independents and chains 
alike continue to be popular 
with younger consumers. 

t t 

©Thorn Lang/Corbis 

▼ Cute and comfy baby doll jumper 
tops and dresses with button 
straps start as a summer trend 
and morph into fall fashion layered 
over close-fitting sweaters and 
matching tights. 

The A-line silhouette 
comes to outerwear, 
as swingy trapeze coats 
become one of the 
year's most surprising 
fashion must-haves. 

•4 Under Armor athletic 
apparel is a popular 
fashion choice for 
athletes both on and 
off the field. 

Fashion takes a look back 
to the 1980s with the return 
of leg warmers, worn as an 
accessory with short skirts or 
skinny jeans and fashionable 
ballet flats or moccasins. 

A Quilted Vera Bradley 
handbags and totes 
sweep college campuses 
sororities and high school 
hallways from coast to coast 

► The ubiquitous, slouchy suede 
Ugg boot is reinvented with 
cozy knitted uppers that keep 
toes toasty and add a soft, 
tweedy, textured look to fall 
and winter ensembles. 


"».J & I W 

V ,i 

; V >2* 4? f*Z ^SS 



Stephon Marbury inspires a host of 
celebrities, including Sarah Jessica 
Parker and Venus Williams, to 
battle the high-priced fashion industry 
by creating their own affordable apparel. 

•4 The craze for oversized 
leather bags — in metallic 
shades of copper, silver 
and gold — inspires a 
trend for matching 
footwear in daytime 
and nighttime looks. 



T The music video game Rock Band is 
released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 
Players perform together in virtual bands, 
using peripherals to hit notes as they 
scroll onscreen. 



The music video game Guitar Hero 
III: Legends of Rock is released with 
a soundtrack of 71 playable songs. 
Slash and other real-life guitarists 
appear as in-game characters. 

Even after lonelygirH 5 

is revealed as a 
fictitious character, 
her popular storyline 
continues for a full 
season as an Internet 
dramedy series on 
YouTube and MySpace. 

- ' 




' %m ''♦ 

Adam Berry/Bloomberg News/Landov 

After a two-year format war, 
Toshiba pulls its HD DVD 
product out of contention, 
leaving Sony Blu-ray as the 
sole next-generation successor 
to DVD. 











Sulake Corporation 

J ftk 

1m k Bar nn 


9 W - I 


, ... . 

*y y 

Large-scale multiplayer 
online gaming gives rise 
to virtual worlds where 
players interact via avatars 
and the computer-generated 
environment is similar 
to the real world. 

r conlrflllrr 

Harry Potter and the Deathly 
Hallows, the seventh and final 
book in the enormously popular 
series, is released. Its first U.S. 
print run is a record-breaking 
12 million copies. 







Beading makes a comeback 
as a way to relax and creatively 
spend time with friends. 


The CWKC Bailey/Landov 

The NBC drama series Friday 
Night Lights, about a fictional 
high school football team, is 
taped documentary-style, 
without rehearsals, to give it 
a more authentic feeling. 

4 On The CW, Blake Lively portrays socialite teen 
Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, a drama 
series that follows the lives of prep school students 
from New York's Upper East Side. 

► America Ferrera, 
who plays Betty 
Suarez on the popular 
ABC comedy-drama 
Ugly Betty, is the 
first Latina to win the 
Emmy for Outstanding 
Lead Actress in a 
Comedy Series. 


ABC's Dancing with 
the Stars rules the 
ratings thanks to 
popular celebrity 
participants such 
as Sabrina Bryan of 
The Cheetah Girls. 

Favorite TV Shows: 






A 90-minute episode of The 
Simpsons takes six years to 
make. The Simpsons Movie 
finally makes its big-screen 
debut and is a major hit. 

) Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

In / Am Legend, Will Smith is 
the last man alive in New York, 
after a man-made virus wipes 
out most of the world's population 
and turns the survivors into 
dangerous mutants. 

▼ Starring Zac Efron, Amanda 
Bynes and newcomer Nikki 
Blonsky, Hairspray is a zany 
musical based on the Broadway 
smash hit. 

Best Pictu 


Michael Clayton 
No Country for Old Men 

There Will Be Blood 

A Using a combination of live action and animation. 
Enchanted tells the story of Giselle, a fairy-tale 
character seeking a "happily ever after" ending 
in modern-day Manhattan. 

■4 British singer Amy 
Winehouse brings 
back the beehive and 
wins five Grammy 
awards for her work 
on Back To Black. 

Canadian pop singer Feist 
enjoys soaring sales for her third 
solo album, The Reminder, after 
the single "1234" is featured in a 
commercial for the iPod nano. 

Robert Pitts/Landov 

▼ Newcomer Sean Kingston 
tops the U.S. Billboard Hot 
100 and Pop 100 with "Beautiful 
Girls, "his first single from his 
self-titled debut album. 

AP Photo/Peter Kramer 

Dustin Rabin Photography 


▲ Rihanna records her third 
album, Good Girl Gone Bad, 
featuring Jay-Z and Ne-Yo. 
She receives six Grammy 

Malibu singer-songwriter 
Colbie Caillat rises to stardom 
from MySpace. Her song 
"Bubbly" garners more than 
31 million plays and her CD 
goes platinum. 

AP Photo/Jason DeCrow 

REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/Landov 

▼ Carrie Underwood releases her 
double-platinum second album, 
Carnival Ride, and contributes 
the Oscar-nominated song "Ever 
Ever After" to the soundtrack for 
the movie Enchanted. 



T Country star Kenny Chesney 
releases his 1 3th album, Just 
Who I Am: Poets & Pirates. 
His Flip Flop summer tour is 
the highest-grossing country 
tour of 2007. 



AP Photo/Empire Expo Center. John Haeger 


After facing off at the MTV Music 
Awards, rapper rivals Kanye 
West and 50 Cent release 
albums on September 1 1 and 
vie for top sales. Kanye's 
Graduation is the victor. 


Ben Rose/Wirelmage/Getty Images 

Hip-hop artist T-Pain releases 
his second album, Epiphany. 
The album receives four 
2008 Grammy nominations 
and the Vibe 2007 Song of 
the Year Award. 

Soulja Boy reaches the top 
of the Billboard Hot 100 with 
the single "Crank That (Soulja 
Boy)" and his distinctive, 
loose-limbed dance style 
becomes a nationwide craze. 


»'.*" ' ' 


F ■ 


i*fe. • 


''J^ffe A _D 

Radiohead invites listeners and 
fans to pay whatever they want 
for a digital download of their 
highly acclaimed seventh album, 
In Rainbows. A "discbox" edition, 
with standard CD and vinyl LP, 
is released in January 2008. 

Punk-pop princess Avril Lavigne releases 
her third album, The Best Damn Thing. 
featuring "Girlfriend," her first No.1 single 
on the Billboard Top 100. 


■ ■ 


Tiger Woods achieves his record 14th 
World Golf Championships win at the 
WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and 
claims his 60th PGA Tour win at the 
BMW Championship. 

The American League Champion 
Boston Red Sox defeat the National 
League Champion Colorado 
Rockies in a decisive four-game 
sweep to capture their second 
World Series title in four years. 

Chris Graythen/Getty Images 

Former Senator George Mitchell 
releases a list of Major League 
Baseball players, including 
seven MVPs and 31 All-Stars, 
under investigation for illegal 
use of steroids and other 
performance-enhancing drugs. 

▼ The veteran San Antonio Spurs, 
led by Tim Duncan, beat the 
Cleveland Cavaliers and their 
young phenom, LeBron James, 
in a 4-0 sweep to win the 2007 
NBA finals. 

AtX-Games 13, Ricky 
Carmichael wins the first 
MotoX Racing Circuit, Simon 
Tabron does back-to-back 
900s in BMX Vert and Jake 
Brown survives a 40-foot fall. 

Rich Pilling/MLB Photos via Getty Images 

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images 

The LSU Tigers pounce on 
Ohio State early on their way 
to a 38-24 victory. LSU is the 
first two-loss team to compete 
for and win the BCS National 


AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin 

California native Jimmie 
Johnson speeds to victory 
as the 2007 NASCAR Nextel 
Cup Champion, defeating his 
Hendrick Motorsports teammate 
Jeff Gordon by 77 points. 

The Anaheim Ducks claim their 
first Stanley Cup, beating the 
Ottawa Senators in five games 
for the 2007 NHL championship. 

▲ A 


Athletes from around the world 

ain for the 2008 Summer 

Olympics in Beijing as the 

city prepares for the arrival 

if hundreds of competitors 

nd millions of spectators. 

) Robert Lesieur/Reuters/Corbis 

) Mike Blake/Reulers/Corbis 

Super Bowl XLII MVP Eli 
Manning leads the New York 
Giants on a last-minute scoring 
drive to upset the heavily favored 
New England Patriots 17-14, 
shattering the Patriots' bid for 
a perfect 1 9-0 season. 

4 Belgian Justine Henin defeats Russian Svetlana 
Kuznetsova 6-1 , 6-3 to win her second U.S. Open 
title in New York. 

Power hitters Barry Bonds, Frank Thomas, 
Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez, Craig Biggio and 
Jim Thome all achieve home run milestones 
in their Major League Baseball careers. 

► Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers 
surpasses Dan Marino's touchdown 
pass record with number 422. 2007 
NFL MVP Tom Brady of the New 
England Patriots sets the single 
regular-season mark for touchdown 
passes with 50. 








— 1-1 


£O08i K] 

Congra tula tions! 

. ■ 


■ -